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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Ariel and Aurora turned around and found a man with bulging muscles, an evil grin, black hair, and a very arrogant and intense expression. He smiled at them, and he told them, “Hello, girls, what are your names?”
    “Oh…my name’s Aurora,” Aurora told him.
    “I am Ariel,” Ariel answered.
    “So, those are your names. Now let me introduce myself. My name is Gaston,” the man replied. “The only thing is, I can’t tell आप which one of आप is better…” Gaston took out a gun, and then abruptly shot with it at the दीवार of the West Wing. “Aurora!” Ariel cried, and then Ariel flipped Aurora down and they both escaped the gunshot.
    Scrambling from two floors before, there were voices downstairs indicating that the other princesses heard the gunshot and were going to come up with Ariel and Aurora to check out the noise.
    Instead of shooting again though, Gaston rubbed his hand over his face and told himself, “What’s a poor man to do when he can’t choose who is और suitable…”
    “For what?” Ariel asked. “What are we supposed to be suitable for?”
    “For massaging my feet, cleaning up my house, repeatedly praising my kills, and being my housemaid, all part of being my wife,” Gaston told them bossily.
    “Well, I might have considered it, but I found my prince…” Aurora told Gaston. I’ll help out with आप if आप need it though.”
    “I have my prince,” Ariel bluntly told Gaston. “Eric is much better than आप will ever be.”
    A knock on the door interrupted Gaston’s conversation. The other four princesses came sprinting in with the household servants.
    “Ugh, आप again,” चमेली groaned as soon as she Gaston. “Listen, I am not a prize to be won!”
    “Gaston…” Belle told him confusedly. “I…I…why are आप here?”
    “You knew him too?” चमेली asked Belle.
    “Yes,” Belle told her. “He chased after me all the time before.”
“Oh no,” Cogsworth groaned. “This was all that silly enchantment, Lumiere. Why did आप tell us that Gaston’s corpse was still in the backyard?”
    “What do आप mean?” Lumiere asked Cogsworth.
    “I mean, your silly idea to turn us into household objects reawakened Gaston’s corpse.”
    Lumiere was too embarrassed to reply, so Gaston took all the talking. “That’s right, girls. This silly spell that turned the humans into objects also turned me, the best man in town, from living to dead.”
    Gaston then noticed Belle for who she was and realized, “Why, आप were a princess, Belle…I did not know that. But looking among the crowd, I’m not sure if you’re the best anymore…”
    Snow White soon walked up to Gaston and told him, “How do आप do?”
    Gaston looked surprised at this display of friendliness. “You can’t be my wife,” Gaston groaned at Snow White, pushing her out of his way. “You are nowhere near the best of this group. आप and miss light-blue गाउन can just go out of here.”
    Cinderella somewhat sadly walked out of the room, and Snow White consoled her with "Oh, it's all right, this guy is a jerk anyway and our guys are way better," but just as they closed the door, Gaston stated, “Hmm…now that I see it, if there are so many pretty girls out there, I am pretty sure that they could all be my wife. Maybe I should call those two back too, six wives would be nice.”
    With a horrible grin, Gaston stated, “Well, well, what do आप think, Belle या Jasmine? Have आप changed your minds yet about me?”
    “Never!” Belle told him angrily. “Gaston, I would never marry you.”
    “We are all already married, आप conceited suitor,” चमेली snapped at him. “Now go out and find those who are attracted to आप and leave us alone!”
    “But the girls in town are not the best,” Gaston countered. “You four are the best, and those two less beautiful ones can just come with me too!.”
    “I’ll never go with you!” Belle yelled at Gaston angrily. "And don't put down सिंडरेला and Snow White like that! They are beautiful, and they are way nicer than you'll ever be!"
    Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel all nodded in agreement. However, Gaston soon grabbed Aurora and got out a magic wand. “Well, if I can’t do this द्वारा easy ways, I’ll have to do this द्वारा force,” and he stated, “I got this wand also as a result of your idea to change yourselves into household objects.”
    Quickly, Gaston grabbed Aurora, zapped her with his wand, and soon, both of them were gone.
    “Oh no,” Belle sobbed. “This is all my fault…I should have…”
    “What’s going on?” सिंडरेला asked as she re-entered the room.
    Snow White followed and gasped. “Oh no! Aurora is gone?”
    “That stupid Gaston did it,” चमेली told the two angrily.
    “This is terrible…” Ariel cried. “Why would he take us away from our true loves?”
    “Because,” Belle told her with a tone of deep enmity in her voice. “Gaston doesn’t care at all about true love. He just wants us all to be Madame Gaston.”
    “This is all my fault,” सिंडरेला sobbed, and tears began to fall onto the ground. With each tear though, an older lady began to materialize out of nowhere and pat सिंडरेला on the back.
    “My dear child, the situation will work out somehow…”
    Cinderella looked up and gasped, “My fairy godmother!”
    Jasmine and Ariel looked at each other confusedly, and then they walked over to her. “Now listen,” the fairy godmother stated. “You have some serious responsibility to do now that one of your number has been taken. To get Aurora back, I think we need to find और princesses.”
    “But there aren’t any more,” Cogsworth told the fairy godmother. “I am afraid the only known princesses on our planet are the six right here.”
    “That’s true about princes,” the fairy godmother told him. “However, I know of three other princesses that might be able to help आप out.”
    “I can try to help आप find them,” the fairy godmother stated. “But आप have to travel around in order to get to them. And I’m afraid that आप guys…”
    “We know,” Mrs. Potts stated. “We’ll tend the गढ़, महल while the others are away.
    “That is right,” the fairy godmother stated. “Now आप five, get closer,” she told the princesses. “In the stroke of a few seconds, आप will leave here and find yourself in the world of another princess. Here we go…bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!”
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