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 Hello Vlad.
Hello Vlad.
Hi guys, since हैलोवीन is around the corner, here are my lists of which हैलोवीन Historical Figures that the डिज़्नी Princess would meet and I will write about their historical background.

1) Vlad the Impaler

Yes, this Romanian Historical Figure was the main inspiration of Bram Stoker's Dracula. He was a sadistic serial killer who would impale his victims and would dip the रोटी in the blood of his victim and would eat it! Unfortunately, he was assassinated द्वारा the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (modern दिन Turkey) and was decapitated. Eerily, his grave was found empty! His Bran गढ़, महल attracts tourism in Romania.

2) Elisabeth Bathory

The other inspiration of Bram Stoker's classic, she has been compared to Vlad the Impaler. She was a Hungarian Aristocratic Countess who became a serial killer and would bath in the blood of her victims, because she claimed that it make her youthful. She was put under house arrest द्वारा her relative, Count George Thurzo.

3) Grigori Rasputin

Okay, so he was a very controversial historical figure and I first saw him in Anastasia. In the movie, he was like Faust द्वारा selling his soul to the devil. In real life, he was killed द्वारा Prince Felix Yussupov because the latter felt that Rasputin was the catalyst for the country's problems.

This is Halloween!

Only 3 choices make it to the cut, if I miss out anyone. Feel free to let me know.
 Countess Dracula
Countess Dracula
 In the Dark of the Night
In the Dark of the Night
हे everybody! This is my first लेख in a while, so I figured I better start with the classic list. Hope आप guys enjoy it!

13. Rapunzel
previously 11
Ok, let me just get this off my chest right away. I find Rapunzel somewhat annoying. *dodges flying piano* I apologize to her legions of प्रशंसकों but that is my opinion. Despite this, don’t think that I dislike her. I actually find her really relatable, and I greatly admire her bravery in chasing her dreams. I guess what keeps her so low on my सूची is that I find her sickeningly sweet. It gets to the point where I just don’t enjoy watching her...
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Source: http://www.charactercentral.net/
Click link to read my opinion on the classic era princesses and movies
Click link to read my opinion on the renaissance era princesses and movies

Here's the 3rd and final लेख of my opinion on the princesses and फिल्में and this लेख covers the modern era which consists of 4 फिल्में and 5 princesses

Let's start with the movies:

The Princess and The Frog:

This is my 6th प्रिय DP Movie and I really प्यार this movie, the एनीमेशन is breathtaking, the songs are संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर good, the score is okay, the characters are good and the story is great. My प्रिय character in The Princess and The...
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
 This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
Bonjour! OK, I know some of आप have been waiting for this one, so I'll do my best to make it alright.
Beforehand I spoke about the four before them - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel. Even though I'm not very fond of Cinderella, लेखन about her and defending her made me appreciate her more. All of the princesses have wonderful qualities, it's just a shame that people seem to remember the bad ones instead. या make up bad ones.

Belle -

Belle is my favourite. (I प्यार Elsa too though). She's intelligent, beautiful and completely flawless in my opinion. So I had a bit of a problem with...
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I held a मतदान recently that revealed people liked to read लेखाए that were either countdowns या लेखाए about DP characters who were NOT the princess. To satisfy these requests, I decided to make this (sort of) countdown about the DP Princes titled: DP Princes - Are they decent role-models? (Credit to dimitri who gave me the idea :))

To make this countdown shorter, I have taken a sample of princes to examine (there are two from each era):
Prince/Florian/Ferdinand/Buckethead/Whatever आप want to call him - Snow White
 One day, my name will come...
One day, my name will come...

Charming - Cinderella
 Like. A. Boss.
Like. A. Boss....
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Lately my obsession for Pocahontas is growing, and although I've already made a "Why I Love" लेख for her, I just really wanted to write something else for her. The लेख will be a scene-by-scene review, so I'll start from the beginning and talk about every scene she's in till the end, so this लेख might get pretty lengthy. Anyways, I hope आप enjoy :)

We first see Pocahontas up on a cliff thinking. I प्यार how Pocahontas thinks things through and isn't at all impulsive. We then see her dive off the cliff, as opposed to going down the safer way. This shows Pocahontas's adventurous side...
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Dedicated to Cutediana, enjoy!
Cinderella´s original 1950 trailer
This is not my video!
princess movie
snow white
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Here's my twin/friend Traci Hines she's very talented. She's not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside here's her YouTube link I also have that link on my page here!! link
i won't say i'm in प्यार
traci hines
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