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posted by AdelitaI
Snow White - Princess Vera Wang

I chose this parfume for Snow White because it consists सेब notes and सेब is a symbol of this character. It also consists चॉकलेट and it's another why this parfume fits Snow White so much. I think that फल and gourmand notes fit her the best because of her warm, sweet, nurturing personality and her culinary skills.
I think that Anna and Su from मूलन II( the princess in yellow) would have this parfume as their प्रिय too. These three are quite similiar personality-wise.
Other parfumes that would fit Snow White - Sring फूल Creed which was originally created for Audrey Hepburn. It consists सेब too.

Cinderella - Diorissimo - Christian Dior

This elegant white floral parfume was created in 1950s.I strongly associate Cindy with this era and new look.

Aurora - Mademoiselle Ricci Nina Ricci

Pretty obvious choice to me. This parfume consists wild rose( let's remember Aurora's nickname!) and rose hip. It also consists wood and cedar and we know that Aurora loves forest. It's also very feminine parfume.

Ariel - Tropiques Lancome

I didn't want to give her anything sea related because she doesn't want to be a mermaid. I thinkthat her personality is best represented द्वारा exotic scents because she seems to प्यार travelling and exploring new worlds. I also should be energetic to represent her energy.

Belle - Idylle Guerlain

My प्रिय parfume. It's sophisticated white floral parfume that I associate with spring. I think it would represent this dreamy, spritited and elegant French lady very well.

Jasmine -Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior

It's oriental gourmand parfume. I guess many people would associate this with Snow because of the bottle डिज़ाइन but I guess it fits चमेली more. It's very alluring parfume and it really fits Jasmine's emotional, girly, somewhat passive personality. Original Poison in purple bottle would be a good choice too.

Pocahontas - Coco Noir Chanel

This was a difficult one but I think it really fits. It has refreshing citrus notes but also wooden and spicy notea that are associated with mystery and nature. Really Poca to me.

Mulan - Reflection Woman Amouage

It's a very traditionally feminine and elegant parfume द्वारा Arabian fashion house. Even its शीर्षक just screams Mulan. It also has magnolia, the symbol of character. Like I've already said, it's very feminine and I don't think that despite being at war मूलन would be a प्रशंसक of unisex parfumes. It's और Merida, Tiana या Poca IMO. I also think that मूलन prefers फूल that are associated with royalty and elegance over those who are associated iwth playfulness. This Arabian fashion house seems to be a प्रशंसक of मूलन because they also created parfumes titled Honour( but I think this one would fit Ting-Ting from sequel because of her bossy personality).
Other parfumes that मूलन might like: Envy Gucci. It's pretty similar to Reflection Woman and its color fits her casual hanfu.

Tiana - Black Orchid Tom Ford

This elegant parfume also consists चॉकलेट and Tiana प्यार cooking. Unlike Snow's, this one is less girly and और fitting for iron lady type woman IMO.

Rapunzel - Forbidden Affair Anna Sui

It's a fresh berry parfume. It's feminine but is associated with और active girl than Princess Vera Wang. If आप want something और classy for Punzie, I'd suggest Tresor in प्यार Lancome.

Merida - Eau des Merveilles Hermes

I looked for parfume which consists citrus notes that represent Merida's energy and this parfume does. It also consists pepper which fits her sassy and tough attitude. It also consists wood notes( fur, oakmoss, cedar) and Merida is in प्यार with woods. I think this parfume is perfect for Merida! I think it would help her to stay in the woods always.
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Chapter 2
It all started turning light again. Emily opened her eyes. She winced with pain. Her head was hurting like it just got hit with a frying pan. She heard birds chirping. They smell of pinecones was wavering over her nose.

"Your squishing me!"Scolded a voice.

Emily didn't know what that voice came from. She removed her hand from the grass, and there it was. A cricket dressed in a black suit with black velvet hat.

"You, आप talk!"Cried Emily.

"Yes ma'm, I do. I have a lot to tell. So just listen,"Said the cricket.

"But first tell me your name," Emily Said.

"My name is Jimmeny Cricket,"Replied...
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Here is the प्रशंसक of the महीना Interview with DsnyPrincess!

1. Congratulations for being November प्रशंसक of the Month! How did आप feel?
I feel very honored and overwhelmed. I 'm also so surprised that people voted for me because I प्यार this site and I'm always on this club!

2. How did आप first get on फैन्पॉप and डिज़्नी Princess spot?
Well I was looking up Princess क्विज़ to दिखाना my family how much I knew about the Princesses and saw what else आप could do and I just thought "Perfect!"

3. What is your प्रिय activity on Fanpop?
Defiantly the polls, I just प्यार having my opinions being voiced!

4. Is...
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Hi guys. I've been on this site for a while and have not written this article. I guess its because I have trouble ramking them. But I'll give it a shot. This is my opinion and no on elses. please टिप्पणी दे if आप want to share your lists या your opinion. Also this is only judging on the first movie, no sequels....anyway......

Don't get me wrong I like aurora, but someone had to be #10, and thats her. I find her slightly boring and i never really liked her movie. But she is beautiful.

9.Cinderella-In the third movie, I loved her...but I am only judging on the first movie. In the first...
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My butt slammed hard onto a plate filled with Mediterranean salad, which Gaston was about to eat. The तालिका, टेबल shook under my weight, but it was still stable.
I looked incredulously at Gaston, who was smiling. "Hello, Angel. Fall down from Heaven?"
I was about to answer, when I heard shouts. All around me, the डिज़्नी characters looked hostile towards me.
"Who the heck are you?" demanded Minnie Mouse.
Only an idiot would tell a complete stranger their name.
Suddenly, the two guards who had found me pushed their way through the crowd.
"There आप are...now put your hands up and we won't hurt you."...
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It's a new दिन they were practiceing fighting but Pocahontas looked sad and look at her हार and a compace. "What's wronge Pocahontas" asked Belle. "It's something I must decide" कहा Pocahontas. "What is it sweety" कहा Snow White. "Well there are two men that I'm in प्यार with but I don't know who I will go with" Pocahontas. "They're John Smith and John Rolf right" कहा Ariel. "Yes I'm not sure who what if I leave one broken hearted so much he'll die what if I choose wronge what if....." कहा Pocahontas. "What if आप make the right one आप should listen to your दिल like I did" कहा Mulan....
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