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I'm sorry but I disagree with each side. I mean I agree with each side but I don't. I think both sides of the argument are taking things way too far, and it doesn't need to.

फ्रोज़न प्रशंसकों need to just accept that not everyone likes this movie and फ्रोज़न haters need to learn that they are being just as rude as the फ्रोज़न प्रशंसकों and they just need to stop.

Both sides really need to stop because they're ruining this movie for me. They already ruined Elsa for me, and soon, I'll hate the whole thing, even Anna, who's my प्रिय DP.

 Me when फ्रोज़न प्रशंसकों and haters start arguing
Me when फ्रोज़न प्रशंसकों and haters start arguing

I find it awkward that every other डिज़्नी प्रशंसक has taken a side, and I can't because I disagree with both sides.

I प्यार Frozen, as I कहा my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess is in it, but people really need to calm down.

If आप don't like the movie फ्रोज़न या आप do like the movie Frozen, but you're not necessarily apart of this argument, आप can just read and enjoy, otherwise I hope some of आप can learn a thing या two of how this affects others.

I'm going to analyze each side, starting with फ्रोज़न fans.

Frozen Fans:

Okay आप seriously need to take a chill pill when somebody says they don't like Frozen. Remember: it's just a movie. It's not like they murdered your grandmother.

I seriously think they spend so much और time defending the movie and yelling at people because they don't like the movie than actually enjoying Frozen. Hate the haters? Fine. Don't talk to them, instead talk to the people who actually do प्यार the movie.

Trust me, it's so much और fun.

Try enjoying the movie. Don't worry about the haters because all you're doing in is making the argument worse. The haters are going to hate, that's simply what haters do. And आप have to realize everything has haters, and not everyone is going to like Frozen.

Frozen Haters:

I bet आप guys think you're less hurtful to the प्रशंसकों than they are to you. Well guess what? You're not.

Like the fans, all you're doing is driving this argument the wrong way, and आप constantly blame the प्रशंसकों for it. आप are only doing what the प्रशंसकों are doing to upset you: you're trying to shove your opinion down their throats.

Not every प्रशंसक is the same, they don't all try to shove the movie down your throats. Yet, you're rude to every प्रशंसक making fun of them because "they like a movie for little girls?" Seriously? आप claim that the प्रशंसकों ruined the movie for you, but you're only doing the same. Hypocritical much?

Trust me, when I say I know what it's like to have my opinion changed because of how प्रशंसकों build it up, but I don't see how it's hard for some of आप to even look at pictures and advertising for this movie. I don't see why आप complain because little girls like this movie and sing the songs in public.

I don't really see the big deal with that. Is it so horrible to see people enjoying something that आप do all आप can to tear it down? I get with the over- obsessive प्रशंसकों that are all like "love फ्रोज़न या आप die"- I understand but there are प्रशंसकों who really don't care if आप like it या not. Why can't they enjoy it? And the little girls गाना the songs. Why can't आप just find it adorable?

While I can understand both sides, I think they take things too far sometimes. If आप think I don't understand या I'm being biased- remember I know where you're coming from.
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I did not make up this poem. I found it on यूट्यूब and I thought it was really cute. I just wanted to share. Hope आप enjoy!

सिंडरेला walked on broken glass

Aurora let a whole lifetime pass

Belle fell in प्यार with a hideous beast

Pocahontas risked her life for a feast

चमेली could have chose anyone instead she chose a poor man

Ariel walked on land all for प्यार and for life

We come to प्यार not द्वारा finding a perfect person, but द्वारा learning to see an unperfect person perfectly.
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