Thank आप everyone for पढ़ना my first प्रशंसक pop article! Let's start off द्वारा introducing myself. My name is Sarah and I'm sixteen years old. I live in the lovely state of New Hampshire! I have one brother and one sister. My sisters name is Jenny and my brothers name is Tim, even though he goes द्वारा Timmy. I have two कुत्ता and a rabbit.

Rock would have to be my प्रिय type of music, but I also like some pop music. I really enjoy the band Mumford and Sons, but i also like Lorde. I really enjoy watching these two people on YouTube called Rhett and Link. They're really funny and come out with good music. आप should check them out.

Once, when I was in kindergarten, I fell off the monkey bars and I broke my wrist. That is the only bone I've ever broken. I've always loved Disney, ever since I was little. I used to call lion king, the roar movie. Haha!

प्यार is probably not the right word when it comes to डिज़्नी for me, I'm obsessed with it. I've been to डिज़्नी World और then 12 times, I've been to डिज़्नी land और than at least 5 times (I don't really remember) and I've been on 7 डिज़्नी cruises. डिज़्नी is the best!

Little mermaid is my प्रिय movie, and Ariel is my प्रिय princess! My सेकंड प्रिय prices would be Belle. My mom and dad got engaged at डिज़्नी world and walked down the aisle to beauty and the beast. I प्यार फ्रोज़न and I can't wait for moana. Thank आप so much for पढ़ना this, I can't wait to meet all of you!