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Hi everyone! This is another rank of Fanpop's prettiest princesses. Yes, another one? Well, let me explain for those that did not participate in the pick.

This is different from the past two prettiest countdowns we just had because this rank takes into account both the high and the low ranks of the princesses. The normal countdown takes into account getting rid of low-ranked princesses on people's lists, while the reverse countdown gets rid of high-ranked princesses on people's lists. This ranking here is a middleground between "most pretty" and "getting rid of the least pretty", and thus, the results ended up with traits of both of these lists, with a few extra differences.

So basically here's how the process worked. I asked people that voted to rank their प्रिय डिज़्नी Princesses), and they टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे with their ranks (a total of seventeen users took part). Like with the team articles, the ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. A difference here though is the scoring system, which I changed the scoring from an average rank of to a total point score, due to all of the people that participated! Here's an example of how I score points.


PrincessFan89's Prettiest Princess सूची (She doesn't exist, बिना सोचे समझे princess order)

1. Snow White (+9 points)
2. चमेली (+8 points)
3 (tie). Tiana (+6.5 points)
3 (tie). Belle (+6.5 points)
5. Pocahontas (+5 points)
6. सिंडरेला (+4 points)
7. Ariel (+3 points)
8. मूलन (+2 points)
9. Aurora (+1 point)

Each user gets a total of 45 points. Since Snow White is PrincessFan89's prettiest princess, Snow White gets 9 points onto the scale. Aurora is PrincessFan89's least प्रिय princess, so she gets 1 point. Ties have a half-way score between the two ranks of the tied princesses, and after PrincessFan89's tie, it goes down to fifth place since fourth is taken up द्वारा the tie.

This लेख is also unique in that it shows the ranks that the individual users gave to each princess. For now, this can also be used for a तालिका, टेबल for the biggest प्रशंसकों of each princess's looks (though it probably will soon be an archive soon).

So, anyway, thanks to the following users that participated, and after the dedication list, we will now proceed to the article.



(and me)

9. Tiana

द्वारा a whisker, Tiana was named the least pretty princess on Fanpop, going along with her शीर्षक of least favorite. The major reason is that no one put her in their चोटी, शीर्ष three prettiest princesses. While she is considered to be in no one's चोटी, शीर्ष prettiest list, she also has only two #9's, unlike a lot of princesses that have a higher amount of #9's on the scale. People generally think Tiana is pretty, though not on the चोटी, शीर्ष of prettiness सूची material. Opinions on her though, are relatively mild, particularly when in comparison to the अगला two princesses on the list. Our प्रशंसकों gave Tiana a similar placement on the प्रिय सूची and the prettiest list.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

KataraLover (4)
kiraragirl200 (4)
tiffany88 (4)
percyandpotter (6)
ppgbelle4 (6)
ppv (6)
princesslullaby (6)
Straggy (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

AllegroGiocoso (7)
CuteDiana (7)
disney_prince (7)
fhghu (7)
pretty_angel92 (7)
SailorM91 (7)
FullMoonFever (8)
cromulanfav (9)
VGfan30 (9)


8. Snow White

Snow White was going to score last place on the prettinest princess list. But the late mail-ins of three users, all of whom ranked Snow White higher than Tiana, propelled Snow White to a one point upset-- not getting her traditional 9th place slot, defeating Tiana द्वारा one point. Still, Snow White is nearly always the प्रिय for the "least pretty" शीर्षक on Fanpop. Two users gave Snow White a spot in their prettiest princess list, pretty_angel92, giving her a 3rd, and princesslullaby, giving her a 2nd. But several users had Snow White as their least pretty, giving her a last place. Most of Snow White's biggest प्रशंसकों put her in their चोटी, शीर्ष या mid-prettiest princess lists, with most participants less keen on her putting her in their bottom three. Generally, our participants had Snow White higher on their प्रिय सूची than prettiness list.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

princesslullaby (2)
pretty_angel92 (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

cromulanfav (4)
ppgbelle4 (4)
fhghu (5)
FullMoonFever (5)
AllegroGiocoso (6)
KataraLover (6)
VGfan30 (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

ppv (7)
kiraragirl200 (8)
SailorM91 (8)
CuteDiana (9)
disney_prince (9)
percyandpotter (9)
Straggy (9)
tiffany88 (9)


7. Ariel

While Ariel is consistently one of Fanpop's most लोकप्रिय princesses, she is also thought to be one of the least pretty ones. Several of our participants have had Ariel as their प्रिय princess, and she inspires strong constrasting opinions about her prettiness. Two प्रशंसकों both had Ariel as their prettiest (CuteDiana and KataraLover), both Ariel lovers. Ariel also has two participants giving her a #3. But her problem is that about half of our participants but Ariel in their bottom three prettiest princesses, including two #9's- (she actually got और participants putting her in the bottom three than Snow White did), and a couple of her biggest fans, such as princesslullaby, put her in their bottom three prettiest. Naturally, as आप can guess from the results, Ariel is far higher on most of our participants’ प्रिय lists than their prettiest ones.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

CuteDiana (1)
KataraLover (1)
SailorM91 (3)
tiffany88 (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

kiraragirl200 (5)
percyandpotter (5)
disney_prince (6)
FullMoonFever (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

cromulanfav (7)
Straggy (7)
fhghu (8)
ppgbelle4 (8)
pretty_angel92 (8)
princesslullaby (8)
VGfan30 (8)
AllegroGiocoso (9)
ppv (9)


6. Mulan

मूलन did very well compared to her past showings on prettiness lists. मूलन used to only regularly beat Snow White, but on this list, she comfortably ranked higher than Tiana and Ariel too. Most participants think she's pretty, and one of our fans, Straggy, gave her a #2. She also got only one #9 from our participants; less #9’s than the three princesses below her. Few participants think she's really, really pretty though, indicating why only three participants put her in their चोटी, शीर्ष three. So in general, most of our participants give her a rank of about #5 या so, with some participants giving higher and lower ranks. These results parallel her popularity, on a two-ranked lower scale-- nearly everyone likes her, but isn't the प्रिय as often as princesses like Ariel and Belle.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

Straggy (2)
ppgbelle4 (3)
princesslullaby (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princes (4-6):

AllegroGiocoso (4)
FullMoonFever (4)
percyandpotter (4)
VGfan30 (4)
cromulanfav (5)
pretty_angel92 (5)
tiffany88 (5)
fhghu (6)
SailorM91 (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

KataraLover (7)
CuteDiana (8)
disney_prince (8)
ppv (8)
kiraragirl200 (9)


5. Jasmine

चमेली barely managed to earn a fifth-place score after a late mail-in gave her a one point edge over Mulan. Much like Ariel, चमेली has a lot of contrasting देखा गया on how pretty she is-- only to a level with even stronger views. Often, these two princesses have similar rankings on people's prettiness lists. Most participants that had Ariel high on the prettiness सूची also had चमेली high (usually, but not always, a bit higher), and plus some that thought Ariel was one of the least pretty thought चमेली was one of the prettier princesses (pretty_angel92, cromulanfav, ppv). Three प्रशंसकों gave चमेली a #1/1.5 (pretty_angel92, tiffany88, and percyandpotter), all die-hard चमेली fans. She also got two other प्रशंसकों that put her in the चोटी, शीर्ष three. But Jasmine's problems come from the participants that had Ariel low-- many participants that gave Ariel low scores, such as ppgbelle4, fhghu, and princesslullaby, also gave चमेली low marks-- even lower though, usually. She got five #9's from our users, that's as many #9's as Snow White got on this ranking. With the very strong and contrasting देखा गया of Jasmine, it's fitting that she got a 5th on the countdown-- the middle of all ranks. Some participants have चमेली a bit higher on the प्रिय list, other on the prettiness- it depends if चमेली is at the चोटी, शीर्ष या bottom of this list.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

pretty_angel92 (1)
tiffany88 (1)
percyandpotter (1.5)
cromulanfav (2)
KataraLover (2.5)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

CuteDiana (4)
ppv (4)
Straggy (4)
disney_prince (5)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

FullMoonFever (7)
kiraragirl200 (7)
VGfan30 (7)
AllegroGiocoso (8)
fhghu (9)
ppgbelle4 (9)
princesslullaby (9)
SailorM91 (9)


4. Belle

Belle has been ranked all over the place on her prettiness, and she has roughly equal amounts of participants giving her each rank. Two of our participants (fhghu and SailorM91) gave Belle #1's, accompanied द्वारा four other participants that put Belle in their चोटी, शीर्ष three. FullMoonFever was the only user to give Belle a #9, but another four other participants put Belle in their bottom three as well. The result is a relatively even spectrum of Belle's prettiness, contrasting with other pairs where the average is significantly high, low, या all on either end of the scale. Thus, Belle is a bit lower on people's prettiness lists than प्रिय lists.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

fhghu (1)
SailorM91 (1)
CuteDiana (2)
ppv (2)
AllegroGiocoso (3)
cromulanfav (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

disney_prince (4)
ppgbelle4 (5)
princesslullaby (5)
VGfan30 (5)
kiraragirl200 (6)
pretty_angel92 (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

tiffany88 (7)
KataraLover (8)
percyandpotter (8)
Straggy (8)
FullMoonFever (9)


3. Pocahontas

Most users think Poca is HOT. Despite her score only being one rank above Belle's, this rank was a big jump upward in points. Belle only scored slightly closer to Poca than to Ariel back at #7. Pocahontas has a lot of people that think she's really, really hot-- including ppgbelle4, princesslullaby, and Straggy, along with five others that put her in the चोटी, शीर्ष five. Only a few users put Pocahontas low on the prettiness list, with KataraLover being the sole user giving her a #9. The results give Pocahontas a very high score, and since she's one of the less लोकप्रिय princesses on Fanpop, her high score on prettiness is very, very impressive.

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

ppgbelle4 (1)
princesslullaby (1)
Straggy (1)
disney_prince (2)
FullMoonFever (2)
tiffany88 (2)
kiraragirl200 (3)
VGfan30 (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

fhghu (4)
pretty_angel92 (4)
SailorM91 (4)
AllegroGiocoso (5)
CuteDiana (5)
ppv (5)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

percyandpotter (7)
cromulanfav (8)
KataraLover (9)


2. Cinderella

सिंडरेला is usually considered to be a very, very pretty princess. While only cromulanfav gave her a #1, ten other users put सिंडरेला in their चोटी, शीर्ष three. Only two users put सिंडरेला in their bottom three, with pretty_angel92 giving her a #9. So overall, much like with her popularity, सिंडरेला seems to be a princess that everyody seems to rank high, and she's a bit higher on the prettiness सूची than the favorite-- in fact, she was reasonably close to earning the चोटी, शीर्ष slot herself!

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

cromulanfav (1)
AllegroGiocoso (2)
kiraragirl200 (2)
ppgbelle4 (2)
VGfan30 (2)
KataraLover (2.5)
disney_prince (3)
fhghu (3)
FullMoonFever (3)
percyandpotter (3)
ppv (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

princesslullaby (4)
SailorM91 (5)
Straggy (5)
CuteDiana (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

tiffany88 (8)
pretty_angel92 (9)

POINTS: 111.5

1. Aurora

As she nearly always is, Aurora has once again been ranked the prettiness princess. Nearly everybody thinks Aurora is very, very pretty. Putting her at चोटी, शीर्ष is the fat that Aurora has a lot of users calling her their prettiest six participants calling her their prettiest (disney_prince, FullMoonFever, kiraragirl200, ppv, VGfan30, and me), along with percyandpotter calling her tied for first, and five other participants put her in their चोटी, शीर्ष three. And also helpin her out, the low scores for Aurora weren't bad at all either- she had only five participants putting her in their middle AND bottom three prettiest princess, with her lowest score being a #7. With Aurora having phenomenally high scores, Aurora has once again been named the prettiest princess!

चोटी, शीर्ष Prettiest Princess (1-3):

AllegroGiocoso (1)
disney_prince (1)
FullMoonFever (1)
kiraragirl200 (1)
ppv (1)
VGfan30 (1)
percyandpotter (1.5)
fhghu (2)
pretty_angel92 (2)
SailorM91 (2)
CuteDiana (3)
Straggy (3)

Mid-Prettiest Princess (4-6):

KataraLover (5)
cromulanfav (6)
tiffany88 (6)

Bottom Prettiest Princess (7-9):

ppgbelle4 (7)
princesslullaby (7)

POINTS: 119.5
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