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 डिज़्नी Princess Lineup
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डिज़्नी princess lineup
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The infamous line that annoys a lot of डिज़्नी fans, including myself. I felt like I should just give an FYI as to why exactly this whole "thing" in फ्रोज़न bothers me, because I think some people are unclear. Plus, I felt like लेखन an article, so why not?

1. Anna's motivation is pulled out of nowhere.
In writing, there's the thing called set up and payoff. Throughout the whole first sequence of the film, which is essentially Anna's entire childhood, not one instance indicates that Anna would be a romantic. Her motivation is so specific, bizarre and contrived. I know some people are like "it...
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Here's the final article! I got to say, I'm kinda bummed that not a lot of people participated in this but it is what it is :)

Favorite Aladdin
O 5
R 1
O and R 1

Personally, I thought Mena did a great job for the most part, but अलादीन was changed from being a confident smooth talker to a socially awkward dork (and I mean dork in a nice way). The original अलादीन had a couple awkward moments where he stumbled over the right words या कहा the wrong thing but they barely happened. Remake अलादीन suddenly became incredibly awkward at the drop of the hat at one point in the movie. Some people probably...
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This is a movie I'm really not looking आगे to watching. I don't mind watching sequels because I used to प्यार them so much when I was a kid but मूलन is one of my all-time प्रिय फिल्में ever and this sequel is like on a Maleficent level of ruining original characters.

Tonight's rewatch: मूलन 2
Last time watched: 2005-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I saw the commercial for this movie when I was 11 and I was excited because, again, मूलन is one of my all-time प्रिय movies. I didn't actually watch the movie until I was 13 या 14 because I was starting middle school when this...
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Unlike SB vs M, this one had some mixed results for some of the questions.

O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Cinderella
O 7
R 2

Ella and सिंडरेला were both equally good characters, they were both kind, both tried to make the best out of a bad situation, and both had courage. There are mixed feelings for Ella though; she was constantly smiling even when being insulted, she was दिया a poor reason to stay in her home, her character used the "always be kind" in a way that made her a doormat for her stepfamily even when her father was alive, and while the original Cinderella...
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Okay I have this movie on blu-ray and dvd so I don't even have an excuse for being late on putting this लेख up except maybe this; I don't like this movie as much as I used to...

Tonight's rewatch: Beauty and the Beast 2017 remake
Last time watched: 2017

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I watched this movie as an adult but I still like to think I'm a kid at heart. So if you've read my लेख for Beauty and the Beast, आप know I have a huge प्यार for Beauty and the Beast, for nostalgia reasons and because I just प्यार the movie. So when I watched the trailer for this movie I felt so much...
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So I'm going to be really honest with you. After watching Pocahontas 2 and मूलन 2 I really really really really don't want to watch this movie. That's why it took me so long to watch it and write this लेख and the reason I'm only just now doing it is because I borrowed this movie from the पुस्तकालय almost 2 weeks पूर्व and I have to return it tomorrow.

Tonight's rewatch: Beauty and the Beast: The एनचांटेड Christmas
Last time watched: 2000-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
When I was little I loved this movie. Every साल I used to pop this movie into the vcr (remember those?) and watch...
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I'm really looking आगे to watching this one. मूलन was one of my प्रिय फिल्में growing up!

Tonight's rewatch: Mulan
Last time watched: 2015

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I loved this movie when I was a kid! Mulan, both the movie and the character, was actually one of the reasons I became a feminist and why I प्यार badass women (kinda why I don't 100% blame the revival era for people hating princesses who find प्यार या aren't "kickass"). I used to sing the songs all the time when I was a kid and I loved any merch I could get (which wasn't a lot). I still have my stuffed Cri-Kee that...
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