The Original 5.
Since I had previously done for both the Backstreet Boys and Westlife. Here is another song सूची from another Irish boyband from the 90's, ready?

1) Every दिन I प्यार You

Snow White, सिंडरेला and Aurora will sing this song to their respective princes, to express their प्यार to each other.

2) Baby Can I Hold You

This song reminds me of Eric and Ariel's relationship, Ariel will sing it to him.

3) प्यार me for a Reason

From the Beast's point of view, he will sing this to Belle as the reason for the curse to be lifted.

4) Shooting Star

This song was featured at the ending credits of Disney's Hercules for the UK release, अलादीन and चमेली will this on a carpet ride.

5) No Matter What

Taken from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Whistle Down the Wind, this song reminds of If I Never Knew आप sung द्वारा John and Pocahontas. Moana will sing all her journey across the Pacific.

6) प्यार Will Save The Day

As they said, प्यार conquers all and it really fits for मूलन and Shang. Including Kristoff and especially Anna and Elsa.

7) आप Needed Me

Initially, Tiana did not get on well with Naveen, but as time goes द्वारा they instantly click!

8) Picture of You

This song is from Bean: The Ultimate Movie and Rapunzel will paint of picture of Flynn.

9) Father and Son

Merida will sing her own version to her mom called, 'Mother and Daughter', since they have a mom-daughter relationship throughout the film, Brave.

An Irish Love

So, do आप all agree with my choices? If आप do, go ahead and listen to them.
Has now become 4, RIP Stephen Gately!