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I mean, I've दिया an opinion here and there about the villains, but I have never written a legit list. I've been thinking about it lately, so aye, here we go. c:

Side Note: This was hard, quite frankly. Like.. I प्यार all the villains!

12. Mor'du-Brave

The only reason, and ONLY reason Mor'du is last is his lack of screen time. This guy is awesome. He has an awesome backstory, imo. It was a brilliant story for Merida, and I would have loved और of him in the movie. The only problem is they did not mesh him in enough. Which means, he doesn't become the main villain....
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Why I प्यार Merida

As far as some of आप know, I'm a HUGE Merida प्रशंसक and supporter, and when she is insulted या even not shown any gradual प्यार compared to the other Princesses I fight and stand up for her. Recently she's been gaining the प्यार she deserved, I don't know where it started but as soon as that happened I felt enlightened with delight. I secretly {not a secret anymore} feel that I had something to do with the प्यार she's been gaining, but of corse, that's an over exaggeration but I'll just pretend it happened like that. When Merida is called ugly या plain my face turns red but an...
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So, I made my "Favorite DP List". I know it's a mess but I'm not good at लेखन these kind of stuff and my सूची changes quite often. Hope आप won't find it boring.
This are just my opinions and everyone is free to agree या disagree with them.
BTW I know that the चित्रो with the captions sound stupid, but I added them because this सूची without चित्रो would be even और boring to you.

13.Snow White
Poor Snow! She made it to the bottom of my list. I'm not being biased. I like her I really do but I like the other princesses more.
I like that she is an optimist, cheerful, and cares about people and...
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One of the best things about डिज़्नी princess films are their princesses(obviously) and songs. As a singer, संगीत lover, and actor, I've always paid close attention to the voices that bring these wonderful characters and songs to life. I am picky about the voices I like but can admit that no princess has a bad voice, some are just much better than others. Share your opinions.
13. Snow White
Let me begin द्वारा saying that I'm ranking both गाना and speaking voices and that even though she's at the bottom, I don't hate Snow White's voice. Let's be honest here, most people find her voice to be annoying....
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There's a lot of hype surrounding Frozen. People are saying it's the Best डिज़्नी Movie Since The Lion King. The Best डिज़्नी Movie Ever.

There's no doubt डिज़्नी is in a Revival of sorts. They made mediocre dud after dud for about ten years, give या take, toward the end या after the Renaissance. (Depends on how much आप प्यार some of the late या post-Renaissance films.)

However, I think the ridiculous hype surrounding फ्रोज़न might cause people to have such ridiculously high standards for future डिज़्नी films, that no matter how good they are, if they aren't FLAWLESS, they're going to seem disappointing...
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 Come on, we all know Azula would really win! (art द्वारा kissyushka)
Come on, we all know Azula would really win! (art by kissyushka)
I'm not entirely satisfied with some of the middle placings (like I am with basically every सूची I write, for some reason) and I'm a bit unsure if the चोटी, शीर्ष two are correctly placed, but here's who I guess would win या at least last the longest in the Game of Thrones, who would sit atop the Iron Throne. I really tried to be objective. आप might be surprised द्वारा some of the rankings.

14. Anna. Anna has freakish super strength, good leadership skills, is very warm, but she never has a game plan and has shown to be easily manipulated. Like Renly Baratheon, she has a very romantic, idealistic look...
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 Team Merida's आइकन - Made द्वारा Annabethandco
Team Merida's icon - Made by Annabethandco
Members of Team Merida:
Disneyfan9648 (Vice Leader)
TheFabulousFAN (Leader - Their account has recently been deleted so they have not been able to produce a paragraph)
 Team Merida's banner - Made द्वारा Disneyfan9648
Team Merida's banner - Made द्वारा Disneyfan9648

To anybody who has watched Brave, it's clear that Merida is not your average princess. Everything about her (her story, her character, her hopes and dreams) is inspirational and refreshing in ways that weren't seen before in the other princesses. I guess she's not everybody's cup of tea, but to some, Merida is truly amazing. She's brave, she's feisty,...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
Dear Frozen,

Thank you. Thank आप for being pretty much the only realistic portrayal of प्यार in mainstream media in the last- oh, I don’t know- at least five years.

Thank आप for दिखा रहा है that Hans, the handsome gallant prince of the Southern Isles who seemed a perfect match for Anna is fallible. Thank आप for दिखा रहा है that the idea of a “one perfect match” isn’t necessarily realistic. Thank आप for दिखा रहा है us that प्यार is like with Kristoff, how everyone has their rough edges, how no one can fit the mold of perfection. Thank आप for reminding us that “everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper,...
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posted by fhghu
Hi, guys! Some of आप might not know me because I don't टिप्पणी दे a lot on the club, though I do occasionally, but I'm fhghu, one of the ancient फैन्पॉप users. XD So, since a lot of आप might not know who I am, I decided that I wanted आप guys to get to know me a little better.

Where do आप live?

California, baby! XD Grown up here all my life, and it's very nice, as is the weather. I'm happy to have grown up in California, because California has some of the most breathtaking sights you'll ever see.

Where do आप hope to go when you're older?

I want to go to many countries, especially countries of...
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So this is pretty लोकप्रिय in the मतदानो द्वारा asking which of your unpopular opinions would आप agree with most. I decided if make an लेख instead because it seems और unique and stuff, so here आप go, I hope आप enjoy hating it :) या maybe even agreeing with it.

I think Rapunzel is और attractive than Elsa
To me I don't actually think Elsa is a gorgeous as everyone says. She has a very mature look but Rapunzel looks girlish and playful, I'd prefer that kind of look over Mature and Sexy any day. आप see, Elsa looks like a model, Rapunzel looks like that everyday beauty just with a brighter...
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posted by fiina
 आइकन द्वारा Shiki_Otherside
Icon by Shiki_Otherside
shanyuisboss here, along side with my two other wonderful मूलन प्रशंसकों here on team Mulan, fiina and Shiki_Otherside. आप can find us द्वारा looking for users with versions of the आइकन to the left. Anyway, I'm here to speak about why team मूलन loves मूलन so much.

Mulan is a common प्रिय DP for many people. Her clumsy, quick thinking, loyal personality get's many. But मूलन is seen differently through the different eyes of my team, team Mulan. Let's hear what we all have to say.

"I am known on this spot for being one of the biggest मूलन प्रशंसकों (both the movie and character), and once again...
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posted by dclairmont
 आइकन द्वारा BraBrief
Icon by BraBrief
Team Aurora may have had a late start, not even having enough members to originally create a team, but we've risen from the ashes, and are now here to take over the world (mwahahhahah) Well, I hope आप enjoy पढ़ना this :D

Leader of Team Aurora: me (dclairmont)
Other Members:


Aurora fascinates me as a character, because while we see a lot of her personality, a lot is open to interpretation. She's pretty much everything I प्यार in a female character: responsible, feminine, imaginative, a bit sassy, perceptive, not rebellious, proper but a bit free-spirited...
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posted by randarful
This is my first लेख on this website, so I thought I'd start with my opinions on how I feel about each one! I had a little bit of a hard time ranking them because I just really प्यार them all so much!! I suppose it's because one of my college english professors thought they were all horrible role models, so I always feel the need to defend them all because all her reasons are based off of things that never happened in the movie. I also wanted to stay pretty positive for the most part because I feel like they get enough hate already.

13. Surprise, surprise...Aurora's at the bottom. However...
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posted by secretlife98
I look up to सिंडरेला because she is an amazing princess who takes pride in her personality. सिंडरेला never let's others bring her down, when her evil step sisters and step mother would say mean things to her and force her to be their maid she never stoop to their level. सिंडरेला would always stay positive and know that someday her happy ever after would come and sooner या later it did. So I think everyone should be like सिंडरेला and never give up hope and stoop to others level. Whenever someone mistreats आप या makes आप feel down just remember सिंडरेला and have hope that someday आप will have your Happily Ever After.

I hope that everyone learns something from this article.
posted by CRaZy_rawR
 Team आइकन द्वारा CRaZy_rawR
Team Icon by CRaZy_rawR
I just want to thank the other members of Team Pocahontas, zikkiforever, 324anna, purplerose17, and ShadowintheDark, for being really helpful to the team and being so quick to get everything in for this article! So, aye, here is our team's entry for the डिज़्नी Princess Team Games. :D

Paragraphs About Why We प्यार Poca


Pocahontas is a timeless, breathtaking character in both personality and looks. Her amazing connection with nature and the world is refreshing and brings something new to the डिज़्नी Princess lineup. She is energetic, adorable, and is such a great addition to the DP's....
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I've already ranked their films so now I will rank the princesses individually. Share your thoughts. My opinions are always changing so this सूची might not always be the same in my head.
13. Aurora
I प्यार her film but she really is the worst, most boring part of it. Sure, she's beautiful and has one of the best गाना voices of any princess but she is just so bland. And I can't place a character who only appears for around 18 मिनटों any higher on this list. She's nice but really needed और of a personality especially since her film has such memorable characters.
12. Cinderella
I used to think...
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 द्वारा Silverrose1991
by Silverrose1991
Erm..not sure if we're supposed to be posting these yet, या what, but this is why our team loves our princess, Snow White. I hope आप enjoy :)

Members of Team Snow White Include:
-Me (dclairmont)


I प्यार Snow White because she doesn't let the hardships get to her and keep a positive outlook. She believes that आप are the one who can "fill the word with sunshine", you're the one with the power to make yourself happy. She is sweet and gentle, but can be energetic and firm when needed to be. She feels the need to be loved. That shows the abuse took...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Im re-posting this लेख just like I did with the Merida one. So yeah....
A lot of people call the classics Mary-Sues and I strongly disagree, and I have much evidence to prove that they are far from perfect. But hey, their opinion, I'll respect that. Here we go...

Here is why they are underrated

3)Need a Prince for rescue

They are feminine, yes, but that is not bad in any way. They are Mary-Sues? No way. They need a prince for rescue, they are capable of many things द्वारा themselves.

Starting out with the first and my प्रिय out of the classics....

I think...
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Snow White (Previously 13):
Snows still the same on my सूची even though she's a classic princess I still admire her for being the 1st डिज़्नी princess and I प्यार her style!

Pocahontas (Previously 10th)
Its not that I don't प्यार her as I loved her before
I watched other डिज़्नी princess फिल्में and realised I प्यार the other डिज़्नी princesses slightly better!

10.Tiana (Previously 12th)
YAY Tianas Moved Up one space! I loved her movie and I really प्यार her dresses they're so unique and represent Tianas personality

9.Aurora (Previously 9th)
I Don't really like her that much she's gorgeous and I don't...
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I was bored so I decided to write an लेख about which princesses look like which greek goddesses, since I'm greek and I प्यार the Greek Mythology. Enjoy!

Hera- Jasmine

Firstly, Hera has a serious problem with her temper, like Jasmine.She likes getting revenge and even though we don't see चमेली as revengeful, I believe that if someone hurts her, she won't forget it so easily (besides Aladdin, she forgives him every time, like Hera forgives Zeus). Also, Hera protects women which means she's a feminist, again like Jasmine. Another common, is thei history with their husbands. Zeus...
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