Those were the good old days!
Hi guys, remember that I wrote about the Westlife a few months ago. So now, it's their American counterpart N*Sync's turn as to what songs the princesses would प्यार to listen and serenade it with their respective princes!

1. Someday, Somewhere

The 3 princesses will dance and sing with their princes, hoping that they will meet each other one day!

2. Thinking of आप (I Drive Myself Crazy)

Since the accident, Eric could not stop thinking of Ariel. So, it could serve as a duet for the couple.

3. संगीत Of My Heart/ It's Gonna Be Me

Considering that Belle is involve in a प्यार triangle, Gaston and the Beast will sing the latter. As for the former, the Beast will sing this ballad to Belle after being transform back into a Prince.

4. This I Promise You

Originally sung द्वारा Richard Marx and then later covered द्वारा Shane Filan of Westlife fame, this song serves a duet for both चमेली and Aladdin.

5. If Only Through Heaven's Eyes

Pocahontas prays that John Smith and for peace, just moments before the latter's execution. Mulan's parents will also sing this song as their only daughter is in the army fighting against the Huns.

6. Pop

Tiana and Naveen will sing this while they are cooking, they will also dance at the same time too!

7. Sailing

Originally sung द्वारा Christopher Cross, this song will be sung during the lantern scene. It will also be sung during Moana's journey.

8. आप Don't Have To Be Alone (on Christmas)

Anna and Elsa will sing this while preparing for Christmas, including both Kristoff and Olaf.

Bye, Bye, Bye!

So, here are my choices of songs as to which princesses will sing with their respective princes. If आप have anymore choices, please leave it on the टिप्पणी दे box!
Wish they were back once again!