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Here are the results about positions 21-30 of the डिज़्नी Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted द्वारा public.

30. Ariel: Seashells (The Little Mermaid II – Return to the Sea and Ariel's Beginning)

We are starting with the Ariel's purple seashells. People say this is just a bra and that it's too simple, but I like it, especially the color. Maybe, it didn't hit it big because we have seen Ariel in a lot of scenes with the seashells in original movie, too?
 Position #30 Ariel's Seashells
Position #30 Ariel's Seashells

It's just a bra and a tail and the tail is already part of her. - starlight77

No, not Ariel's seashells. That's...
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Here are the results about positions 41-48 of the डिज़्नी Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown, voted द्वारा public.

48. Jasmine: Peacock Outfit (Disney Princess: एनचांटेड Tales – Follow Your Dreams)

I was a little surprised to see that people hate this outfit so much; it's true, the डिज़ाइन is horrible, but personally it's not my least प्रिय dress. Well, as we know, चमेली also very despises this outfit.
 Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Position #48 Jasmine's Peacock Outfit


THIS IS A LITERAL CRIME AGAINST FASHION! It's SO hideous! I would have chosen one...
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posted by JNTA1234
 The Legendary Princesses
The Legendary Princesses
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. So, here आप go, my प्रिय moment from each डिज़्नी Princess film. Here are the ground rules.
1.The princess has to be in the scene. Obviously अलादीन and Sleeping Beauty will have to suffer for that.
2.They can't be musical numbers. Otherwise this entire लेख would be nothing but songs.

Snow White runs away
The scene was so creepy, it creeps me out to this दिन and I प्यार it. The dark and frightening imagery, it gives me chills. After surviving an attempt at murder, Snow White runs off in fear to the forest where she lets her imagination run wild....
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posted by JNTA1234
 Who is the girliest of them all?
Who is the girliest of them all?
Some people वाद-विवाद over this but here's my opinion. द्वारा the way I think all the princesses are feminine, if they weren't they wouldn't be added to the lineup.

1.Tomboy/10.Girly Girl-Pocahontas
In my opinion, she's the most tomboyish. She's the only princess I'd describe as masculine. She climbs trees, she jumps off cliffs and she's very athletic. Pocahontas' playful and mischievious in a boyish way. She prefers to go off playing in the woods rather doing her people's equivalent of housework. The thing is, when Pocahontas does these tomboyish things, she's doing them द्वारा choice. All the rough stuff...
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There's been a slight change to Aurora's list. Basically I just copied and paste all the words and made a simple switch. There's a new #1.

5.Blake Lively
This choice is purely based on appearance because personally I think this girl is a terrible actress. But I also think she's beautiful enough to play Aurora. Besides, it's not like she has to do much.

4.Amber Heard
Now this actress actually is talented but keeps doing borderline awful projects. Amber has definitely has the sex appeal to play this role. She's one of my प्रिय अभिनेत्रियों right now and I think she could do a great job....
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 डिज़्नी Princesses Couples
Disney Princesses Couples
हे फैन्पॉप fans!
It is me again, with my fourth article. Now this लेख is about the couples in the princesses that make us fall in प्यार with them. And again, after the picks I made, I write an लेख in your opinion about these romantic couples. I hope that आप like this article. Sorry again if I have errors in my grammar या spelling. And for last thank आप again, for the people who help me with my picks!

10. मूलन and Shang
 मूलन and Shang
Mulan and Shang

These couple for the movie "Mulan" is in the last place. These couple is in the last place, because I lot of people say that it was too rush. At the...
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All right, here's the results of the Favourite Pocahontas Character Countdown! And also my first article, so take a look at the results and (hopefully) enjoy!

15. Ratcliffe
The bad guy of the movie proves to be the least favourite character of most fanpoppers too. Not surprising, considering he isn't one of the most powerful villains in डिज़्नी history. He's just greedy and doesn't understand the Indians. Nothing that makes आप hide behind the सोफ़ा, सोफे with your hands over your eyes.

"I HATE people like him." - fhghu

"He gets on my nerves. Not the best villain either. He's too much of a sissy...
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Ok here are the results of the best डिज़्नी Prince hair countdown.

10 Prince Charming

Well it wasn't a shock that his hair came last! Ok from where to begin his hair is ordinary, boring and look so fake! Like it was painted on his head that's why everytime आप see him आप remember of this link. Yes his hair is an extact copy of Barbie's Ken and maybe playmobiles.

What प्रशंसकों said:
Mongoose09 - Absolutely disgusting.
CuteDiana - bad just bad -_- !
BelleAnastasia - Terrible
PociandSmith - too plastic.like playmobiles!
madisonsavanna - Looks like a Ken doll.
ppgbelle4 - It looks like it is painted/glued...
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I think everyone on this site remembers having their first crush on a डिज़्नी character. I definitely remember mine, and to be honest, I still kind of have a crush on my प्रिय डिज़्नी guy. So let's get down to it. I won't make a Hottest princes list, I'll just roll their personalities and appearances together and see what comes out. Here are Phantomrose89's प्रिय (And Hottest!) डिज़्नी Princes.

10)John Smith
I know that many of आप are surprised to find John Smith this low, because with most of you, he's in the middle. I, personally, dislike him और than I dislike the other princes,...
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Here are the lyrics to a song I learned from my संगीत teacher growing up. We'd act it out using her spinning wheel, and none of the girls could ever wait to be Aurora. Even though I didn't like her back then, I still wanted the chance to touch the spinning wheel. I thought it was fitting I post this, it being Aurora महीना and all. So, in honor of our own Brier Rose, here's the Irish folk song "Fair Rosa":

Fair Rosa was a lovely child,
A lovely child, a lovely child,
Fair Rosa was a lovely child
A long time ago.

A wicked fairy cast a spell,
Cast a spell, cast a spell,
A wicked fairy...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Since I have to leave for a while, I figured I would go ahead and प्रकाशित करे what I have written so far for my सिंडरेला Countdown. When I come back, I will finish it!

20. The Glass Slipper- The King demands that the Grand Duke find Cinderella
 You'll try this on every maid in my kingdom. And, if the shoe fits... Bring her in.
You'll try this on every maid in my kingdom. And, if the shoe fits... Bring her in.

The King is absolutely furious when he finds out that the "Mystery Girl" ran away. He calmed down once he found out about the glass slipper she left behind, and instucted the Grand Duke to try it on every girl in the Kingdom.

"Well, I प्यार everything about the movie,...
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संगीत video
added by kingdombeauty
 Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and क्वीन Athena?
Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena?
I made this COUNTDOWN about a week पूर्व and now I'm making this लेख to दिखाना आप the results and let me tell ya alot of these princesses are being so difficult they can't except that their not the most beautiful well here we go

 She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna
She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna

7.Andrina well there's not much to say since she's lovely but not all that special to look at. I have to say when I first saw The Little Mermaid I thought she was a boy but I relized she's just ugly. She's beautiful in the third movie in my opinion but फैन्पॉप found her rather plain looking. They weren't much of a fan...
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added by BroadwayBelle93
Hello, everyone! My name is Jaina, for those of आप that don't know me. This is the results for your choices of our प्रिय outfit/dress for each डिज़्नी Princess. This wasn't a countdown, so the order I'll be doing is the order of the DP's, starting with Snow White and ending with the latest addition, Merida. I never realized how many outfits या how many different (and confusing) ways that आप could describe each outfit. Anyways, let's begin!

Thank आप to all of our 17 participants.

Snow White

Snow White only has two outfits, which are completely different from each other. One is rags,...
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