No idea where did Poca, Mulan, Belle, Snow and Aurora get those dresses, but okay
Hiii! Imma Violet! I will be getting the ring in my finger some months later. So I wrote this article. Many of the princesses found there love. There are many fanmade dresses scurrying all over the internet. But, I mean...I’ll count real dresses, ones that appeared in the movies, no problem if in the sequel. Be ready for the 100% opinionated and natural list!!!
The क्रिस्मस wreath bride

8. Ariel
I’m so sorry but her horrible color coordination is something I can’t get over with. I adore Ariel, and her looks, and her outfits very much. But her bridal look is.....meh! For me. Sorry, the cookie cutter डिज़ाइन is forgettable. The wedding dress looks like some poofy vanilla frosting on a little girl’s birthday cake! या better, it’s better to say, a क्रिस्मस ornament. Her red hair and green hints in her dress make her like the decoration hung upon the hall of a house bustling with क्रिस्मस enjoyment. Her veil is okay, but in some shots it appears pinkish. I प्यार her crown, but again, it looked like a घंटी, बेल on a क्रिस्मस wreath. The sleeves are too puffy for my taste, they look like Marshmallows, but Ariel looks as beautiful as ever in her wedding look and आप can feel her joy.
The Asian multicolor bride

7. Mulan
Dang! Sorry. I प्यार it so much but it’s a dope compared to others. I like that it gives us a break from classy, European, white gowns and I adore the pallet. It’s my 7th favourite wedding dress. Yea, dress, not a gown! मूलन doesn’t have 1 wedding dress, but 3! Oh my gosh, a grand trio. Some people say the Matchmaker dress isn’t a wedding one. But it is and I’ll go for it. I प्यार the soft गुलाबी shades with a combination of purple and red accents. But it bothers me, wasn’t it too much? The 2nd forced wedding dress...what can we say about it! The horrible हेलमेट looked like a केकड़ा and just took the beauty off her outfit. I consider the third dress just okay. The फूल band and color combination is nice. But God, isn’t the dress to colourful and too simple to be wedding dress? Anyway, let’s हटाइए to my #6.
The unique bejeweled bride

6. Jasmine
She looks as flattering as ever in her wedding dress. There is no bare midriff in her dress, slits या other revealing properties. The dress looked classy, on चमेली at least. But the tight-fitting dress didn’t look so comfortable, her waist looked too tiny and her breasts too perky. Oh my hella Lord, those awkward shoulders. Normal people like us could never imagine to wear that ridiculous thing. I like her veil, it is so modest. Most princesses have crowns, चमेली had फूल in her hair. Not to mention, she looked beautiful and unique in that. I also प्यार the सोना accents in her dress. Enough said!
The leafy nature bride

5. Tiana
Yup, we हटाइए to our चोटी, शीर्ष 5. It makes me so sad so many people dislike her wedding dress. I don’t think it gets much प्यार here. I consider her poofy glittery गाउन a wedding dress too. But it was too poofy at the स्कर्ट and looked like she was a piece of cabbage. Her church wedding dress was stunning. Iloved the simple cut and design. I prefer it more, it just makes Tia look like a pretty bride. I think it gates lot of hate here, but I think it सूट्स Tiana and makes her look like a Timeless bride. I प्यार the tiara, veil and detailing in both of her dresses too much. Her pale green confection everyone has a huge love-lust relationship with since it's basically the first real princess गाउन for years. She looked extremely gorgeous!
The simple bride

4. Cindy
Cindy was the classic bride. She has a simple, figure flattering dress that anyone could wear. Her dress made her look pleasant but graceful. Her little crown, या whatever it is, looked as timeless as her. She looked really timeless, and who doesn’t प्यार her veil? She looked very elegant in it. She doesn’t look ridiculous like the brides lower than her. She is simple and I like that. But sometimes, for me, her गाउन looks as plain as paper and I felt that the hairdo she did was tacky. I also feel the veil looked a bit poofed out. But I प्यार Cinderella’s bridal look.
The Fairy tale bride

3. Giselle
Yea yea, she’s unofficial but I have a lot of प्यार for her wedding dress. It just looked like a decorative गाउन taken from some fairy tale. Her sleeves look good until आप realise how puffy and overloaded they are. Only a beauty like her या Amy Adams could rock it. Hell, I feel they could निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन anyone Alive. But if आप minus it, the wedding dress is a masterpiece. The चोली looked very beautiful. The intricate detailing made me प्यार that and I like the design. The फीता and the gloves made her look very elegant. I like the fact she had a little हार and the cute फूल on her waist is adorable. The nicely cut डिज़ाइन makes me प्यार it. Giselle does look flattering in her glittery laced out bottom part of her wedding gown. She looked lovely in that outfit, and the crown and the hairstyle are also lovable.
The colorful bride

2. Aurora
Put your torches and pitchforks down...! Yes, I am honest and not putting any प्रशंसक made, unreal dress. This is a shocker, but I consider Aurora’s गुलाबी गाउन her wedding dress. *crowd gasps* Okay, it’s odd. Very unusual! It is not white but European, it doesn’t have a veil. Then why I am putting it in this list? When the dance was going on, she wore it, and it seemed like a wedding dance. Who’ll have time to change their dress in spite of all of that consequences, and they were to be married cause their romance looked like true love. Logic aside, ranking in. I प्यार the crown way too much and the basic, long loose hair makes her look like a fairy tale bride. The main thing I प्यार so so much about this dress is the डिज़ाइन and cut. The shoulders aren’t that ridiculous and the डिज़ाइन is simply eye-catching but pleasant. I like the shade of गुलाबी they used! Sorry for the laziness, but I’ll downright reveal our #1
The Most beautiful bride

1.    Rapunzel
Yaaaayyyy! How many of आप thought she’d be my #1? When I saw टैंगल्ड Ever After, I was stunned to see how beautiful Rapunzel looked! Punz had the beauty of Giselle and grace of सिंडरेला when she got married. Her lacy, satiny white गाउन that appeared to be extremely ravishing suited her perfectly. Her gorgeous floaty veil along with the little detailing and leafy structures added और to her angelic look. I had always loved her Crown like anything and it looked beautiful with her spunky brunette bob. It contrasted with her elegance and feminity of her bridal attire look very pleasing to my eyes. The डिज़ाइन and cut of her चोली and bottom was very charming. All the hail to the North for Punzie!

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