I got inspired द्वारा laylastepford's link about which American Cities the डिज़्नी Princesses would live in and as I'm from Sweden I decided to write an लेख about which Swedish Towns (since most falls into that category, only a few falls into the "city" category) each डिज़्नी Princesses would live in, it's hard to identify each town's personality so I based it on mostly other aspects. I haven't been to all these towns so I'm just basing on what I know about each town

Snow White: Alingsås

This town lays only about 30 मिनटों train ride from Gothenburg and from what I've read and seen off the town it seems perfect for Snow White, it seems like a cute little town, it's mostly known for it's cafes and Snow White is good at baking so this would be the perfect place to start a cafe of her own. This town also has a lot of villas which adds even और to the small town touch. It's also as far as I know a pretty सुरक्षित town and like I stated it's not so far away from Gothenburg

I have an honourable mention, it is my hometown Lidingö, like Alingsås it's a small town, but is still not far away from the city, in this case Stockholm. Lidingö also is a quite सुरक्षित town and has a big eldery population. But while it's a town it also has a lot of green areas and plenty of forests and even a countryside.

Cinderella: Borås

This town is mostly known as a fashion town because many of Sweden's biggest fashion companies have their head offices here (one of them being H&M) and to me that would be amazing for सिंडरेला as she seems to be interested in fashion so this town would be perfect for her

Aurora: Malung

This is a really small town, but I couldn't resist picking this one for Aurora because the last week in July they have a danceband week here and Aurora is an amazing dancer. Besides Aurora lived in a cottage almost all her life and seemed to enjoy it so the small size of this town wouldn't bother her so much

Ariel: Norrtälje

There are two main reasons why I picked this town for Ariel: It's located close to the sea and it has old streets yet has a slightly modern touch to it. It's mostly crowded during the summers, but some live here all साल around. Also it's located pretty close to two bigger cities, Stockholm and Uppsala so if Ariel ever got bored of the small town she could take a bus to either Stockholm या Uppsala

Belle: Gothenburg

This city is perfect for Belle, every साल there's a big book event and we all know Belle loves to read. Also it has it's history, but is a quite modern city at the same time. And if Belle ever wanted to go on an event of some sort this city is perfect, many big events are held here

Jasmine: Malmö

This city is mostly known for having a large immigrant population and that would be perfect for Jasmine. The city therefore has influences from all over the world and चमेली wanted to see the world. Now it isn't a really सुरक्षित city, but चमेली wouldn't mind it too much

Pocahontas: Linköping

It was hard to pick a town for Pocahontas, but I decided that Linköping was the best choice for her, it's a pretty सुरक्षित town and not that much bad things has happened here. It's Sweden's 5th biggest city, but it still has the "small town feel" to it which I think Pocahontas would like. And while it may be a big town not that much happens there, but Pocahontas wouldn't be botherd द्वारा it

Mulan: Visby

This is a quite small town, but the history about this town would fascinate Mulan, it has a few similarities with China's history and the दीवार surrounding the older part of Visby would remind her a bit of The Great Chinese दीवार in miniature format. Also during the summers there are many events held here, मूलन would probably प्यार those

Tiana: Stockholm

Of course I had to pick the biggest city in Sweden for Tiana since it's the best place for her to open up a resturant of her own, the city itself would also fascinate Tiana with it's history and just the fact that it's built on 14 islands and each part of Stockholm has it's own personality

Rapunzel: Uppsala

This city would fascinate Rapunzel, it's known as a student city and Rapunzel would probably प्यार to study at the विश्वविद्यालय here. Not just that, but she would really प्यार the cathedral aswell as the गढ़, महल located on a पहाड़ी, हिल because she would get a perfect view of the whole city from there. And if she wanted to leave Uppsala Stockholm wouldn't be far away, it takes only between half an घंटा and an घंटा depending on how she chooses to get there

Merida: Sigtuna

This is one of the oldest towns in Sweden and that would fascinate Merida, but she would also प्यार how surprisingly modern the town is considering it's long history. It was actually the first capital in Sweden, later Stockholm became the capital

Anna: Norrköping

This town would fascinate Anna quite a lot, it has it's own charm to it and a lot to offer, but still having a small town feel to it. I can imagine Anna being fascinated द्वारा the trams and the lovely streets here. It has an संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर old look to it, but it still is modern a little bit like Anna herself

Elsa: Nyköping

Well first of all it isn't far away from where her sister Anna lives, Norrköping (about an घंटा trainride away) and सेकंड it's not a very small town, but not too much happens here which would please Elsa as she's not a very social person