(DISCLAIMER:I don't hate any princess, I have my least प्रिय but still..)
13. Elsa

Although I प्यार ALL डिज़्नी Princesses I find Elsa to be extremely annoying and overrated. But I can't say that to anyone without them griping at me! Originally Elsa was at number 9 या ten on this सूची but the प्रशंसकों dropped her down even more. So why else besides प्रशंसकों do I put her here? She can't take responsibility for her actions! She never stood up to anyone and blamed the whole thing on Anna, when it was partially her fault. Elsa should have told Anna at the coronation about her powers, it's not like it would've killed her!

12. Aurora

Her and Elsa keep switching between 12th and 13th place . I feel really bad about not putting her higher but I can't! Her personality is kind of meh because...she didn't really have time to really develop. All she did was sleep. I guess she's so low because she's kind of....I don't know boring?

11. Cinderella

So why is she so low? Same reason as Elsa. She never really stands up for herself, she just "dreams" while a lot of other princesses on this सूची actually had to work for their happy endings. She literally only got her happy ending because she was pretty. She could have stood up to her stepmother and stepsisters, but she didn't. I guess she would have been lower if not for the third movie....

10. Snow White

Wow I'm hating on all the classic princesses aren't I? Well...not exactly.10 through 8 is the point of my सूची where I'm completely neutral to these princesses. I don't hate them. I don't hate them. I don't like them. I don't dislike them. Just neutral. I mean, Snow White is a good princess, so I don't want to put her lower than my least favorites,(all though I प्यार all princesses) nor do I like her enough to put her with my प्रिय princess. Like I said. Neutral.

9. Pocahontas

Now as I कहा before, I don't exactly hate Pocahontas but I am neutral to her. I guess her and Snow White are almost tied on my सूची but I find Pocahontas a bit more... Developed. That's really all I have to say about her.

8. चमेली

चमेली is the last princess I'm neutral to(well, technically first)I promise! The reason why चमेली is higher on my सूची is...her personality is a bit और realistic, from a view point of a teen at least. I also प्यार the song "A Whole New World." Yeah, I know it's kind of shallow to base my ranking on a song on a song, but what else am I supposed to do? It's so much easier to rank princesses I'm NOT neutral to than ones I am.
7. Tiana

Although I'm not too fond of The Princess and the Frog, I was really interested and impressed with Tiana's morals and character traits. She is a hard worker and she doesn't wait for her dreams to come true-she makes them come true. She is द्वारा far one of the best princesses!

6. Ariel

I don't know why but I प्यार Ariel's rebellious side! I mean, yes she acted like a brat at times which makes her even और of a realistic teen! I mean, she was naive and I feel she would be a bit higher if it was not for her leaving her family for a guy... Honestly, though The Little Mermaid was a childhood प्रिय of mine, so she'll always be around my चोटी, शीर्ष five.

5. Belle

I प्यार Belle's character and her प्यार for books! She is different, but she doesn't really mind. She is probably the least shallow princess of them all and she loves people from the inside- not the outside. I really find Belle to be a great role model!

4. Merida

Again, I प्यार Merida's rebellious side and I find her kind of underrated outside the fandom. It seems like everyone focuses on her flaws instead of the good things about her! Yes at first she is disobedient and kind of bratty but द्वारा the end those flaws are cleaned up. Plus she's based off of Katniss Everdeen(according to DisneyWiki) which makes her even greater!
3. Mulan

Mulan, was originally my number 1 before I realized I like two other princesses more. But मूलन is still amazing! Everyone told her she couldn't fight because she was a woman, but she proved them wrong! Sure, it took dressing up as a man to, but she still is extremely brave. And the fact that द्वारा in one song she was seemingly stronger than all the men there-including the one who was teaching them- really proves a lot.

2. Rapunzel

For one, her weapon is awesome and unique! Frying pans, who knew right? But seriously I प्यार her enthusiasm and kindness towards others. She is just someone आप would want as your best friend!

1. Anna

Yeah, her sister is in last place, while she is up here in first place I actually rarely see anybody who has Anna as their प्रिय princess. But she is similar to Rapunzel, except she has traits of her own too! But the main reason I प्यार her is she is like the डिज़्नी Princess version of me! I too am also clumsy and hyper and kind of awkward. Anna actually made me proud of these traits! I know, she got engaged to someone she just met, and that seems to be the only thing people think of when they think of her, but they forget all of Anna's great traits! She's not afraid to be herself, not afraid to stand up for others(especially Elsa) and not afraid to give people a piece of her mind(like Hans). She's defiantley someone I'd want as a best friend and I am actually happy she's number 1 on someone's list, even if it's my own.