तारा, स्टार तितली is the तारा, स्टार of a डिज़्नी animated दिखाना called तारा, स्टार vs. the Forces of Evil. तारा, स्टार is my प्रिय डिज़्नी princess despite not being a part of the official डिज़्नी princess lineup.

1. डिज़्नी princesses have been accused of not being able to fight for herself, but no princess kicks और butt than Star. She has defeated Ludo and his henchmen several times. Marco often helps her, but he's और of a sidekick to her than her knight in shining armor.

2. तारा, स्टार is easily the funniest डिज़्नी princess. Her and the दिखाना have a unique style of humor that makes it stand out. The only डिज़्नी princess that's regularly funny that I can think of is Anna, but तारा, स्टार is much funnier. Star's a lot और eccentric and fun than any other डिज़्नी princess.

3. When it comes to visuals most डिज़्नी princesses are made to look beautiful, but I much prefer Star's unique design. She's a teenager and a comedic action hero so they didn't try to make her pretty. Instead they gave her a creative costume and a memorable look that makes her stand out.

4. Although the other डिज़्नी princesses were well voiced द्वारा their actresses, but Star's stands out the most. Eden Sher gave तारा, स्टार a definitive voice that's a treat to listen to. Her voice work is और memorable to me than any other डिज़्नी princess voice.

संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर I think that तारा, स्टार is Disney's best princess and one of the best fictional princesses of all time. I hope that she gets added to Disney's princess lineup super soon.