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I am a huge डिज़्नी प्रशंसक and I when I was little and still today I have been inspired द्वारा डिज़्नी princesses. I believe that each princess has a positive characteristic that makes then easy to look up to. Another characteristic that i believe the princesses have is something that most would disagree with. It is the imperfectness of each character. Most talk about how perfect the princesses are but I fail to see that. Each one has a characteristic that makes then imperfect but at the same time, making them realistic. Because I like to be दिया examples I will share some:

Ariel: She was a key symbol...
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 डिज़्नी Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
डिज़्नी Princess Awards Part 2

Red Carpet
Everyone is excited for this day. Every princess and prince passes द्वारा the red carpet. Each one wearing an elegant गाउन similar to the original gown. Each princess passing the red carpet द्वारा the hand of their prince. To this ceremony, also the family are फ्रेंड्स were invited, no matter if they are humans या animals. Some of the princesses were unaware of been such much light, cameras, and photos. This event would be watched द्वारा all Walt डिज़्नी World.

 डिज़्नी Princesses
Disney Princesses

 डिज़्नी Princes
Disney Princes

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I'm लेखन this लेख because with all due respect to everyone's opinion I could never appreciate the double standards surrounding Ariel’s character with all the “she left her family behind because of a guy despite canon clearly stating she dreamt of being a part of a human world long before even knowing Eric exists” sort of statements. And I don’t really like comparing डिज़्नी girls and लेखन character A vs. character B kinds of posts, but I feel like sometimes it is the only way to make a point.

So I’m taking two डिज़्नी princesses that I really love: Ariel and Pocahontas.

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posted by starlight77
I once saw an लेख done on everyone's opinion of this and I thought it would be cool to write an लेख of my own. There is also a countdown going on about homes and there was one about प्रिय rooms and they inspired me to write this. So here's my चोटी, शीर्ष ten प्रिय homes.

10. The Chateau

Many years ago, before सिंडरेला was born and probably when she was probably very little, the mansion was a happy place where her father and her mother entertained the elite and lived in complete bliss. Everyone usually hates this house because it's associate with Lady Tremaine and it looks awful...
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Ok so every princess या a female charcther needs a guy right well sit back and relax as I am going to talk about the hottest Disney/Non डिज़्नी leading men ever.So lets begin the countdown.

No 10:Dimtri from Anastasia

So I kinda cheated a bit but हे I have to say this guy is just so charming. He acts really selfish,his a con man in Russia as he hires अभिनेत्रियों to pose as Anastasia,turns out that one of the girls he stumbles across while he and his friend spot a girl sitting down on the floor is the REAL princess and falls for her. This guy is witty,charismatic,and a bit of an asshole if I have...
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 डिज़्नी Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
The Great दिन has come! The दिन that all the princesses and princes of the Walt डिज़्नी Company comes together for the awards ceremony that the company gives for special thanks for the great job as princes and princesses in Walt डिज़्नी Company. All awards are special and unique. Every prince and princess is nominee for all the awards. Knowing each one will make understand why they are special to receive the awards.

Snow White
 Princess Snow White
Princess Snow White
First डिज़्नी Princess....
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 no clue where Snow, Belle and Aurora got bridal wear, but okay.
no clue where Snow, Belle and Aurora got bridal wear, but okay.
The six डिज़्नी Princess brides are the princesses we've seen in bridal wear on screen. This is my opinion on how beautiful each princesses clothing choices made them. This is my opnion, and you're entitled to your own. But I rarely see these kind of articles, so I decided to write one. Enjoy!

6. Ariel
I'm sorry Ariel. Your dress was a monstrosity. The grees detailing plus the glittering golden crown made आप look like a क्रिस्मस decoration. Perhaps the एंजल they put on the tree. And those sleeves! Dear Goddess, those sleeves looked like they could निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन आप alive. But all mistakes on...
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posted by Jessikaroo
This is a matter of personal opinion You're free to have your own opinion :)

10. Belle
I honestly don't see the apeal to her. I get it a lot of आप like her because she has hazel eyes and brown eyes, but I don't think she's that gorgeous. She has some cute shots, but that was all. It's not her fault she was so inconsistently drawn, but I still wouldn't think she's that pretty. Now I have nothing against brunettes या brown eyes, it's just I don't think she was that stunning. And ugh, I've never seen और horrible hair. The hairline was awkward, and it looks greasy and unhealthy. They did get...
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This is actually my first article, so i apologize if it's too simple. i don't really know how to work with this XD

So here it is... sweetie-94's interview of May.

1-Congrats on winning the DP प्रशंसक of the month. Did आप expected it?
Thanks, I knew that I was going to be प्रशंसक of the महीना someday.

2-How did आप discover Fanpop?
I was looking at some pictures and even answered a few questions. When it कहा that only द्वारा signing in आप could save your answers, which I did in May 2010.

3-Which user do आप admire या feel और comfortable with?
While I प्यार many people here I have to say that I admire...
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There was a lot to be done in 7 days, the invitations had to be sended out, the wedding outfits had to be fixed and so on. But Rose Red and Harold wheren't stressed, they knew they could fix everything in 7 days.

And so the दिन came when Rose Red's and Harold's wedding was going to be held, Rose Red's wedding dress was white with फूल and the dress was poofy just like a ballgown. She had फूल in her hair which made her look even और beautiful.

Now Rose Red walked into the church where the wedding was going to be held, there Harold stood and waited on her, he looked so handsome and Rose...
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I've decided to take a little break from The Golden बत्तख, हंस and sketch the डिज़्नी Princesses. While I'm at it, I might as well make one of these lists. Sorry if my सूची is boring and conventional...

10. Briar Rose
 Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!
Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!

Briar Rose is lovely and perfect, but her character isn't दिया any opportunity to shine.

9. Cinderella
 Call me maybe
Call me maybe

Cinderella has a lot of energy, character, and kindness, but she's almost too passive. Still, she shows enough fight in her to be a net positive, which inches her up to the number 9 spot.

8. Snow White
 As long as you're living under your roof, you'll live द्वारा my rules!
As long...
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Soooooo..... I uploaded one of these awhile ago, and I realized I left out Belle. Actually someone टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे that I did, but... anways, here आप go!

15. Ariel
    Ariel is a sweet charming young mermaid whom I can’t stand. She hates her father for him trying to keep her safe. She goes to ridiculous distances to find a boy she met for a few hours, while he was UNCONCIOUS! No 16 साल old should be that swayable द्वारा a pretty face.

14. Megara
    She is witty and independent. She isn’t afraid to get dirty. But, her voice berates me. She also literally...
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It took a long time to finally decide the full lineup of my प्रिय फिल्में because I just प्यार them so much! Well, here's the countdown of my प्रिय Princess movies.

10. Pocahontas
I didn't see this movie as a child, so it never really connected to me. I saw it a few months पूर्व and thought that it was quite boring and dull. It was a great movie of course, but could not compare to the other princess movies. The plot is not very exciting, and the climax of the movie when they were about to fight, really didn't get me emotional या excited. The ending was one of my प्रिय though. That was...
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Please, no SWEARING, no RUDE comments. :)Thank you!

10. Belle

See here I know what I'm going to say about Belle!

What people say about her: She's; smart; pretty; bookworm; THE BEST; Disney's Favorite; everyone should प्यार her; kind

Well, yeah I hate Belle, a little, no, wait ALLOT! So, she's on the bottom. She called the beast disgraceful! Also she threw Gaston in mud? I would have thrown her in the mud! Everyone should प्यार her? She's like so ugly! Lame! Bookworm? आप see her read 1 book in original! Disney's favorite?! Oh, now you've gone too far! They have NO favorite! The Best, no WAY jose!...
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Sorry for the long wait, but here it is, the result of the Best DP शीर्षक Countdown and my opinion on each placement and of course some of your टिप्पणियाँ :)

10. टैंगल्ड

I truly agree with this placement, why did they switched the शीर्षक from Rapunzel to Tangled? Because the movie was going to appeal to both boys and girls, it would've been a good change if it wasn't for that the शीर्षक is so awful and many other फैन्पॉप users agreed with me, not only is it an awful title, but the शीर्षक doesn't make much sense at all.

Here are some टिप्पणियाँ from आप :)
-Tangled, टैंगल्ड and Tangled! Awesome movie,...
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Alexandra was for the last time back at the room with the 10 doors where now only 1 door was left so Alexandra grabbed the last key, opened the door and went inside.

Now she stood infront of a huge गढ़, महल located high on चोटी, शीर्ष of a mountain and close to the sea.
"This is where your last princess lives, she's actually very similar to आप in terms of personality and she is very lovely, but like सिंडरेला she has to work for her evil stepmother, but unlike सिंडरेला she only has a stepmother and she never complains, but I still think that we should help her with her chores, like सिंडरेला she has...
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posted by Jessikaroo
 Ugh, I've got no decent picture of me.
Ugh, I've got no decent picture of me.
I just felt like लेखन one of these.

First Name: Jessika. Well legally, it's Jessica, but I've always spelled it with a k
Country of Origin: Canada. Yupp, I'm from the land of सूअर का मांस, बेकन and मेपल syrup. Both of my parents were born here.

प्रिय डिज़्नी Movie: Hmm, this is a toughy. It changes daily. I guess right now Brother Bear, Peter Pan and Lion King 1 1/2.

Hobbies: Writing, singing, dancing, Fanpop, meeting new people, swimming, painting, designing, photography, editing pictures.

Education: Just finishing my freshman साल in highschool. :) Can't wait for grade 10.

Music: I really...
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posted by PociandSmith
“Memories, light the corners of my mind”

She was walking fast, shouting about the piece that must be made between hers and English people. Standing for many hours and going up and down, trying to take people’s attention with slogans among with a group of other English people, she felt exhausted, but nothing was stronger than her will, so she did anything but stopped. Peace was a vital issue for the happy living of both sides of the river, so she joined a group of idealists In Jamestown and kept her traditional Native American cloth to show, that peace can be made द्वारा both living...
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posted by Jessikaroo
I've wanted to do one of these लेखाए for about a महीना now, but I was too scared and didn't know the princesses well enough. Now, I've re-watched all of their movies, and finally decided. Here's my current line-up. It'll probably change when ब्रेव comes out though. :D

10. Belle

I'm going to say this straight up. I HATE Belle. Soooo many things about her irk me, some things just plain peeve me out. For one, she is not intelligent simply because she reads. She reads fairy tales! Not that I can blame her, because they're great, but I hate when people assume she's the smartest just because...
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Hi, I'm Princess Juliet. My parents are Eugene and Rapunzel Fitzherbert. They are EXTRODINARY. I and my little brother Noah, are their children. Mom's pregnant.

I looked at my little brother's crying face, I couldn't help but to ask,

"Noah, what happened?" I said. I rolled my eyes playfully. "Let me guess, mom went into labor?"
My brother nodded his head and hugged tightly around the neck.

"Uh-huh!" he said, nodding.

"Well, what are आप crying about? She'll be fine!" I said.

"Really?" he asked. I grabbed the grip around my neck he had and nodded.

"Yes, really, Noah." I said, nodding. Then I went...
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