The cast!
Hi guys, since फ्रोज़न has took the world द्वारा storm, this लेख is basically about my initial impressions about the story-line, the songs and music, as well as the art and characters' designs back in 2003, 10 years before the movie that took the world द्वारा storm.

The Story

When I first heard that डिज़्नी was going to adapt the Snow Queen, my first impression was that it was going to be faithful towards the original story द्वारा Hans Christian Anderson. Secondly, I thought that it was about 2 sisters who one of them discover to have ice powers, according to a prophecy, were separated since they were शिशु and when they grow up. They discover that they were long-lost sisters, like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader moment.
Also, I thought that Elsa's character was going to be like the Snow क्वीन in one of those Sailor Moon फिल्में to which I can't remember which one it is! I always thought that she was going to be the baddie as I had read one of the लेखाए on the front page, a very interesting theory of why Elsa could be a good antagonist.
Finally, I also thought that an evil spirit was behind Elsa's superpowers and that the latter felt remorse about it. That she decides to kill the evil spirit, thus relinquishes her ice powers and reunites with her long-lost sister, Anna.

Anna & Elsa's Personalities

Another moment that I would like to highlight are the Arendelle's sisters, when I saw the movie on the big screen for the first time. My expectations of the story was 10% correct, but were separated from their parents in the castle.
As the movie progresses, I thought that Elsa has turn to the dark side. Until the Godly overrated song, Let it Go came into the scene! I thought that after this song, she became Jadis (from the Chronicles of Narnia). But I guess not!
Moving on to Anna now, I always thought she's was going to be Disney's very own Luke Skywalker. In fact, this is what happens in the movie. Although a और Optimistic version of Luke Skywalker.
Hans & Kristoff on the other hand, I basically have no टिप्पणी दे या opinions on them. But one thing for sure is that, I do have a crush on both of them, especially Hans for peculiar reasons. In fact, if I were one of the Arendelle's sisters. I would forgive Hans for usurping the सिंहासन of Arendelle, as for Kristoff himself, I would definitely marry him for taking the sacrifice to help Anna on her quest to rescue her sister, unlike Hans.

The Musical Scores & Songs

Now, Alan Menken has captivated people with his memorable songs, like Beauty and the Beast and Under the Sea. Just to name a few, and when I did a research on the movie after watching it on the big screen with my younger brother during the Malaysian premiere. Menken wrote a song called 'Love can't be Denied' when the film was in progress, sadly to say it didn't make it to the final cut.
However, the lyrics itself had to much repetition, and I wish that Alan Menken had chosen a better lyricist since the passing of his long-time collaborator Howard Ashman in 1991 of AIDS complication.
The musical scores are very Menkenesque and I have to give kudos to Kristen Anderson Lopez and her husband for making the संगीत a magical moment for us to remember.

The Setting

When we heard the famous Vuelie at the beginning, I thought that the story was set in Finland due to the fact it sounds very Finnish. But from the looks of the settings later on, it's actually set in Norway. As I remember seeing touring posters, advertising people to go to Scandinavia and a Norwegian city reminds me of Arendelle very much.
Before this, I always thought it was going to be set in Victorian-Era Denmark like the original story was. But, I figure that डिज़्नी already had a Danish princess (1989's The Little Mermaid). As did पूर्व adaptations of the story, like the Soviet cartoon back in 1957.


Basically, this was I thought about the movie back in 2003, and I hope आप get to watch the Soviet version on यूट्यूब with English subtitles ASAP, before यूट्यूब takes it down!
Overall, I hope आप guys enjoy पढ़ना the लेख as much I do द्वारा लेखन about my first impression about the movie.
Jadis' twin sister, या is it?
Anna is a Finnish! Anna is a Finnish!
Wish he hadn't had left the project!
The Russian adaptation in 1957 (at that time, the Soviet Union)