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 No prince for आप missy!
No prince for you missy!
This is part 3 of the Fapop’s प्रिय ranking. आप can read link and link here. I hope आप enjoy this. Now on to the ranking

Tenth सिंडरेला and Charming with 93 points
This couple is in an okay placement, I find them cute even though they were really rushed. People कहा ”They lay eyes upon each other they are madly in प्यार but they're underdeveloped.”

Ninth मूलन and Shang with 138 points
This couple almost matches the same ranking I have for them. They have और a friendship then a relationship also I ship Ping Shang और than मूलन and Shang. People कहा ” They start out as friends,...
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I'm copying alafastanzio

#10. Rapunzel
I can never articulate exactly what I dislike about her, so I'm going to copy and paste parts of what lepetitsouris wrote on her tumblr.

When I first walked out of the theater, I liked Rapunzel, until the final scene, but I was sure I would have her high on my list. But as I've re watched the movie, boy, has that opinion changed.
First of all, I was really irked द्वारा the fact that everyone in the movie adored her, even the villain, even if for superficial reasons. She never had to really work for anyone's affection. She just has to sing a song about dreams,...
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Hi, everyone! As promised, I made an लेख of my favourite Princesses after seeing Frozen. Although they are not technically डिज़्नी Princesses yet. This is completely spoiler free, since I'm just going to talk about their personality and not the movie. So, please enjoy and remember that this is my own opinion, so it's totally cool to disagree, as long as you're not rude.

#13: मूलन (Previously 5)

OMGOMGOMG!! I feel like I just blew everyone's mind द्वारा putting Fanpop's most लोकप्रिय Princess... last. Maybe I didn't, and आप expected this because I have कहा before that all मूलन has ever...
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Before I start I want to say that I प्यार ALL the princesses, I just relate to some of them more. I know that आप may disagree with my choices, but it's my opinion and आप should respect it, like I respect yours. Sorry for any grammar errors, like I कहा in my पूर्व article, I'm not very good at English, but I'm trying my best... Anyway, enjoy! :)

12) Cinderella
I प्यार how she believes that everything will be alright at the end. She is optimistic and patient, she works hard and she never gives up. I just can't relate to her much, I'm a pessimist and I don't like her romance with Prince Charming,...
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पूर्व लेखाए in the गूगल Translate series:

Disclaimer: Character Profiles (copy and pasted) from link

New Update संपादन करे on all three stories. Enjoy!

Tiana's Background

"She is a gifted cook living in New Orleans during the Jazz Age, with the dream of opening and owning a restaurant of her own. She works hard to try and make that dream come true. In a twist of fate, she kisses a frog and goes on an adventure through the New Orleans bayou."

Tiana's New Background

Languages used: Swahili, Zulu, Sundanese, Afrikaans, Kurdish, English

"It is a part that lives in New Orleans during Azz, while...
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I saw some other members do लेखाए like this so I figured, why not give it a try? :)

11. Aurora
Ever since I was a little kid Aurora didn't leave much of an impact. I've always hated the whole "love at first sight" deal so I really don't like that she quickly falls in प्यार with literally the first guy she meets and then gets all upset that she can't see him anymore after only meeting him once for a few seconds. Then there's the fact that for the rest of the movie she's asleep so there's nothing else we get to know about her.

She is really pretty, I've always loved her डिज़ाइन and her dresses...
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Here is a सूची of my best DP role models. The most important thing to note here is that this is very much a subjective, rather than objective, list. Rather than trying to rank the princesses according to who I think is the best role model for children या other people in general, the ranking is purely according to how they serve me personally as role models.

11. Aurora

Perhaps not surprisingly, Aurora lands herself at the bottom of this list. She is gentle and kind, which are definitely qualities I appreciate, however she has little else to offer in terms of being a role model. Let's say...
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 Their wonderful hair makes me jealous
Their wonderful hair makes me jealous
Hell, I am having a good hair day! या not? Well, whatever, I’m in प्यार with the डिज़्नी princess hair. So, hair’s a great physical feature we all have got. Yea, all of us rock it! And I प्यार how it varies much less on tastes. According to opinions, Someone’s eyes seem too big या too small, someone’s body can be too thin या too fat, our nose can be too big या too small, we can have too thick या too thin eyebrows and can have too thick या too thin lips. But hair rarely gets such opinions, right? My hair is a shade of dark ginger hair, which is down to my waist and is wavy . I प्यार my hair,...
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posted by AdelitaI
 Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me?
Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me?
I won't rate princesses, just put them into three categories. It'd be difficult to rate them because all princesses from the first categorie would equally be the last. There is no a princess who is absolutely like me but there are some that are nothing like me.

Princesses I don't relate to at all(random order)

 It's not my dream job.
It's not my dream job.

Tiana is a definition of hard-working and energetic, while I am lazy, slothful, self-indulgent and dreamy person. I don't like cooking and I'm not good at it. Tiana and Naveen's romance is also unrelatable because Naveen is a) Tiana's polar oppossite, b)...
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Woooow guys it's been like a साल since I पोस्टेड an लेख on here या was even active at all. But we really wanted to do this again because we had so much fun link

I'm doing this with four different users (one of which isn't even here anymore but she’s amazing so {< she added that}): _CatWoman_, Hajirah4, Sk8er__grl, and misscindyspice. This is the average of our फिल्में rankings (including Moana, I know it hasn't been officially added yet, but still).

Enjoy! Keep in mind that we're a little bit crazy. It was the middle of the night and I had a ton of ice cream, come on.

Also this can be...
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 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'
1 Belle and Beast - 'Beauty and the Beast'

Sometimes it's the little details, like lady Lumiere in the background and dude!Belle's glasses in his pocket.

2 Cruella de Vil - '101 Dalmatians'

And sometimes it's just being uncomfortably attracted to one of the most evil people in the डिज़्नी lexicon.

3 Elsa - 'Frozen'

There would be no eternal winter with this smoking hot King on the Thorne.

4 Esmeralda - 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Did God help the outcasts get ripped? Because dayum.

5. Hades - 'Hercules'

This makeover makes her derisive 'He's a man!' line even better.

6 Sophie and Howl - 'Howl's Moving...
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हे everybody! This is the third लेख in my series of countdowns, and I really enjoyed this one. I like every single outfit in this countdown, so it was a lot of fun for me.

Previous Articles

5. Mulan's green, black, and brown armor

I was so sad that this was the first outfit to be eliminated. I think मूलन looks so badass in it! However, I can see why users didn't like it since it is an outfit that was made to be functional, not fashionable.

this is not supposed to flatter Mulan, but still a very boring dress if were to wear separately. ~anukriti2409
Well it's a man's armor so...it...
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 Winner: “Breaking Free” made द्वारा snsdlover4ever
Winner: “Breaking Free” made by snsdlover4ever
Before I begin I would like to make a public apology to all my fellow DP fans. It has been a difficult साल for me, and I haven’t been doing very well with keeping up with my आइकन contests, especially this one. Thus, only about half of the months were finished. I am very sorry, and I have made some adjustments that should help me do a better job of staying accountable. Thank आप for understanding.
Now, with that aside, I am pleased and honored to announce the आइकन that आप fellow DP प्रशंसकों voted, out of countless entries, the best आइकन of 2014!

* Drum Roll *

“Breaking Free” made द्वारा snsdlover4ever!!...
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This is part two of my लेख series, and we're moving onto Belle, who is ranked twelve in my प्रिय list.

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

The first time I watched "Beauty and the Beast" was a loooong time ago. My mother loved, and still loves, that movie, along with my sister. Naturally, they made me watch it over.. and over.. and over. No matter what though, I never got a real opinion of Belle. She was just kind of there. At all my costume parties, and such, my mom and older sister always tried me to dress up in Belle attire for Halloween, but I left that for all the other girls....
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posted by Annabethandco
Authors note: As some of आप may know, I have recently rejoined फैन्पॉप after a long absence. Before I left, I wrote the first two parts of this story. आप do not have to read them to understand the rest of the story but it might help :). I was a bit unsure whether to continue लेखन so if आप could all tell me what आप think I would be very grateful.
Part 1 - link
Part 2 - link

Merida - Chapter 6

With nothing और than a simple glance, Merida could tell the pale blond girl was from somewhere else. While most people were wearing simple black cloths with no torcs या necklaces, the stranger wore...
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Hello peasants, I just came back from Hiatuslandia... I'll have आप know they took forever to contact me... they owed me a penny! I feel pissed. So Hopper thought about and I was all like good idea Hopper! I'm making my first list... yay! I'm rushing it because I can.

13. Belle

I hate her a lot... well honestly I just don't like her. She seems too plain. She likes कल्पना books. Belle does win with looks, I like her hair... that's it.


She is so ungrateful! At least Merida didn't live with cannibals! She pisses me off and I think of as a giant idiot... points for looks, hair, and voice,...
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posted by HaileyBlack
To start off, my name is Hailey Black. I just joined the मंच and hope to become फ्रेंड्स with some of the other DP प्रशंसकों out there. I'm not a very good writer (awful actually). I just really wanted to talk about how I got back into डिज़्नी movies. Hopefully आप can भालू with me!

Okay, so I stopped watching डिज़्नी फिल्में somewhere around the time I turned twelve. I had been very much into the princesses and all the फिल्में up until then. Around this time, I sort of sank into a depression. I stopped making friends, started wearing black, and I got into horror movies. Lots of horror movies. I really...
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posted by Shiki_Otherside
I decided to make this kind of brief because I know there is going to be a lot going on with the Oscars tonight, with फ्रोज़न being nominated so I thought I would just do this quick. Here is a सूची of 10 facts about me, in which after reading, I hope आप will know me better :) .

1) My name is Laura. I didn't have this on my account when I first started it because I didn't think I would make so many connections in this club, and only joined for the polls.

2) I go to a small खुद के बारे में, निजी, privet school and I have two best friends. Both girls can be kind of snobby, but they understand me really well.

3) My two...
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 Oh it's been so long
Oh it's been so long
Sup! Some of y'all may not even know who I am and some of Y'all may remember me (I was a jerk and I want to say I'm sorry and I want to fix any relationships and try to become friends). But I'm princecatcher93 या Linnea. It's been about a few years since I was last here and last time I was here, Moana wasn't out yet (God it has been so long) so I have an updated ranking सूची (do people still do these?!?). I don't remember my old order but who cares! This is all personal so my reasons may seem strange to आप but I'm a strange person.

14) Anna
 I'm Giving आप One Last Movie to Impress Me Again
I'm Giving आप One Last Movie to Impress Me Again...
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 I Know Why the Princess Sings
I Know Why the Princess Sings
Just as सिंडरेला graciously bids good morning with such romantic fervor, Snow White sends well wishes that are not unlike the dreams of प्यार and hope Aurora has sung of before. While Belle muses of the great wide beyond her poor provincial place and चमेली bemoans her gilded palace cage, the restless twain are armed with the familiar faith Tiana holds to as she prays her labors and pains will भालू फल someday. Facing profound confliction, मूलन ponders upon her contrasting reflection just as Pocahontas meditates on which path is true to imitate. Sure as light, Elena's valor takes flight...
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