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"Oh. My. GOD. Where the heck are we?" I yelled at the sky. "Why do आप hate me?"
Lily rolled her eyes and looked around. "This place looks familiar..."
I pulled at my hair. "Familiar?!" I yelled at her. "I have a रिपोर्ट due in three days and if I can't finish it my life is RUINED!"
"You mean your summer," she added quietly.
"Just shut up!" I folded my arms and closed my eyes. It's just a dream, I told myself. You will open your eyes and find yourself back in your room, your beautiful room...
I opened my eyes. "Darn it," I कहा quietly. I was about to go in a full-out tantrum when we heard someone...
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Princess मटर overheard, and द्वारा overheard I mean eavesdropped, the whole conversation.
"The truth is I sometimes dress as a commoner, um, to escape the pressures of palace life...I really am a prince..." कहा the prince nervously.
"Why didn't आप just tell me?" questioned the exotic princess.
"Well, आप know, uh, um, royalty going out into the city in disguise, I mean, it sounds a little strange...don't आप think?"
"Hm...not that strange."
The princess leaned her head lovingly onto the prince's chest for a nice, peaceful moment...which unfortunately ended rather suddenly when मटर decided to...
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8 months पूर्व I wrote link, looking back I realise this लेख wasn't that great so I decided to write this लेख instead with songs both from before their first singer left the band and after their first singer left the band, also since I wrote the other लेख I've listned to और of their songs
Too lazy to add all the pictures, Snow White's picture was the only one that was uploaded when I started adding चित्रो to this article

Snow White: link

This song totally सूट्स her, mainly the first lyric "Running for her life", but some other ones too. Also the gasping in the beginning and towards...
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I'm bored so ...

1.My name isn't Ella Randy

2.I'm obsessed with drawing eyes.I draw them all the time.Give me a pencil and paper and the first thing I'll draw is an eye.

3.My favourite movie of all time is How To Train Your Dragon.

4.Tangled is a close second.

5.My OTP is Janna(Jack x Anna)

6.I ship Elsanna(Elsa x Anna)

7.I ship Pitch x Elsa

8.My birthday is July 4th.

9.I'm tired of seeing Jelsa (Jack x Elsa) everywhere.

10.I don't know whether to laugh या cry at the Merida Redesign petition.

11.I don't know whether to laugh या cry at the Jelsa Movie petition.

12.My favourite DP was Mulan,then Elsa,then...
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"We don't need them Ariel we can saved all या the worlds ouselves" कहा Jasmine. "I don't know maybe we try to work it out चमेली I mean nine princesses are better than two" कहा Ariel. "We can do it ourselves आप and me get each other they don't understand us we understand each other" कहा Jasmine. "Well lets see how things work out in the morning goodnight Jasmine" कहा Ariel. "Goodnight Ariel swwet dreams" कहा Jasmine. Little did they know Ursula and Jafar were spying on the two. "OH THAT LITTLE MERMAID PRINCESS SHE'S TRYING TO MAKE-UP SHE KNOWS THEY CAN'T DEFEAT US UNLESS THEY ALL WORK...
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Hello All! Due to my life interfering with my time these days, I took a hiatus from लेख writing. I also took a hiatus, because KataraLover and Cruella stepped into the void, and took on the “these are horrible characters argument” in a set of ongoing video discussions that can be found on the video लिंक्स page of The डिज़्नी Princess Club. (My hat goes off to them, as they were dispelling the myths and stigmas surrounding certain unbeloved characters). Great work, guys!!!
    Since this is the last लेख on the Vices of the डिज़्नी Princesses, I want to at least say...
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I've written several लेखाए like this before, but then it has focused on a specific artist/group/theme, now I'll write an लेख for each princess, that way I can put in songs of different genres and also I think it becomes a little easier for me to write, I'll go in order of my प्रिय so today I'll start with my least प्रिय princess and then end this with my प्रिय princess, hope you'll like this लेख :)

link - The Pussycat Dolls
Don't think विवरण is necessary for this one, the शीर्षक says it all

link - P!nk
Another perfect fit for Merida

link - Tata Young
There are actually 3...
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posted by disneymagic93
I have been inspired द्वारा seeing लेखाए that defend Ariel on फैन्पॉप so I thought I would write my own.

Ariel also gets a lot of flack and it drives me insane! People say Ariel is anti-feminist because she gives up her voice to be with Eric. She always wanted to be human. At the beginning of the film she was collecting artifacts of the human world. Do आप think she was collecting artifacts because of Eric? The song Part of Your World, she wasn't even गाना about Eric. Her fascination with humans is what lead her to become interested in Eric. If it wasn't her fascination with humans, she wouldn't...
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हे everyone! This is my सेकंड लेख and part two of comparing our डिज़्नी girls!

hmm... where should I start...?
Well, it's rumoured that सिंडरेला was actually made after a native american legend called "Rough face girl"
except the legend goes that there was a young girl with two selfish sisters, who got all the nice beads, moccasins, and dresses. While all she got was hand-me-downs. And she didn't have cinder on her face, she actually had ASHES/burns. So she met a guy who fell in प्यार with her and told her to wash her face in a special lake, which made her face beautiful. They lived...
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Meanwhile, thousands of miles away(Scene 27- Back outside of the ruins)....

*We have these जानवर resting and pouting near a tree. Let's see what happens next...*

Gopher: I'm bored.

Owl: So?

Gopher: I want something to eat, can I have someone's flesh?

Other animals: आप FREEKIN CANNIBAL! Wait- what does cannibal mean again?

Gopher: आप guys are hopeless.

Bobby: आप go and get something to eat yourself.

Gopher: Can't someone go with me in case those ogres come out again and try to-

Peggy: आप mean monster figures 1 and 2?

Monster figures(Out of nowhere): Hey, for christ sake, we are not monster figures!...
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Scene 29???- Weird location somewhere in the holes of hell...

Kid 2: I think were lost.

Fairy G: आप now say something like that?

Kid 2: Yea.

Fairy G: Why didn't आप say something sooner?

Kid 2: I don't know.

Kid 1: हे old lady, are ya sure ya know where your going?


Kid 2: *Points at a direction* हे LOOK, A GIANT TURTLE!!!

Fairy G and Kid 1: WHERE?

Kid 2: Never mind, it imploded out of nowhere...

Fairy G: How can it implode outta nowhere?

Kid 2: I don't know.


Kid 2: *Thinks for a...
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posted by madisonsavanna
Yes, I'm remaking it. Mainly because my other one was sort of thrown together and it the लेख itself kind of sucked because it was my first and I just kind of कहा stuff...So here's the updated one!

 This is my प्रिय sceencap of her, even though her hairs all messed up and she's SUPPOSED to look tired and worn out,..but she looks really pretty IMO
This is my प्रिय sceencap of her, even though her hairs all messed up and she's SUPPOSED to look tired and worn out,..but she looks really pretty IMO

Favorite Feature: Her smile
Least प्रिय Feature: Her hair

I think Tiana is pretty, but that's where it stops. At...pretty. I do find her kind of plain. आप know the scene where she's serving people? (when चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट is telling her...
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हे i'm new here so I just want to say that I will give my honest opinion and I probably don't swear half as much as the average teenage girl. I think. Just a little uh...preview of me there hehe.

Moving on, I will evaluate the princes on not only looks but what I found hot about their personalities too since I believe in all that "looks aren't everything" crap. Also keep in mind that this is just MY opinion, some may agree some may not that's your prerogative just please don't fight me about this.

PS: I know I should've put तस्वीरें but I just found out how and will probably add them later.

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posted by DreamyGal
It’s funny how quickly things have changed.
Everything in my life has been rearranged.
My whole life I thought I was a peasant.
Now I find out I’m a Princess; what a birthday present.
From now on I’ll live in a castle, no और frolicking in the forest.
I should be ecstatic, but instead I’m depressed.
Earlier today I met a stranger.
I was unsure about him at first, but soon realized I wasn’t in any danger.
Yes, प्यार was in the air.
But now I’ll never see him again and that’s so unfair.
Come to find out I am betrothed to marry a Prince.
The thought of marrying someone I don’t प्यार makes me wince.
My dreams have been shattered.
My thoughts are so scattered.
I had wanted to see him again, so I gave him an invite.
He is supposed to come over tonight.
He doesn’t know yet that I won’t be there.
I feel like I’m in the depths of despair.
Now I must force a smile and put on my crown.
But deep in my दिल I will wear a frown.
So seven months ago, I made my first Princess Countdown, and a lots changed, including the newest addition to the bunch, and the fact that I've rewatched most of the फिल्में since and my opinions have changed.. so here आप go (:

NUMBER TEN. Snow White
पूर्व number; nine
To put it simply, I don't think I will ever hate anyone और than I hate Snow White. As I कहा last time, her hair is really unflattering, her voice bugs me and she trusts a weird, freaky lady to give her an apple.. not only that but I don't like any of the songs in the movie. Sorry if I offended anyone, but she will always...
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posted by queenbee13
So I was searching the internet trying to find pics to use on the site(and finally learn how to uplaod pictures!) when I stumbled across a work-in-progress टैंगल्ड trailer. Apparently, it leaked out and someone पोस्टेड it one youtube. At first I thought "OMG OMG A टैंगल्ड TRAILER!!!!!!!!!", but I was sadly dissapointed.

From what I saw in the trailer, it looks a lot like the male lead is the major focus of the film, with Rapunzel as the hot chick he wins over. Their was a bit to much humor for my liking, but it's a trailer so oh well. In summary, this is the best I can explain it.

It starts out...
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Suddenly they saw a cute little cottage right in the middle of the woods.
"Wow, it looks so cute, it reminds me of my dollhouse I have in my home", Alexandra exclaimed.

They walked up to the cottage to see how it looked inside.
"Hm, this cottage needs a bit of lightning, but other than that it looks nice", Alexandra told the other girls.
"I agree", Erica replied.
"Me too", Snow White replied.
"I'm not sure if we should go inside, think if someone lives here, but based on how it looks inside I think we should go inside", Alexandra told the other girls.
"We can check it द्वारा knocking on the door", Erica...
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Sorry that this part is very short, but if आप wonder this is the सेकंड to last part which means that the अगला part will be the last one, but I'll hope you'll enjoy it despite it being short. I'm also sorry for taking so long with writning this part!

"To do या not to do, that's the question, I'm too nervous to even answer, but oh well I'll do it, it can go however it wants to, but I'll do it", Alexandra thought for herself.

And she did and she got a positive response so she felt relived, but now she wanted to go to that witch and save her friend so she कहा goodbye and continued her journey...
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Hi guys, this is actually my personal review and opinion the Beauty and the beast sequel. If any of आप guys want to टिप्पणी दे about it, please voice it out.

First of all, I want to talk the movie overall. I didn't really like it because I felt that the एनीमेशन was amateurish and cheap despite being a prequel. Especially the Beast and Belle because they were not like from the movie.

The संगीत I have to say that it's not memorable, but there one song I actually like and it's As Long as There's Christmas. So there was no problem for me, the others were not as good as the original and no Alan Menken.

Not to forget, Forte was a little bit of a manipulative psychopath. Because if he doesn't want to be lock up. Then what's the point of preventing the Beast from loving Belle?

The movie itself is very scary and predictable, especially when Forte appears and with Tim Curry's voice. I would recommend आप guys not to watch this movie for those who have NOT seen it!
Congratulations to BelleAnastasia, our प्रशंसक of the महीना April! Who really deserved it!Please read her interview!

1. How do आप feel about being प्रशंसक of the month?
Being प्रशंसक of the महीना is really great. Winning this शीर्षक is actually the best way to know that your contributions to the डिज़्नी Princess club have been noticed and liked द्वारा the other users. So thanks to all of you, who voted for me :)

2. How long have आप been active on this site?
I discovered this site in November 2009 and made an account straight away. However for about an साल I wasn't really contributing, I mean I was mainly answering...
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