फैन्पॉप is a wonderful webside which is easy and enjoyable to use. आप can tell your opinions, write your लेखाए and आप know people are always going to hear them carefully. The most amazing part of it is that आप hear different opinions, negative या possitive, but in the end of the दिन the opinion आप once have can change and be और possitive या और negative, but people will still be here to listen to your opinions. Every single one of us is a part of my world, we are a small family. We have मतदानो and quizzes. मतदानो are very enjoyable, but believe me there's no such thing as लेखन लेखाए and having people to see them, this is life. When I first started using फैन्पॉप two years पूर्व in my old account I remember that I didn't have anyone to read my articles, या just some people, and I had probably 1 प्रशंसक when I wrote them, but look at me now, all आप people actually care about some things that I write, या आप actually read this article. I always spent time thinking stuff about the princesses and having someone to care is wonderful. The most amazing part is this, when आप look at लेखाए in फैन्पॉप आप can find lots of different ones and a lot of different people, and no matter If they have writen a डिज़्नी सूची या the most complex लेख about a डिज़्नी princess' personality आप read it and प्यार it. आप are so lucky to be in the डिज़्नी fandom, like I am. I believe that this fandom has दिया us so much, made us happy and we learned a lot of new things, but the डिज़्नी fandom cannot be descrived in three single words, the डिज़्नी fandom is memories, all of आप guys, no matter If आप have watched just a movie या all डिज़्नी movies, to me आप are family, cause we share the same passion and the same thing makes us happy. And I am so proud the place that made me belong, has made all of आप feel the same. I am so proud that us, every single one of us has made this place a home, a घर for us and a घर for every new fan. A घर for people that the child inside them never dies. Thank आप to every single one of you, आप are important.