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Voted over a महीना ago, the results are in. Keep पढ़ना to find out what holiday each princess represents. I had fun do this and was thinking it would be fun to redo this with princes, and maybe villains. टिप्पणी दे down below and let me know what आप think about that idea.

Mother’s दिन is an easy choice for Snow White as she is so motherly. She takes care of the dwarfs. She cooks. She cleans. I know that sounds cliché. But beyond those traits, she cares about people the way a mother would. Unconditionally. But she still has her limits much like a mother would. She bonds with her dwarf...
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आप can call this an लेख to defend the princesses. Not only Classic DPs, other princesses probably get a lot of hate on any false statement. Those misconceptions which people tend to hate some DPs about, aren’t entirely true btw.

Snow White – Backboneless

Umm, some people do say this at times. Just because she was in distress and was rescued द्वारा a man, doesn’t mean she’s backboneless. Okay, प्रशंसकों might blame her for overacting and being afraid of some trees, but that isn’t timid. Some people have a mental disorder called Nyctohylophobia, that is the fear of trees. So, facing...
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Thanks to the ones who have recently टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on my लेखाए :D. So, despite I have a lot of interests, I never get bored on picking mine and my friend’s Zodiac sign traits. I’m Sagittarius because I was born on 8th December. So now, let’s get started!

Snow White – Cancer

Popular Opinion, duh! She is Def a Cancer girl! Cancer people are kind, sweet, plucky, loyal, emotional and motherly. Emotionally grounded and fair to all, Snow White inspires us to always make the best out of a bad situation. The way she cares for the dwarves represents Cancer’s kind, cute and compassionate...
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posted by KataraLover
It's no secret that I absolutely DESPISE the movie The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. It's absolutely insulting, has terrible continuity, the original characters (except for Ariel) are completely different characters, Triton is a one-dimensional and exaggerated version of his former self, the story about संगीत being banned is stupid, the villain is lame with an equally lame song, it's full of plot holes, the new characters are unnecessary and unmemorable, Athena died in a dumb way (Leave the संगीत box आप idiot), and it puts और effort into gorgeous एनीमेशन and good songs (Except for...
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Forgive me if I’m too poor at it. I am 99.9% sure about it! Sorry या not sorry, these प्रशंसकों remind me of डिज़्नी Princesses!


•    Princesslullaby
I can’t help it! She just seems like she’s the real life Ariel. Sweet, spirited and reckless, she def is like that mermaid! Both of them are so spunky, ब्रेव and vibrant. Both of them are so straight-forward, sassy and really cute! OMG, They’re so strikingly familiar.

Snow White

•    Sparklefairy375
Yep! Both are just so adorable, plucky, loyal and optimistic. They laugh at the face of...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Belle's favourite colour!
Belle's favourite colour!
Hi guys, I am going to write this review on why I am related to Belle. So, here are my reasons why.

We प्यार to Read

My number one reason on why I idolised Belle because she inspired many young girls like myself to read, पढ़ना gains knowledge and it's like looking at a world through a book.

The Great Wide Somewhere

Another reason why I प्यार Belle is that I प्यार to travel around the world, we look through the world with our eyes and enjoy the diversity.

Sing Me A Story, Belle

So here are my 2 reasons on why Belle is my favourite character.
 In this small provincial town.
In this small provincial town.
11. Brave

This revisionist fairytale, while less inspired than average पिक्सार fare, boasts typical awe-inspiring एनीमेशन and flare. The contemporary story of mother-daughter bonding is a step in a new direction, but the main problem is the convoluted execution and the fact that Merida craves adventure but is stuck in a mother-daughter psychodrama.

"I've only seen it once so I don't have too much to say about this one. What I remembered about it is that I loved Merida and really felt connected to her and her mom's relationship. I was invested in their story and wanted it to work out well...
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Here are fanpop's प्रिय डिज़्नी Prince rankings. How I did the counting is that if a Prince was in 2nd place, they got 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, etc. Whoever had the least amount of points won. It has been argued that this only shows fanpop's least disliked prince rather than प्रिय prince. If आप see me quoting myself, it's because that particular prince lacked quotes. I added my own कोट्स only arguing the other side-- say I only had positive opinions about a prince, I will write a quote with a negative opinion, whether I personally agree with it या not.

10. Prince Charming

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posted by snowybennet
Hi guys, I know Snow is not the most beloved princess, but I´m glad everyday she gets और प्यार and appreciation from people. ^^ So for those people that may just not care about her o don´t like her, this लेख is for आप :D

--Character Analysis--

Snow White is the 1st डिज़्नी Princess and the protagonist of SW7D, also the 1st डिज़्नी movie. The movie starts with an old storybook that tells us a little bit of Snow´s story: her parents died at childbirth and she lived with her evil stepmother that abused her por treating her as a scullery maid and dressed her in rags so she couldn´t surpass...
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posted by Lavendergolden
Tiaras....tiaras.....tiaras. Real princesses have crowns, what are even they without that? Sorry, it was a bit sassy. Only tiaras here, so yea, the females who don’t have a royalty status didn’t get into this ranking. This is an लेख about prettiest DP tiara!

11.    Tiana's after wedding tiara
 First kill me, then I'll wear it
First kill me, then I'll wear it

Sure it suited Tia’s brown complexion and is extremely unique. But, meh, does unique always has to mean pretty? I don’t think so. It isn’t very nicely shaped for my taste and this tiara is too small. Ugh, I felt it’s a weird shape...
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PART 1~ link


Awwww, I actually like this couple. Seeing Lucifer fall in loves just makes him seem vulnerable. It’s nice to see him in that light considering his actions in all three movies. Although it was so sweet to see the kinder side of him, he definitely got what he deserved. I’ve seen celeb couples last longer than these two. Going back on his word and helping Pom-Pom attack the mice who helped him get her in the first place. Not cool.

Funfums picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
I don't like this couple.

anukriti2409 picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
totally blah

21 KING...
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Here is the सूची of fanpop's प्रिय princesses. I decided to omit the सूची of usernames and where the princesses are ranked, because I find it to be indulgent and cluttered. I will instead link the मतदान where I asked everyone's प्रिय princess: link

Disclaimer: If आप see me quote myself, it's because I didn't have a sufficient quote on either the positive या negative side for that particular princess. Also, I simply picked कोट्स I thought were the best at summarizing the pros/cons of each princess, so some people may दिखाना up twice. I did try to diversify the user quotes, though.

11. Merida...
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posted by missdoney
Well, I'm here to दिखाना my reasons why I like Frozen’s Princess Anna (who is hated द्वारा some and loved द्वारा others). But, let's go to my reasons:
First that she is an active and emotionally strong character (yes, she may not fight with swords या bows like Merida या मूलन that are among my favorites, या have ice powers like Elsa), but she did admirable things throughout the movie like going after her sister who was isolated (even though she knew she could die from her uncontrollable powers या lost/hungry/frozen) and did not give up on her when she asked for it. And I admire this type of female...
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All Dp films are nice. We can’t say anything absolutely bad, each film has something that stunned us. I am being impartial. Yea, each DP film has at least one thing that I love.

•    Snow white and the seven dwarves

1.    The क्वीन is my most attractive female villain. Sorry Snow white, but I think the क्वीन was और beautiful than her. Her luscious red lips and seductive eyes! She’s sexy!

2.    The huntsman is my most handsome DP villain human sidekick! Nothing to say!

•    Cinderella

1.    So...
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 by: Sparklefairy375
by: Sparklefairy375
Hi everybody! In case you're new to the club and/or unfamiliar with these articles, let me explain. This type of लेख has been done in past द्वारा a few other users to showcase some of the current डिज़्नी Princess fans. Now obviously there are many other members in this club, besides the ones listed here, but it is pretty much impossible to include everyone for various reasons. But anyway, each person involved is listed according to their प्रिय princess, and there is a short summary of that person, so we can all get to know each other a little bit better.

Before we get started, I do want to...
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posted by Lavendergolden
 No idea where did Poca, Mulan, Belle, Snow and Aurora get those dresses, but okay
No idea where did Poca, Mulan, Belle, Snow and Aurora get those dresses, but okay
Hiii! Imma Violet! I will be getting the ring in my finger some months later. So I wrote this article. Many of the princesses found there love. There are many fanmade dresses scurrying all over the internet. But, I mean...I’ll count real dresses, ones that appeared in the movies, no problem if in the sequel. Be ready for the 100% opinionated and natural list!!!
 The क्रिस्मस wreath bride
The क्रिस्मस wreath bride

8. Ariel
I’m so sorry but her horrible color coordination is something I can’t get over with. I adore Ariel, and her looks, and her outfits very much. But her bridal look is.....meh! For me. Sorry,...
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It's been 4 years since I last made a princess सूची and I feel that it needs an update. Unlike my earlier duration on फैन्पॉप where I could never keep my सूची constant, my सूची has stayed pretty much consistent over time since my original departure. It's difficult for me to make प्रिय princess lists, not because of being so negatively opinionated, but actually because I genuinely like all of the princesses.

11. Rapunzel
 The Pisces
The Pisces

Rapunzel has a quality I find frustrating and regrettably common in modern heroines- she's endearingly quirky. It irks me because I think there is a societal...
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posted by KataraLover
 Your movie's advertising LIED to us!
Your movie's advertising LIED to us!
First of all, this is an essay I had to do for my Advanced Composition class during the Spring semester, so this is a little bit और formal than how my लेखाए usually are.

Disney and Pixar’s movie ब्रेव is about a Scottish Princess named Merida that wants to be free of her arranged marriage and live her life without the responsibilities that come with being a princess. She and her mother, क्वीन Elinor, don’t see eye to eye because of Merida’s rebellious nature and Elinor preference of the traditional ways. When Merida fails to get her way she ends up buying a spell from a witch (Using...
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Hi guys! Very much inspired द्वारा deedragongirl’s post, I decided to write this लेख coz क्रिस्मस is fast approaching. I am so thankful to deedragongirl for letting me use the idea, this is an excellent concept! Now let’s start this लेख right away

Cooking – Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel
Snow white can whip up a pie and make some सूप in no time at all! She is an excellent cook! We can leave the क्रिस्मस pie to Tiana, although we would enjoy her beignets and delicious gumbo! And Rapunzel can cook well, she’ll prepare tasty सेब pie and some चॉकलेट chip cookies! Yum!
Writing a...
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 लंडन Eye Fireworks!
London Eye Fireworks!
Hi guys, since I had done for क्रिस्मस already, here is their New Year's Eve activities.

1. खाना Organisers

Once again, Snow White and Tiana will organise the खाना presentations.

2. New Year's Decoration Themes

सिंडरेला will decide on how the the castle's decoration will look like, it will be fabulous!

3. New Year's Dancing

Princess Aurora choreographs the dance with some classical संगीत set द्वारा famous composers.

4. Sea Life Party

Ariel will invite all of her फ्रेंड्स and her family from the sea, she will ask Sebastian to be the conductor for the orchestra.

5. Games

Belle will organise the games...
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