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 Snow White वॉलपेपर
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snow white वॉलपेपर
snow white
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डिज़्नी वॉलपेपर
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One दिन at work, Tiana was working at her new restaurant that was built at the end of the Princess and the Frog movie. Then suddenly Louis my प्रिय character comes up and plays jazz with the big boys. Naveen and I were at the तालिका, टेबल waiting for some fresh good food. Tiana the princess that was married to Naveen comes up and give us what I want and he wants and I waited. Then Tiana's children were playing around with the tables and going nuts. Then Charolette comes crazy in the restaurant and she was hugging me saying "Nice to आप and what is your name?" I कहा "My name is Meaghan Davis I'm...
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So awhile ago, Cromulanfav wrote an लेख of who she thought would be link So now Me, PpgBelle4, Cromulanfav, and JonnaSe, came up with a सूची for Belle.

First of all, Belle is too grounded to care about the रंग of the wind lyrics या the spirits of the wind या the voices of the moutain. Belle would think Pocahontas is sort of foolish and dumb. Belle would hate most of all Pocahontas' indecisiveness, and would get frustrated when she's पढ़ना the compass in front of Grandmother Willow. They're just two totally different worlds, and Belle wouldn't like Pocahontas' personality...
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