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Hello, guys! In my first लेख of the साल (or last, depending in the time-zone आप are), I'll rank the डिज़्नी Princesses from worst role-model to best role-model (in my opinion). My सूची was inspired द्वारा the countdown dclairmont is doing. No Anna या Elsa in this list.

11. Merida

Merida is very brave, but I don't like she wanted to use magic to bewitch her mother's mind. This is unforgivable to me. No matter how Elinor pushed Merida into being a perfect daughter and princess, Merida should have tried to reason with her first. However, I admire her for apologizing and doing everything in her...
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posted by princesslullaby
Considering that this is an लेख about fanpop, I thought it was best to let the fanpoppers speak for themselves and keep my टिप्पणियाँ to a minimum.

11.Snow White

The general consensus on Snow White was that while people could connect with her kindness and enduring optimism, she is just too purist and naïve bordering on clueless for anyone to relate to.

"[I] Try to be optimistic, very caring towards animals, work hard, प्यार cooking. I think people irl see me as naive too, which I dislike. I can be a bit trusting, although that's dwindled as I get older." -Audreyfreak

"We have very little...
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posted by deedragongirl
 No ones audition like Gaston!
No ones audition like Gaston!
Hi guys, since I had put this लेख in the Beauty and the Beast page. So, here are my choices for those who have not read the लेख yet and for your convenience! This लेख is basically on what would really happen if Luke Evans hadn't gotten the part of muscular narcissist bully.

1. Tom Burke

Yes, Alan Rickman's godson who played Roland and Bentley Drummle in Dragon Heart: A New Beginning and the 2011 miniseries Great Expectations respectively. From these 2 roles, he could the arrogant Gaston!

2. Colin Farrell

This Irish bad boy really is the ideal Gaston, his voice is gruffy and I bet...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Draco Malfoy in disguise, I bet!
Draco Malfoy in disguise, I bet!
Well, since nobody has come up with this topic (or so it seems), I'm going to be लेखन about what really happen to Prince Adam's parents in the original 1991 version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

They Died Overseas

As royalties, I guess they died while they were doing their state visit. They were either assassinated या died from an unknown plague, leaving the servants to spoiled their only son Prince Adam!

They Ran Away

Upon believing that the Beast had killed their son when they return from their state visit, they ran away in fear.

The Beast Killed Them

Okay, I know this sounds morbid and...
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 क्रिस्मस Carol Style!
Christmas Carol Style!
Hi everyone, since क्रिस्मस fever is on! Let's write down the suggestions for what the Princesses shall do on the festive season.

1. Baking

Snow White and Tiana would be the chef for this coming Christmas, they would entertain their फ्रेंड्स and visitors alike. Especially, the other डिज़्नी Princesses!

2. Cleaning the Castle

सिंडरेला and Princess Aurora will clean the गढ़, महल with the help of the Fairy Godmothers and the एनचांटेड objects from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Decorating The Trees

Ariel has some nice ornaments from the sea, so it would make the क्रिस्मस पेड़ colourful and vibrant.

4. Writing...
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My final लेख in the wedding theme series is for the Revival Era princesses. I wish to extend this series to डिज़्नी heroines as well but I'm not sure right away, maybe i'll just do one with Anna and Elsa. Anyways, here are my thoughts on wedding ideas for our modern princesses.

Rapunzel: The Blooming Bride
Her sunny and cheerful disposition makes her a perfect spring bride. I'd प्यार to give her a दिन wedding decorated with burst of wild blossoms, capturing her warmth and energy both. The air will be filled with a riot of fragrance and decor will host bright and joyful फूल in all shapes...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Prince and the Pauper
The Prince and the Pauper
Hi guys, since I प्यार to see a DP with twin princesses, here are my सूची of possible फिल्में that डिज़्नी might want to make.

1) The Prince and the Pauper

I know that डिज़्नी had made this starring Mickey Mouse, if there was a Princess version of it. It would be a good idea, the story setting will set in either South Korea या Japan.
The story will be 100% faithful towards its original story द्वारा Mark Twain.

2) The Man in the Iron Mask

I प्यार this story very much, since watching the 1998 version with Leonardo Di Caprio in it. They will base it on the 1998 version, with the exception that the evil twin redeems himself in the end. Making the first twin princesses to become 2 queens and will rule the country with प्यार and peace, making them the 2 beloved Queens.


Since I only have 2 suggestions as listed, if there are anymore suggestions. Please feel free to add और in the comments.
 My favourite actor as twins!
My favourite actor as twins!
posted by deedragongirl
 A Blonde Haired Elvis?
A Blonde Haired Elvis?
Hi guys, since Beauty and the Beast will be coming अगला साल in March. Here is my opinion and reason on why Gerard Butler should be the perfect beast, comparing him to Dan Stevens.

Gerard Butler

I watched the Phantom of the Opera a few weeks पूर्व after not seeing it for many years, I always thought that it was Antonio Banderas playing the शीर्षक character. But it did not sound like him at all!
So here is my reason why I think Gerard is the perfect beast, he nailed the character of the Phantom perfectly and he has a rock & roll quality in his voice! He also managed to play a very a sympathetic...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
I thought I'd do this one next. Anyways, keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.

Enjoy the article! :)

When Will My Life Begin?
I don't care if people say it's unmemorable, I absolutely प्यार it, and it's my प्रिय song from the movie. I प्यार Mandy Moore's voice, and it's one of my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess voices. I also enjoy the tone of the song, and think it's quite lovely. I don't really like the ending too much though. I still प्यार the song though.

Mother Knows Best
I like this song too, though not as much as When...
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Pocahontas, John and Merida snuck off to the market while मूलन was still out back. In case she wondered of their whereabouts, Shang kept her distracted. Only thing was she had already been distracted. VERY distracted. "I didn't want her to go yet." मूलन कहा like any child grieving over the loss of a grandparent. "Her time was up." Shang replied. मूलन wiped another tear away.

"Mulan, I know how much आप wanted to see watch Ping grow up. Even if she's gone, she still can." Shang comforted. मूलन looked at him. "Just like Pocahontas said-she's never really gone." he continued. "I guess that's...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Hello. Today I'll be discussing the songs of Frozen. No, this isn't going to be a फ्रोज़न RANT, I'm just going to be reviewing the songs. Anyways, please keep in mind this is my opinion, so respect mine and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

Let's start off with the beginning..

Frozen Heart
I absolutely प्यार this song! It's one of my प्रिय from the movie, and I really प्यार it. The only issue I have with it is, I think it gets boring and tiresome if आप listen to it too much, and the tone of the song gets a little old. I प्यार this song, and think it's one of the better songs in...
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It's not just about the way they look and this is just my opinion. Only the ones without a विवरण were mainly chosen based on their looks. This is just a short लेख I have in store for आप guys, enjoy!

Zooey Deschanel as Snow White
I know Zooey's a little old to play Snow White but I प्यार this quirky girl. She has fair skin and most people प्यार her unique गाना voice.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Candice Swanepoel as Aurora

Ariana Grande as Ariel
Ariana has a bubbly personality and her गाना voice is very pleasant to the ears. She has Ariel's facial expressions and...
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These are my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 प्रिय डिज़्नी Scenes of all time....this was soooo hard all डिज़्नी classics have such beautiful scenes in them and it was really hard to choose what scene went where.
Authors Note: I still havent seen "Princess and the Frog" and havnt rewatched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" So my opinion may change after I watch them but I wanna write this now...and get it out of my system.

10. Snow White's Famous "Eat What A Stranger Gives You"

Even though that was pretty stupid to eat something an old women who looks creepy and stuff gave to you, its also a very significant scene in Disney...
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Many people think मूलन (the movie) has the best कोट्स of all princess movie, that and the fact it is मूलन महीना gave me idea to start such countdown. In the beginning, there were about 70 कोट्स I thought are important , I included about 40 in countdown and here are the best ten.

Out of these ten:
2 are from Shang
2 are from Fa Zhou
2 are from Emperor
and 4 are from Mulan

10. "Ping, आप are the craziest man I've ever met, and for that I owe आप my life. From now on, आप have my trust" by Shang

This is कहा after मूलन saved Shang and finally earned honor and respect for her deeds.However...
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posted by MissCinico
Hello everybody! Felt that लेखन bug back in me, and the one लेख I've noticed I haven’t done yet is the डिज़्नी Princess फिल्में of course! And with our latest addition Moana. Hope आप all enjoy, after all these are just my opinions.

12. Brave

I don’t know why, but I’ve never really liked this movie. I’m not very knowledgeable on Scottish mythos या culture, so I was excited to see it, but it turns out that there just wasn’t enough magic in charm in it for me. I really liked that it was a classical story about a witch, a princess, and a spell, but going to the movie really...
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 डिज़्नी Princesses
Disney Princesses
हे Fanpop's fans!
I लेखन this लेख to inform आप about intersting facys of the डिज़्नी Princesses. आप can check this in डिज़्नी wiki,if आप want to see. In डिज़्नी wiki, आप can find anything about Disney: chracters, places, फिल्में etc.I hpoe that आप like it and thank आप for your comments!

Snow White

■In The Muppets at Walt डिज़्नी World, Snow White was the डिज़्नी character who had the biggest part in the story, besides Mickey Mouse.

■In 1988, Snow White was awarded a तारा, स्टार on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

■Snow White is the first डिज़्नी Princess, being the main character of Disney's...
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here they are....

 "The reprise is beautiful" (KataraLover)
"The reprise is beautiful" (KataraLover)

20. Part of Your World (Reprise)
This song is quick, simple, but very sweet. It shows आप don't need to have a lot of metaphors and poetic devices to convey what आप want. Ariel expresses her desire to become human so clearly and plainly in this song, just द्वारा the emotion and longing she conveys, and द्वारा just putting it into simple sentences.

"...the reprise is just unforgettable and beautiful." (TotallyMe105)
"Part of Your World Reprise is epic." (AllegroGiocoso)

 "I think this song is really catchy and fun. It's my प्रिय song in PATF." (princesslullaby)
"I think this song is really catchy and fun. It's my...
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Once upon a time, there was a man who had a lovely and beautiful lady as his wife. They had one daughter only and her name was Cinderella, who was very dutiful to her parents. But while she was still very young, her mamma died, to the grief of her husband and daughter. After a time, the little girl’s papa married another lady. This lady was evil and haughty, and had two ugly grown-up daughters as disagreeable as herself; so the poor girl found everything at घर changed for the worse.

But she bore all her troubles with patience and grace, not even complaining to her father, and, in spite...
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Snow White ___________________________

In the beginning of the Grimm's Tale Schneewittchen, Snow White's mother pricks her finger with a sewing needle and three drops of her blood fall onto the snow which lay on the ebony windowsill. Oddly enough, this made her long for a daughter of a similar color scheme. While this reflects the arc of the story: (white)innocence, (red)maturity & love, and (black)death, her name particularly represents a season when the world metaphorically sleeps only to be inevitably awakened with the coming of spring.

_______________________________ Cinderella...
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 Early concept art of Belle and the Beast
Early concept art of Belle and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast; often considered the मैग्नम opus of the Walt डिज़्नी company was released on November 13, 1991. As most people know, it is the only traditionally animated film to तारीख, दिनांक to have garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This may have been due to the approach to this film. It was so unusual for an animated film; having a screen writer, अभिनय director, flawless score, elements that were typically reserved for high-budget live-action films. So much care and detail was put into this film that entire पुस्तकें could be written about...
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