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So a few days पूर्व I created two लेखाए about the डिज़्नी Princes and Princesses Dreamcast chosen द्वारा the फैन्पॉप users.

Now in this article, I'm going to make one for the डिज़्नी Villains. :)

As of August 26, 2011, here's what the प्रशंसकों picked:

1. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Sacha Baron Cohen

2. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Michelle Pfeiffer

3. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Uma Thurman

4. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Shirley McLaine

5. link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Prince

These are all for now. I'll continue part two as soon as possible.

What do आप think about these actors/actresses?
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Ok here are the results of the best डिज़्नी Prince hair countdown.

10 Prince Charming

Well it wasn't a shock that his hair came last! Ok from where to begin his hair is ordinary, boring and look so fake! Like it was painted on his head that's why everytime आप see him आप remember of this link. Yes his hair is an extact copy of Barbie's Ken and maybe playmobiles.

What प्रशंसकों said:
Mongoose09 - Absolutely disgusting.
CuteDiana - bad just bad -_- !
BelleAnastasia - Terrible
PociandSmith - too plastic.like playmobiles!
madisonsavanna - Looks like a Ken doll.
ppgbelle4 - It looks like it is painted/glued...
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डिज़्नी is out of fashion: आप agree? Read and have your say!

The कार्टून of Walt Disney? Do not like anymore! Do आप agree? Read Editor Junior and have your say!

Ciao Boys! Junior is now the editor eagerly awaited! In fact, this column are published लेखाए written द्वारा users! Today is the turn of Ludovica who thinks that

डिज़्नी AND 'OUT OF FASHION: Do आप agree?

Hello to all! My name Ludovica, 11 years and I am लेखन to आप from Caserta.
I do not know if like me आप noticed the fact that children today do not appreciate, and look only at the डिज़्नी कार्टून and मांगा Winxs!

Come on ... the classics like the Little Mermaid, Mulan, The Aristocats, The Emperor's New Groove, and so on, are not comparable to that nonsense on TV today sent!
Finally here it is my long overdue article. फिल्में wouldn´t be the same without music, and DP फिल्में are not the exception. A couple of months पूर्व I made some picks in order to find out फैन्पॉप users´ प्रिय song from each डिज़्नी Princess movie. I must say some of the results were surprising and not everybody agreed on them, but those were the results of the picks. Most likely opinions may have changed द्वारा now, but I decided to write the लेख nevertheless. I´m not going to write much about each song, just some information about them. The lovely तस्वीरें that appear in the लेख were also...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*

Love is one of the strongest emotions. It is so powerful is can bring आप to your knees. प्यार can be joyous, and it can also be painful; it has many faces. I’ve long wanted to make a सूची of my प्रिय प्यार stories, and I thought it would be interesting to make a सूची of my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess प्यार stories. This सूची is different than my सूची of प्रिय couples. I’m strictly going द्वारा their प्यार stories; how they fall in love, the way they interact with each other. This सूची was way और difficult to make than my प्रिय couples list. It took me nearly two hours to finish!...
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Here's part two of link.

As of August 22, 2011, these are the results:

1. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Daniel Henney and Zhang Zi Yi

2. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Naya Rivera and Alexander Skarsgard

3. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Zachary Levi and AnnaSophia Robb

4. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Chris Pine and Amanda Seyfried

5. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Leighton Meester and Logan Lerman

So these are the actors and अभिनेत्रियों chosen द्वारा the majority of the फैन्पॉप users as to portray each डिज़्नी character. What are your comments/reactions on these results?

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It´s been quite a lot since I wrote an article, and I really wanted to do so, but I wasn´t sure what to write about. I knew I wanted to do some प्रिय list, like आप know: प्रिय DP movie, प्रिय DP villain, etc.

I finally decided to write a short लेख about my प्रिय DP प्यार stories, inspired द्वारा a सवाल PrincessLD asked. So this लेख is basically the anwer I gave her.I just want to make clear I´m not stealing her लेख idea, this is merely my opinion. So here it is, it´s quite short but I hope आप enjoy it.

The fact is I प्यार all DP couples, but talking about the development...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*

16. Tiana’s Green Dress
This is the only Formal Princess dress that I hate. It is hideous! It isn’t flattering on Tiana. The color looks washed out, and the style of it is just plain awful. It looks like the animators literally drew this up in a few minutes. Of course she wears her hair up with this dress, but it isn’t in a cute ponytail, या a neat bun; it is pulled up, but looks ratty, like she slept on it, and her tiara looks tacky.

15. Ariel’s गुलाबी Gown
I’m not too crazy about this dress either, but I don’t hate it. The main thing I don’t like is the color. It just...
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In this article, I plan to create a सूची of the actors and अभिनेत्रियों that were chosen द्वारा the फैन्पॉप users to portray each डिज़्नी princes and princesses.

To each डिज़्नी couple, I made an edited picture of how these couple would look like if they dressed up similarly as their represented डिज़्नी characters.

As of August 19, 2011, these are the results in the following डिज़्नी couple:

1. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Avan Jogia and Aishwarya Rai

2. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Emmy Rossum and Michael Fassbender

3. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Chace Crawford and Diana Argon

4. link...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I have been wanting to लिखें a सूची of my प्रिय Princess outfits for a very long time, but honestly haven't had enough time to put a lot of effort into it. I decided to finally set aside some time to write it, and I discovered how difficult it would be to choose which outfits I really like best. So, to make it a little easier for myself, I decided to write it in three parts; Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Bridal Wear. It's still going to be hard, but I figured this would help. There are nineteen outfits in part one of my article.

19. Mulan's Armor
I originally did not include this outfit,...
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posted by KataraLover
As most of आप know I wrote a letter to my friend who's a girl that I'm in प्यार with. I gave it to her early at school, I told her not to read it until she got घर and not to tell anyone about it, especially her boyfriend. When she got घर and she read it she called me and it turns out she loves me too. I use to ask her if she had those kind of feelings for me and she कहा no but today she told me she lied. So this is what डिज़्नी प्यार feels like! WE'RE IN LOVE! She's going to break up with her boyfriend but it's not just because it me. Actually she thinks he's really clingy and that he's...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
One of my all time प्रिय authors is Jane Austen. When I read her novels I feel as if I have been transported to a different time and place; I feel the same way when I watch a डिज़्नी movie. They both take my mind off of my every दिन life, and take me into a world with chivalry, and romance. I’ve always thought Belle and Elizabeth Bennet were a lot alike, and lately I’ve been पढ़ना a lot of Jane Austen, and watching some of the फिल्में that have been inspired द्वारा her work, and I thought about लेखन this article. I’m going to match up each डिज़्नी Princess with a heroine from a Jane...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 In my wildest dreams, आप always play the hero. In my darkest घंटा of night, आप rescue me, आप save my life
In my wildest dreams, आप always play the hero. In my darkest घंटा of night, आप rescue me, आप save my life

I originally wrote this लेख a साल ago, which was obviously before टैंगल्ड was released. This countdown was much longer; I included 26 moments in this one, and only 9 in the last. I wanted to make sure ALL of the "romantic" moments were included!

26. Mulan: Would आप Like To Stay For Dinner?
 प्यार at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a सेकंड look. ~Author Unknown
Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a सेकंड look. ~Author Unknown

As great as a movie as मूलन is, the only thing missing from it is romance...which is sort of a no-brainer...
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From डिज़्नी rereleasing films and making them in 3-D such as Beauty and the Beast & The Lion King comming September 16th, I have a few opositions. (IF आप HAVE ANYTHING HORRIBLE TO SAY ABOUT MY SPELLING, DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT).

Summer of 2012: I don't know if this is really going to happen but I am very much hoping that अलादीन will be comming back to DVD and for the first time in Blu-Ray. I know that this film is not a part of the डिज़्नी मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ but I don't want this wonderful feature to never come back again. Like I कहा about the 3-D releases, I am hoping this will be a 3-D relase...
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Even though nobody is पढ़ना this I still feel like continuing it.

Adella's POV
I ran down the steps. "I'm gonna be late!" I exclaimed. The ball had already started and I was fully in my dress, tiara and glass shoes.
I bumped into Sir Peter on the way down. "Sorry, sir" I mumbled.
"Quite alright... where are आप going?" he asked.
I glanced up at his face "The ball... I'm uh late"
He smiled warmly "I thought a princess is never late everyone else is early".
"Thats not the case today" I answered trying to fix my hair,it had toppled down out of its bun.
"Sir, do I look presentable?" I asked him.
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posted by ivebeendreaming
I've come to ask myself this सवाल recently. I mean everyone knows there can only be one Prince Charming but is he as charming as his name suggests. Does he deserve to be the चोटी, शीर्ष डिज़्नी prince along with his true love, Cinderella? Personally I think all of the princes should be equal but still, I would like to know... (the ratings will be out of 5) I'll be adding a new set every दिन until It's finished and we know who the real Prince Charming is... (last line from my Polyvore)

The Prince: I kinda wish he had a name (although most people think his name is Prince Charming, this is not true....
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My first लेख for this month. This time I decided to take a closer look at my प्रिय DP movie endings. So sit back and enjoy :)

10. Princess and the Frog

Ok, last on my सूची is the Princess and the Frog ending... and honestly I didn't like it at all. First of all the movie was a total lolfest. The संगीत was not memorable, the characters were boring. I basically couldn't wait for it to finish. And then in the end it has like 5 different endings... Wedding in the swamps, wedding in a church, buying the restaurant, fixing the restaurant, गाना one और unmemorable song... after each...
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link" alt=" link" width="86" height="116" />
हे everybody! I saw a lot of लेखाए on here about "pretty डिज़्नी princesses" and thought I would write one too. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. If आप disagree then do something productive, like write an लेख yourself! Please no negative comments. Thanks(:

Belle is absolutely beautiful! Personally, Belle is my favorite. I think it's good that डिज़्नी made a princess that wasn't typical blonde haired-blue eyed (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Plus she has a beautiful दिल shaped face, बादाम shaped चॉकलेट brown eyes, and bow shaped lips. Also she's very kind,...
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This is my सूची of my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princesses Couples. Enjoy :)

10. Mulan and Shang

 Can I borrow your dress for tonight? आप can borrow my armor ;)
Can I borrow your dress for tonight? आप can borrow my armor ;)

Honestly I प्यार मूलन and I प्यार Shang as individuals. However I just can't see them as a proper couple. They are a great team and they are great characters, but they are not दिया the chance in the movie to दिखाना their emotions towards one another. I can only really see them as very good friends, who enjoy dressing up going to war together.

9. Tiana and Naveen

 आप promised you'll ask your dad to give me money for my restaurant if I marry you. आप haven't forgotten, right?
You promised you'll ask your dad to give me money for my restaurant if I marry...
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posted by PociandSmith
 in a circle, in a हुड, डाकू that never ends...
in a circle, in a hood that never ends...
So what did John Smith think before his meeting with Pocahontas? I think all of us know. Although he is my प्रिय डिज़्नी Man द्वारा far I have to say that he had nothing in common with nature and जानवर before Pocahontas. He hadn’t understood the meaning of life. I don't believe that he was a bad man. He was a good person because only when आप are good inside आप can change. He was just a bit ignorant. After his meeting with Pocahontas he changes and that’s what I appreciate more. His willingness to change and to try to be better and better all the time. So, this idea came to my mind. John...
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