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posted by KataraLover
Opening Thoughts
Frozen, the movie that has made a big impact on the entertainment world. Not only with प्यार but also cynical hate. How is it that a movie that was once considered द्वारा most as one of the best डिज़्नी फिल्में of all time to being considered the worst डिज़्नी movie द्वारा many. I did used to प्यार this movie and think it was one of the best डिज़्नी फिल्में EVER but the और and और I watched it I realized how flawed and what a total mess it was. While I do strongly dislike the film now, I definitely wouldn't go so far as to call it the worst डिज़्नी movie, FAR from it. If आप think it's the worst डिज़्नी movie, I will give आप a सूची of डिज़्नी फिल्में that are MUCH worse and let's just see if आप still think फ्रोज़न is the worst डिज़्नी movie.

However, even though फ्रोज़न isn't one of the worst डिज़्नी movies, it still has such bad and half assed लेखन that makes it FAR from being a timeless डिज़्नी movie. Could it be that फ्रोज़न will become a passing fad? Maybe, but let's take a look at the review anyway.

The Story
For those of आप who don't know the plot (because आप live under a rock), it's about two princesses that are sisters and one of them has ice powers. The two used to be close but when an accident that happened when they were young caused their parents to seek the help of trolls to save Anna's life. However, they also took away Anna's memories of Elsa's powers. Why? For a certain plot to work, even though there are other plot choices that would work better. But I digress. Elsa becomes fearful of her powers because of the idiotic leader of the troll making her believe that she will be dangerous and people will fear her, which will lead to her destruction. Wow, that's a great way to get a kid to control her powers. Unfortunately, her parents make it worse द्वारा making her conceal her powers, which are never explained about where they came from, and make her powers become और and और out of control द्वारा having her live in fear and hide. Anna tries to stay close to Elsa, not knowing why they had to be apart, but Elsa shuts her out. Their parents died, Elsa comes of age to where she can become queen, she accidentally reveals her powers to the world, runs away in fear, the kingdom is placed under a curse of winter, and Anna goes after her with the help of some फ्रेंड्स she meets along the way.

The story is actually the weakest part of the film. There is a lot of things that are rushed, cluttered, undeveloped, not explained, and are just badly written. Their explanation with Elsa's powers are that she was just born with them. So why doesn't Anna, the King, या क्वीन have any powers? Does it run in their family? Did they go to a witch for a child and she made the क्वीन pregnant with a child that would have powers? Why aren't they explaining this? This is a really important detail in the story that they don't explain. In टैंगल्ड they explain why Rapunzel has magic hair and don't have it just be there for no apparent reason. Although I do सवाल how a drop of the sun fell and grew a flower. But that's still, while not the best, well written, which Elsa's powers explanation is not.

Also, who was in charge of the kingdom after the King and क्वीन died and before Elsa had come of age? What did they think of Anna leaving Hans in charge? Why didn't Elsa just become क्वीन after her parents died? In some countries it doesn't matter how old आप are, as soon as the leader is dead they अगला in line becomes the अगला ruler, even if they're only eight years old.

The journey Anna takes could've been an amazing and exciting adventure but it was just really rushed and wasn't at all engaging. It's just happens and we हटाइए on to the अगला plot point. It's basically chest piece story telling. Character says this, then does this, then goes here, we go to other plot point, and KING ME! The way this movie is so rushed it doesn't let the characters have time to develop, grow a bond या relationship with each other, या even दिखाना any real emotion sometimes. They don't take time for the characters to breath and get to know each other या grow as characters. It's not horrendous like the pacing in The Last Airbender, but the pacing is still pretty bad. Unlike The Last Airbender, the characters will feel emotion but the problem is that they only do it when it works for the scene. But a character needs to do और than just have emotion that works for the plot because आप need to have them work with developing relationships and sharing their own problems that they're supposed to solve while fixing the main conflict. That's why फिल्में like टैंगल्ड and Rise of The Guardians are so well-done. The main characters (Rapunzel, Flynn, and Jack Frost) work through the main conflict but still develop as characters and their relationships with the other characters, especially Jack.

But I digress. Another part of this lazy लेखन is that they say that only an act of true प्यार could thaw Anna's फ्रोज़न heart, which ends up being her प्यार for her sister that saves her, but we'll talk और about this when I talk about the ending/climax. They assumed that it would be true loves किस that saved her but instead it's sister love, since they're never specific on what kind of true प्यार it had to be. However, they don't take into account that Anna had two other acts of true प्यार that didn't thaw her heart. Kristoff gives up seeing Anna ever again to save her life and went through harsh weather to get her home. That doesn't count as true love? Granted it's from a rushed, undeveloped, and unnecessary couple but the writers expect us to believe it's a good couple. Olaf even says that Kristoff's act was like true love. But does that thaw Anna's heart? Apparently not. Speaking of Olaf, what about him risking almost melting to help Anna get warm and figure out how to save her. Is that not true प्यार from a friend? I guess the writers just figured that those didn't count because it had nothing to do with the sisterly bond that they were trying to make the main focus of the film. Who cares about logic when it comes to forcing something upon the audience? If आप think I'm overly analyzing this because I'm a hater you're wrong. I was actually thinking this when I first saw this film and was a huge प्रशंसक of it. So romantic and friendship प्यार aren't as strong and important as family (namely sisterly) love? Talk about hypocritical.

The Characters

I know that in the past I've कहा that I hated Anna but after rewatching the movie I like her. I don't प्यार her and there are things that annoy me about her but I do like her. I admire how she doesn't give up on Elsa no matter what. It's really incredible how much to tries to encourage the people she loves to be stronger than they think they are. I also प्यार how socially awkward and clumsy she is because I'm a lot like that, although not as much as she is. She's really adorable, not as adorable and precious as Snow White, but still.

She's also really optimistic, but that's part of her problem. She might be a bit too optimistic and it's part of her stupidity. She's just so certain that Elsa can unfreeze the land and doesn't consider the fact that she doesn't know how. She doesn't even consider the fact that Elsa might hurt her, which she does, and doesn't bring anyone with her, until she meets Kristoff. Did she not think that she might encounter some dangerous animals? (which she does) She's just assumes she knows Elsa but she really doesn't. The woman shut her out when they were little kids. The two of them don't know each other well enough to establish that Elsa might not hurt her. She doesn't think anything through that a person with half a brain would consider. She also thinks that Hans was actually going to say sandwiches instead of sentences. I know that was meant to be a joke, an unfunny one, but it was still stupid. She actually thought he would say sandwiches? That girl needs some help.

Another problem with her is that whole being alone thing. Yes, it was sad that she didn't have her sister and that her parents died. However, she had a गढ़, महल full of servants that could be फ्रेंड्स with her. The servants were फ्रेंड्स with Belle in Beauty and The Beast, so why not? I heard an argument that maybe the servants might not want anything to do with Anna या something but that's completely wrong. When Anna returns घर she is greeted द्वारा concerned servants that claimed that they were worried sick. Yes, they had work to do but so did the servants in Beauty and The Beast. Certainly Anna could have made फ्रेंड्स with the servants, since they're very nice and Anna doesn't appear to be prejudice against people of lower class than her. Another argument I hear is that Anna might not want to hang out with people that are much older than she is. I could see that but there is a few problems with that. She never says she wants to meet people her own age, just people in general. The only person her own age she wants is the man of her dreams but that's it. Another problem is that at that entire coronation ball, the only ones I saw that were around Anna's age were Elsa and Hans. Everyone else looked middle aged and some were even elderly. If they specified that Anna wanted to meet और people that were her age, I'd find that और understandable. But they don't and it's just a complete mess.

Another problem with her loneliness is that one scene from The First Time In Forever, where she is clearly in the woods and is near little ducks. You've seen the castle, which is very pathetic looking, and आप can clearly see that they don't have a courtyard या anything where there would be a garden. आप definitely know that they don't have an area where there would be trees, grass, and most importantly a lake, basically the natural habitat of ducks. Yes, I know that ducks don't live in trees but आप saw that there were trees where Anna was at in that scene. But I digress. My point is that it looks pretty clear that Anna can apparently leave the गढ़, महल and go to the woods to play with ducks without any problem. So why can't she just leave the गढ़, महल to socialize with people in the village, especially ones her own age? If it was because she was a princess she could have just put on a disguise and went into the village. I mean, the villagers कहा "I can't wait to see the क्वीन and princess. I bet their lovely," and "I bet their beautiful," so they don't seem to know that her या Elsa look like. Anna really had nothing to lose. I mean in the अलादीन TV series, चमेली would go into town in disguise all the time and there was no problem at all. This is a plot hole and it's never explained like a lot of other things in this movie.

Why did Anna even need to feel lonely and isolated? Elsa was the one who wasn't allowed to have any contact with people. She should have been the one that felt lonely because she wasn't allowed to have contact with her sister, her servants, visiting diplomats, the villagers, and so forth. Why focus on Anna not having contact with people and how she talks to paintings on the walls? Elsa's loneliness would've been much और interesting and compelling because it would have made her और sympathetic and maybe even complex. If they had to focus on Anna, why not make her just feel neglected द्वारा her sister and maybe even her parents? Her servants and subjects could feel sorry for her and be her friends. This was just a complete waste that was done poorly.

I don't blame this on Anna, she's just a victim of bad writing. But another problem with her is how she keeps justifying her प्यार at first sight with "it's true love", which makes her seem like she's mocking the past डिज़्नी movies. It's really insulting to डिज़्नी and it feels like the writers and directors of this movie have no respect for classic Disney. They can say that आप shouldn't marry someone आप just met but they don't have to lay it on so thick because it just gets jarring.

Anna is also very heroic, but maybe a little too heroic. How is it that Kristoff, someone who is और experienced than her, has to be saved द्वारा a girl who has been sheltered in a castle? I mean, she saves his life several times in this movie: when a भेड़िया first comes at Kristoff and she hits it with a guitar, when two भेड़िया were chewing on Kristoff's foot and butt and Anna throws a flaming sleeping bag at them, she saves Kristoff from falling off a cliff, she helps slow down the giant snowman द्वारा slinging a bent पेड़ at him, and when Kristoff is knocked out she cuts them loose from the giant snowman's grasp. For a girl who is so inexperienced she seems very capable. But that doesn't mean she's a Mary-Sue. She has her flaws, like how she can't climb और than three feet up a mountain. She's very stupid but sometimes her stupidity is charming, but most of the time it's not. I do admire how in the end it's Anna that saves herself from dying of a फ्रोज़न दिल द्वारा sacrificing herself to save Elsa. That's pretty cool. But Anna kind of is a little bit of a false action girl, but not that much.

Unfortunately, Anna doesn't really develop at all as a character. She only learns that आप can't marry a man आप just met, while apparently falling in प्यार with someone she knew for only two days. But that's not really much. She doesn't mature या make any discovery about herself. She stays the same with no character development, besides that whole not marrying someone आप just met. I really like Anna but she is a flat character. Despite all my criticisms about her, she's actually my 2nd प्रिय character in the movie. Yeah, if I have this much criticism about my 2nd प्रिय character, just imagine what my opinions about the other characters is like.

I just know that no matter what I say about her I'm going to start some kind of argument. But it looks like I'm going to get a lot of hate from the Elsa प्रेमी and a lot of praise from the Elsa haters. I don't hate या dislike Elsa but that's mainly because I don't feel like she has a personality for me to judge her as a character. She's just a plot device and something for Anna to chase after and be an obstacle. Now a plot device can have personality and be a good character; just look at चमेली and Eric. Aurora is a plot device but she still has some personality, not a lot, but she still has some personality. The problem with Elsa is that we never really got to meet her. All we know about her is that she has a lot of anxiety, has ice powers, and is Anna's sister. People have listed personality traits she has like being shy, timid, reserved, mature, and so forth. However, that all just relates back to her anxiety, so she basically only has one trait and it doesn't give her personality. She's a non-character in this story and is only there to keep the plot moving. We don't know what her are her likes या dislikes. What are her interests, her desires (besides wanting to be free), her hopes, her dreams, and what does she do in her spare time. She can't just sit in her room and be nervous all दिन doing nothing. Rapunzel had a power she had to hide and was isolated but she had several interests; she painted, read, studied the stars, cooked, played music, and several things to keep herself occupied. It helped us get to know her but we don't get to know Elsa. All we get from her is her anxiety and nothing else.

A lot of people agree that she's a plot device with no personality and yet there are just as many people who प्यार her. Why is that? A simple answer, having no personality makes her a blank slate. Everyone has anxiety in their life and don't know how to deal with it, just like Elsa. But Elsa also has powers, which makes her life और exciting. So basically she's just a skin for the view to put on and relate to her anxiety problems but also have powers and be able to enter a world of कल्पना and excitement. Yes, I got this idea from the Nostalgia Critic with his video "Is Twilight The Worst Thing Ever" where he talks about Bella. Now Elsa isn't as bad a character as Bella, but it doesn't change the fact that there are people who want to be like Elsa. It's the same reason why the original Power Rangers and superheros (Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, etc.) had no personality. If they have distinct personalities different from the viewer's, they couldn't fantasize about being them and imagining that the character had their personality. Kid would be upset if the Power Ranger that was their प्रिय character wasn't like them and same with their प्रिय superhero. However, as time went by, the Power Rangers and Superheros have evolved and developed distinct personalities and identities. The reason for that is because it doesn't matter if a character has a personality different from your own because आप can still find something admirable about them. Which is why a character like Elsa, who has no personality and is a blank slate, has nothing to offer because they don't have any traits about them that is admirable. I mean, I'm nothing like सिंडरेला but I admire her strength and patience. She has been through a lot but is still kind and has plenty of personality. So it shows very poor effort on Disney's part that they're so afraid of a character not being like that they don't even try to give them a personality. When I first saw the movie, I actually felt nothing for Elsa; but I put her in my चोटी, शीर्ष 5 प्रिय डिज़्नी Princesses because I felt obligated to because of her anxiety. But a character needs और than that to be a memorable and a well-written character, of which Elsa is not. I can't feel anything for Elsa because she is a non-entity that is only there for plot reasons and for the audience to imagine that they are and that she has their personality. It's very disappointing because this could have been a great character.

I think Elsa is really hurt in this story द्वारा not having her be the protagonist या the antagonist. I know the creators of फ्रोज़न wanted to make her a misunderstood character but they could have done that and still made her both a hero and a villain. How many डिज़्नी फिल्में do आप know of where the main villain becomes a good guy? They could have made her a complex character that started off the way she is in the film and became a villain but thanks to Anna's love, she becomes good. I think it would be cool if Elsa got her powers and her parents saw it as a way to conquer other kingdoms and got Elsa a teacher to teach Elsa how to use her powers. That would actually explain how she was so skilled with her powers during Let It Go, which is never explained. They needed to make her a lot like Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, someone who always had to perform her skills perfectly to please her parents and if she didn't she was shut out and and felt like a failure. But also make her have a दिल and प्यार her sister, who was her way of having a childhood, like Ty Lee was for Azula. And maybe have her parents die because of an accident caused द्वारा Elsa, which causes her to shut people out because she's afraid of hurting people, especially Anna. This would also help with what I कहा about Anna being neglected द्वारा her family, but I digress. Eventually Elsa's powers would be revealed to everyone, they'd think of her as a monster, and Let It Go is what makes her decide that she'll be the evil being that everyone thinks she is and make everyone suffer under his frozen, iron fist. Now that would be totally badass, though I know everyone is going to disagree with me on this because they don't like things that are this dark. But it would've made Elsa complex as a character and a kickass villainess. It would actually be doing something new, which फ्रोज़न really didn't do a lot of. Elsa was really a complete waste of potential.

As for her character development, she doesn't really have any. She never faces her problem, she keeps running away from them. When Anna gets struck, Elsa just sends Anna away and doesn't even think of telling her of the trolls that could help her. She does realize that she made a mistake but she never tries to fix it until Anna risks her life for her, which again, we will get to later in this article. She never tries to unfreeze the land until that whole "love" thing happened. She just kept running away from her problems. She doesn't even realize that when she isn't afraid that her powers are under control. ELSA WILL आप GET A FREAKING CLUE ALREADY! However, I will defend that she does realize the problems she causes, just like how I believe that about Ariel. But the difference is that Elsa had the power to stop all of this, Ariel didn't and there was very little she could do, even though I wish Ariel had defeated Ursula. Anyway, Elsa's character development isn't there at all. They didn't even develop her personality या the back story of her powers, let alone how she developed and grew as a character. I'm neutral about her but there is a lot of problems with her.

Kristoff and Sven
That's right, I'm counting these two as the same character. They basically are, except I don't dislike Sven. I suppose I'll start with Sven because I have less to say about him. He's really just there and doesn't have any real personality. He's a reindeer rip-off of Maximus from Tangled, except not funny, clever, full of personality, या adds anything to the story. He's not a bad character but he's not necessary and doesn't really do anything to help the characters like Maximus did.

But now we've got the definition of an unnecessary male प्यार interest, Kristoff. Someone made an argument that he was there to help guide Anna to Elsa, which I could get on board with but it seems like Anna can take care of herself and Kristoff needs to constantly be saved द्वारा her. Boy, डिज़्नी is sure turning out some real male damsels in distress in डिज़्नी Princess films: Naveen, Flynn (even though I प्यार him), and Kristoff. Besides, they could have just had Anna run into Olaf and he would take her to Elsa. या they could have had Hans come with her (and not have him be evil) and a guard come with her. Kristoff isn't necessary to the story at all, not even in the climax. They could have had Anna see Elsa leaving and try to get her to thaw her दिल (which would be typical of Anna), Elsa gets into danger, and Anna sacrifices her life to save her sister. Kristoff is really unnecessary and adds nothing to the story at all.

Kristoff's back story is another major plot hole. What was he doing on the ice lake if one of the men wasn't his father? Also how could it be winter where he's at but not where Anna and Elsa were at? But I digress. Why don't they explain why Kristoff doesn't like people? Was his dad abusive and so he ran away to live with the trolls? That would actually make a lot of sense but they don't touch upon that. It's like how Tramp from Lady and The Tramp never explains why he doesn't like families. What's his back story. We can't just assume what's happening. It's a movie, they're supposed to make it perfectly clear to the audience!

Along with being unnecessary and undeveloped, he's not really and enjoyable character at all. He makes a few snarky टिप्पणी दे but that's pretty much it. What makes me dislike him isn't just because he's unnecessary and adds nothing to the story, but the main reason I dislike him is because of one line that he कहा when he was talking for Sven saying that Anna will die on her own and उत्तरों "I can live with that," and only agrees to help her because he won't get his new sled if she's dead. That's is too mean-spirited, despicable, and heartless for me to actually find him to be a likable character. We're talking about someone who is supposed to be our leading man and he actually says he doesn't care if Anna dies? That's just completely unlikable and a little bit despicable. He's pretty much rude to Anna anyway so he's really a bad character. This Disney, is what आप called a male प्यार interest failure!

I think it's really annoying how Kristoff actually talks for Sven. I guess the writers knew Sven had no personality and instead of doing a better job with him that they'd just have Kristoff talk for him, very pathetic. I guess it was also to make Kristoff seem quirky and funny but it just makes him look stupid and insane. Someone get this guy in a straitjacket. Kristoff doesn't undergo any development या really changes. He just acts less like a jerk because he falls in प्यार with Anna in a rushed and horribly done romance.

I'm actually not sure how I feel about this guy, he's really a mixed bag. If his real personality was the one he has when he's a good guy, he would द्वारा FAR be my प्रिय character because I प्यार that guy. He would actually be among my प्रिय डिज़्नी हीरोस and if he was considered a डिज़्नी Prince, he would be one of my favorites. He was so kind, caring, charming, dashing, heroic, awkward, smart, selfless, and was just amazing. What's the catch? Hans was a dirty liar that used Anna to become heir to the throne. Where the hell did that come from? It's Disney's horrible way of trying to shock the audience and to mix things up द्वारा having the good looking prince be the bad guy. Didn't Beauty and The Beast already do that with Gaston? I know he wasn't a prince but he basically looked like your everyday hero. Wow, फ्रोज़न isn't as original as डिज़्नी thinks it is.

But I digress. As a villain, Hans is actually pretty weak. Yeah, I know that he's really clever and sinister. He fooled not only Anna, but he fooled us too. People still can't believe that he actually turned out to be the villain of the story. Part of that reason is because there was no build up to it like there are with other फिल्में that do this. I mean, when he falls into the ocean and lifts up that little boat, he actually was smiling about Anna and it wasn't an evil smile, it was a smile like आप have when आप just talked to your crushed या had a तारीख, दिनांक with your crush. It really makes no sense at all and come out of no where.

Also, if he was the villain after all, why didn't he just let them kill Elsa? Why did he stop her from looking like a monster? Wouldn't that actually make him look better द्वारा comparison? Why did he save her from being shot with an arrow? There are three possibilities to this: Han's is bipolar with his own Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slip personality, he's the stupidest villain EVER, या he's an unfortunate victim of extremely bad writing. Plus who actually tells someone their evil scheme and doesn't make sure they're dead? Anna could still escape या someone could hear her from the other side of the door. This is just pathetic.

But in all honesty, while Gaston (who I hate) is the better villain, I actually don't hate या dislike Hans. I'm not sure how to feel about him because this all just came out of no where and wasn't built up at all. I will give डिज़्नी credit that it was unique not having a डिज़्नी villain that was painfully obvious. However, he is a very weak villain that was just made a villain for shock value and so Anna wouldn't have to choose between two guys. Why not just get rid of Kristoff? Hans and Anna, before we thought it was a lie, had amazing chemistry. I think the only real explanation for Hans changing out of no where is in an entry for the Fan-Made डिज़्नी Sequel Contest, "Broken Shards of A फ्रोज़न Heart" द्वारा AaronHayley4ever. The लेखन is absolutely brilliant, unlike in Frozen. The songs are great, the two main characters are fantastic, the romance is engaging, the villains' (who I hate) plans are absolutely incredible and well-thought out, the character development is amazing, the ending is perfect, and unlike Frozen, it actually does do things that are absolutely new for Disney. If आप don't believe me, go to the Fan-Made डिज़्नी फिल्में प्रशंसक club and check it out for yourself. If आप don't like fan-made stuff, get off your little high horse and open up your mind. It's a suspenseful and exciting read and I hope that one दिन it'll be made into a डिज़्नी movie.

Now आप must all think that I hate Olaf but I actually don't. I really like him and think he's adorable. I do kind of find it annoying how he's so stupid that he doesn't realize that he'll melt in summer. I'm sorry but that's too stupid. But nonetheless, he was a pretty good character. He was really funny, although some of his humor was annoying but संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर not bad. His humor was kind of forced, like a lot of the humor in this movie was. He's not the funniest या even one of the funniest डिज़्नी characters ever made. I can actually think of a lot of characters that are funnier than him. But he's still pretty funny. However, what really got me to like him a lot was when he explained what प्यार was "putting someone else's needs before yours," that was just too precious. He's actually be my प्रिय character in the movie, even with some bad humor. However, I do find it weird how when he was at the trolls home, where there is no snow (for some reason), that he doesn't melt. Also, why didn't he melt when he was inside the castle, even before he got near fire? Also, since when can Elsa made life? Well, actually that I don't mind because I can actually see having snow powers bringing things to life. But I guess it could have been explained better. Nevertheless, he was so charming and I प्यार how he did all he could to help Anna. Now that is a sidekick that was actually useful. His डिज़ाइन is really lame and doesn't do him justice at all. It made me think he was going to be awful but he's not at all. I really प्यार this guy!

The Duke of Weselton
I think we can all agree that this guy is without a doubt the WORST character in the movie. Actually, he's so awful that he's one of the worst fictional characters PERIOD! There is nothing likable about this guy AT ALL! He's a stereotypical annoying villain. He wants to find out Arendelle's secrets so that he can exploit their riches, and he's actually stupid enough to say his evil scheme out loud. Boy, this movie has some really dumb villains. What was even up with that dance of his? Miley Cyrus' VMA performance didn't even look as ridiculous as that guy's dancing. At least she was trying to making it look ridiculous, this guy actually thought that it was some seriously good dancing. But he's also the generic blaming things he doesn't understand type of character. Constantly calling Elsa a monster, thinking she's causing harm when really it's him who is making things worse, not listening to simple logic because he doesn't understand it, committing treason द्वारा sending men to kill the queen, constantly complaining, and has a pathetic defeat that shows what a truly embarrassing villain he is. Does anyone even like this guy? I don't think anyone likes him at all! He's a horrendous character!

The King, Queen, and Trolls
These characters are part of the problem with the movie. Let's start with two of some of the stupidest parents EVER, the King and क्वीन of Arendelle. They think it's a good idea to keep Anna oblivious to Elsa's powers and feel ignored without knowing why instead of just letting her know the truth. That is just stupid! With Ariel keeping secrets from Melody it was और understandable because imagine if आप were a little kid and आप were told that आप almost died when आप were a baby and that same psychopath is after you. That would scar any child for life. I do think Ariel should have told Melody eventually but it's understandable. This isn't understandable because it actually scared both Anna and Elsa. These two are complete morons! I don't give a crap that they died AT ALL!

The Trolls are the other idiots that caused problems for this movie. The leader, of course scars Elsa for life and decided to make Anna completely clueless. The other trolls are really pushy, never shut up, and don't freaking take a life and death situation seriously. These guys can't freaking take a hint! Plus, I think they kidnapped Kristoff and brainwashed him into thinking he was an orphan and forgot about his father. They चुरा लिया that sweet little boy and turned him into a jerk.


Anna and Elsa

A lot of people either really प्यार this relationship या think it has absolutely no real development, I actually fit into both categories. I think they have a lot of chemistry, which is what really makes their relationship work. They have a history where they were really close and were basically best friends, which I thought was adorable. I do admire how Elsa does all she can to protect Anna, even though she's horrible at it, and how Anna never gives up on Elsa. These two are really dedicated to each other and try to do what they think is best for the other because they प्यार each other. I do प्यार the ball scene where they finally talk after so many years and bond a little bit. I wish they did और bonding to make their relationship better because they're hardly together at all in the movie. We don't see much development between them like we did with Merida and Elinor. Elsa and Anna could have had a lot और to their relationship than they gave us.

I think the deleted scene where Anna and Elsa are getting ready for the coronation was a really great scene that they needed to help establish their relationship. I know that they couldn't still share a room but Elsa could have came to Anna's room just to bring her the coronation gift. I also really agree with Grace from Beyond The Trailer that it would've been और interesting if Anna was jealous of Elsa because she had her parent's favor and Elsa, like I said, was being trained to help them conquer other kingdoms. That would've shown how siblings are jealous of each other, because that is realistic, but that आप should प्यार them and accept them for who they are no matter what. That would have been a really strong and powerful message.

However, despite the fact that the relationship doesn't have much development, I still प्यार it. What Anna and Kristoff, which we will get to in a minute, lacked was that they were undeveloped and had no chemistry, while Anna and Elsa are undeveloped but actually have chemistry. It's the same with Hercules & Megara and Tiana & Naveen, their relationship was rushed and not developed very well but they have TONS of chemistry and bring out the best in each other, which makes them good couples, but not great ones. So Anna and Elsa's relationship is really good but not great. People कहा that it's something new that डिज़्नी did with the whole sister relationship, but what about Lilo and Nani या टिंकर बेल and Periwinkle? Those relationships were about sisters and were done much better. Tink and Peri even have similarities to Anna and Elsa: a blonde that like to wear green, is optimistic, and never gives up on the ones she loves; a sister with white hair that has ice powers. Secret of The Wings actually came out before Frozen, so it kind of ripped it off. But it's still a likable relationship, just not as original या developed as डिज़्नी thinks it is.

Anna and Kristoff

I used to think this couple was just okay but प्रशंसकों of this couple had them on the चोटी, शीर्ष of their सूची while well-developed couples were at the bottom. They didn't even both to explain why, so now I have to hate this couple. Okay, that's not the only reason that I hate this couple. They're completely undeveloped, have no chemistry, share nothing in common, completely come out of no where, and are completely rushed. Anna is even aware that they're rushed as a couple and come out of no where when she says "Kristoff... loves me?". Plus Kristoff was always really rude to Anna and even कहा that he could live with it if she died. When and why did they fall in love? They were at each other's throats one मिनट and then all of a sudden they fall in love? I guess people just like seeing the drop dead gorgeous princess with the ugly dude for once. This couple was completely unnecessary and actually kind of ruins the whole point of the movie. This didn't even need to exist and it's just an awful couple.

The Songs
This is one of the best parts of the movie, the amazing soundtrack. I प्यार all of the songs! There are some I have a love-hate feeling for but I still like them, even though I think they could have been taken out and replaced with better songs. However, I प्यार this whole Broadway style the the songs have. They also kind of have that whole old fashion musical style to the songs like Meet Me In St. Loius and Sound of संगीत had. It's really unique and refreshing. Some of the songs don't really transition very well but they're still amazing. I wouldn't say that these songs are among Disney's best, या maybe I might, I don't know, but for what it is, these songs are really fantastic. This movie definitely has the best soundtrack out of the new डिज़्नी movies.

Frozen Heart
This is actually a really good opening to the movie. I प्यार how it starts with the choir गाना and I actually wish the movie had और of that like The Hunchback of Notre Dame did. But then when we get to the ice men गाना their song, it's really good. The lyrics are fantastic, the rhythm is catchy, and the voices are amazing. I also प्यार how it's kind of foreshadowing to the story and how Anna will have her दिल फ्रोज़न with the line "Beware the फ्रोज़न heart." It's just a great song and a wonderful opening to the movie.

Do आप Wanna Build A Snowman?
This song is kind of a disappointment after फ्रोज़न Heart. The tune is kind of और childish and cutesy. The idea seems like something you'd see और in a Barney story with a lonely kid. Do I think the song is bad, no, it's cute but that's it. It does get और interesting when Anna as an adult sings it because it seems और mature and emotional. Unfortunately, it's ruined द्वारा the line "Do आप wanna build a snowman?", which is a dumb line. I would be able to tolerate this song in the movie और if it did have the Do आप Wanna Build A Snowman Reprise that was fan-made on youtube. That would be really emotional and have this song make और sense. I guess it does emphasis how Anna and Elsa have grown apart and the problems they're going through, but I still think it could have been better.

For The First Time In Forever
This is where the movie starts to pick up back on the great songs, even though it seems like the songs come out ever few minutes. I प्यार how it shows how excited Anna is about finally getting to socialize with people and having a chance of finding true love. I do think that Anna wanting to find प्यार kind of came out of no where. Maybe if she read romance novels to cope with being abandoned द्वारा Elsa it would've made और sense. However, Anna's voice is fantastic and has a long of emotion and passion in that that makes it great. Elsa's pessimistic part helps make the song have a great combination of positive and negative perspective. It's a wonderful and engaging song. However, I do have a problem that one line in the song had to do with gas. That's just really stupid because gas is the lowest and most pathetic form of comedy. It makes the film look like it's trying too hard to be funny, which it is. But still an awesome song.

Love Is An Open Door
I know that this song is kind of making fun of प्यार at first sight, but it's still amazing. I प्यार the whole Broadway and old fashion musical dance style that it has. This is part of why I loved Anna and Hans as a couple, before the truth about Hans was revealed, they had a lot of chemistry and it was shown in this song. They had so much in common and had felt pain from their घर life but they meet each other and everything has changed. I do think the whole "sandwiches" line is really dumb and unfunny, but it's a minor thing. Unfortunately, it has the famous making fun of डिज़्नी moment with the whole marrying someone आप just met. I think that was really stupid, especially considering how much I loved these two together. It's such a shame it was all just a lie. But with all that aside, it's still a wonderful song with fantastic voices to match.

Let It Go
Yep, here's the big one! The most लोकप्रिय song in the movie that took the entire world द्वारा storm. People seem to think it's overrated now and I actually still think it's amazing. I'd go so far as to say that it's one of the best डिज़्नी songs EVER. I प्यार how it teaches people that they shouldn't be afraid of what they can be या what other people think. Always be the best that आप can be and never let people bring आप down या let fear control you. The संगीत for it was great, even though it didn't transition very well. Idina's voice is absolutely phenomenal and they couldn't have chosen a better voice to sing this song because it fits her voice perfectly. This song is easily the best part of the movie. I also प्यार Demi Lovato's end credit version of the song. While it's not as good as the original, it has it's own unique style to it and is among one of the best डिज़्नी Channel तारा, स्टार covers of डिज़्नी songs. It's not as amazing as Christina Aguilera's version of Reflection because the संगीत is less poppy, her voice isn't auto-tuned, and Christina has a superior voice. Overall, an amazing song!

Reindeer's Are Better Than People
Why does this movie try to deceive us? First we have a great beginning with फ्रोज़न दिल and then get a cute but inferior song like Do आप Wanna Build A Snowman. Now we got amazing songs like For The First Time In Forever, प्यार Is An Open Door, and especially Let It Go and then we get this. Now it's not a bad song, it's decent, but it's really unnecessary. It doesn't establish much character, create emotion, explain wants या desires, and doesn't even fit the movie. It's really a silly song that is a real waste of Kristoff's vocal talent, which is a shame because he has a great voice. It was too short, wasn't really गाना but just talking in rhyme, and he talks in a ridiculous deep voice. We only learn that Kristoff doesn't like people but we don't know why. Yes, he explains bad things that people do but he never explains what he experienced with people. This song, while nice, it's a complete waste.

In Summer
I really don't know how to feel about this song. I mean, I प्यार Olaf but I feel like this song is just too silly and kind of stupid. Someone tell the guy that his dream is gonna kill him. The lyrics are really too childish, almost like something from a Nick Jr. cartoon. This song is no Be Our Guest या Under The Sea but it's not a bad song. I really feel like we didn't need to know about the snowman's desires when we could have focused on और important things. I just have a lot of mixed feelings about this song.

For The First Time In Forever Reprise
While I think the original was amazing, the reprise is actually even better than the original. I प्यार how Anna and Elsa kind of collide with each other with Anna's optimistic attitude with Elsa's pessimistic attitude. Both of their voices of चोटी, शीर्ष notch and make an impact on the song, especially Elsa's voice. However, I kind of find it odd that they're गाना something that's और suited as a conversation with Anna telling Elsa about how Arendelle is frozen. Plus, I think some lyrics kind of force emotion down the viewers throats, like when Elsa says "There's so much fear," because in film आप can दिखाना the emotion of the scene without having to use words all the time. Even with all of that aside, it's still a great song with dramatic music. However, I do think that Life's Too Short is a better song and should have been in the movie instead of this.

Fixer Upper
A lot of people seem to think of this as the worst song in the movie, I actually don't think so at all. Yes, it does दिखाना how annoying and pushy the trolls are. But I think it does it in an entertaining way. They have some good voices and I प्यार the gospel style of it. Gospel is part of why I प्यार the Hercules soundtrack so much, it's just so catchy and soulful. I do think that this song could have been taken out and replaced with something और important, but it's still a good song and FAR from the worst song in the movie. Although it seems weird that, excluding Demi's version of Let It Go, that this is the last song in the movie.


Here's another highlight of the movie, the एनीमेशन is absolutely gorgeous. The backgrounds are fantastic, the snow has a lot of detail, the characters look realistic, the movements are natural, and the रंग are great. The एनीमेशन is better than Tangled's एनीमेशन (which was great) but not as good as Brave's animation. ब्रेव had एनीमेशन that was incredibly realistic. While some of the characters looked cartoony, the actual एनीमेशन itself was just flawless. I don't think Frozen's snow एनीमेशन is as good as Rise of The Guardians, which has the best computer एनीमेशन EVER, but it's still incredible to look at. Plus the lighting, the shadows, and the detail are just amazing. Some people actually think the एनीमेशन is bad and I fail to see why in the very slightest.

The Comedy
This is unfortunately another really weak point in the story. The humor is really forced and kind of the humor that a 12 साल old would find funny but is actually pretty mediocre. The humor isn't horrible, it can be funny, Olaf and Anna are the only funny characters in the movie that make me laugh, but even they have their bad jokes. Whenever the other characters are trying to be funny it's either mediocre या really bad, especially the Duke of Weselton's ridiculous dance. Tangled's humor was also kind of forced, especially with that short drunk guy, but almost all of the jokes are funny. Brave's humor was pretty funny but it wasn't the strongest either. The Princess and The Frog had great humor that wasn't slapstick and was और natural like आप usually saw in a डिज़्नी movie. Frozen's humor is really forced slapstick that's trying WAY too hard to get a laugh out of people. Sometimes the jokes even make me cringe. But I've seen A LOT worse humor in movies, so this one isn't too bad.

The Climax/The Ending

This is really a mixed bag. I think the climax is pretty boring and I usually lose interest when I get to this part. It's not really all that suspenseful because आप know that Anna is going to get to Kristoff but when she sees Elsa is in trouble that she'll save her sister and won't die. आप can figure out that Anna is the one who saves herself when she gives up her life Elsa because that's her act of true love. I do like that it's Anna who saves herself द्वारा saving her sister instead of someone having to save her, that's pretty unique. However, I think it's really ridiculous how Elsa doesn't thaw Anna and her death didn't motivate her to try to fix what she had done. That would have been some character development for Elsa. But instead she just gets an idea that feeling प्यार will thaw the land. I will admit that it makes sense because प्यार is very warm, so that's not what bugs me about it. The thing is that her realization is kind of last मिनट and it's Anna who fixes Elsa's mistakes. I think if we saw Elsa trying to thaw the land before that scene it would've been a lot better. Also, since when can she make a personal बादल for Olaf? For someone who didn't use her powers very much, she's pretty skilled with them. Hans wasn't that intimidating in the climax and was actually kind of lame.

I will still defend that I think Elsa did learn her lesson and realized her mistakes, despite that she didn't try to fix them. Like with Ariel, I think the true realization of a mistake was the facial expressions and the fact that any idiot would learn from an experience like this. But again, Elsa's development just wasn't done very well because she didn't दिखाना much effort and kept running away.

The ending is really cheesy and lackluster. We see Hans and the Duke of Weselton getting their punishment, Anna gets Kristoff his new sled (does he even need that without any snow), Anna has Elsa give Kristoff and completely made up position, Kristoff asks awkwardly if he can किस Anna (the movie's pitiful attempt of making them look charming as a couple), Anna kisses him, Olaf and Sven have a moment that they shared in the teaser trailer, Elsa invites everyone to ice-skate at the castle, Anna and Elsa say how happy they are, and we zoom-out and fade into black. This ending does nothing really new या engaging. It doesn't try to have the movie end on a really amazing note like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, या Rise of The Guardians did. It's just like chest piece story telling that ends up being bland and childish. It didn't leave an impact on me and was just dull, boring, and like the rest of the movie, rushed.

Concluding Thoughts
So that was my opinion on Frozen. Is it a good movie? Hell no! Is it awful? No. Is there nothing good about it? There actually are good things about it. Olaf and Anna are likable, the relationship between Anna and Elsa is really good (but undeveloped), the एनीमेशन is gorgeous, and the songs are great. However, the लेखन is beyond lazy, the humor is weak, it has several plot holes, the characters have no development and are unmemorable, Kristoff is unnecessary, Hans being the villain comes completely out of no where, some of the songs are just a waste, the romance between Anna and Kristoff is completely rushed with no chemistry, the sister relationship could have been A LOT stronger, Elsa is a plot device with no personality, the characters don't think things through like normal people would, the villains are lame, it misses a lot of opportunities to be better and different द्वारा just doing things that are undeveloped and have been done before, and it's just a complete mess.

It makes me sad that The Princess and The Frog isn't getting as much attention as फ्रोज़न did. The Princess and The Frog did have it's plot holes, but it wasn't rushed (besides Naveen's character development, his and Tiana's romance, and the ending), it didn't have bad jokes, the villain wasn't lame, it wasn't too modern, didn't make fun of Disney, and didn't have as many plot holes. It's prejudice against hand-drawn animated films. The Princess and The Frog is a FAR superior movie to Frozen. टैंगल्ड is also superior to Frozen. ब्रेव has a weak story problems just like Frozen, but it made up for it with charming humor, amazing character development, strong characters, and well-written relationships.

However, while I do dislike Frozen, I still think that it's FAR from being the worst डिज़्नी movie ever made. In fact, I'll सूची some animated डिज़्नी फिल्में that are worse: Mars Needs Moms (nuff said), the Planes movies, the Cars movies, Wall-E (I know I'll get a lot of hate for that), Chicken Little, The Wild, Frankenweenie, घर On The Range, Peter Pan (yeah, I know, a lot of hate), Dinosaur, The क्रिस्मस Carol (the one with Tim Carry), Pooh's Heffalump Movie, Pooh's Heffalump हैलोवीन Movie, The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning, Tarzan 2, The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स and The Hound 2, Winnie The Pooh (the 2011 film), Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, and मूलन 2. Those are only some animated डिज़्नी फिल्में that are worse than this movie. Watch those फिल्में and if आप still think that फ्रोज़न is the worst डिज़्नी movie, I'll know that you're lying because the first few I listed are that horrendous. Now let's all हटाइए on to something else and let the फ्रोज़न fame die like it did for The Lorax!
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A little while ago, I wrote a collaboration with my five साल old sister of our प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess eyes. My other sister, Amelia, who is eleven wanted to do one. We decided each of our प्रिय hairstyles of each princess. I included sequels on my list, Amelia did not. Then, we ranked them. Hope आप enjoy!

Amelia's #11
Jasmine's Ponytail

I really don't enjoy any of Jasmine's hairstyles, but since I have to choose, I picked the the ponytail because it isn't as bad as the others and it looks good with the red outfit.

Annika's #11
Tiana's Bun with Bangs

*sigh* I desperately want her hair down,...
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Here are the results! I didn't include Naveen for obvious reasons. Also, people have to keep in mind that I meant who was a player BEFORE he met his Princess. Thank आप to everyone who participated!

Definition of a player in the Urban Dictionary: A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women द्वारा pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.

9. Flynn Rider
It might have been because of the mask Flynn wore all along. But regardless, it's obvious that he used to try to get what he wanted from women द्वारा using his famous...
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 I need 6 eggs!
I need 6 eggs!
Welcome! Really this लेख should have been up months ago, but I've been a little busy so I'm sorry for that. Better late than never I suppose! In April-May 2013 I did a reverse countdown where people voted for their favourite characters from 'Beauty and the Beast' and here are the results! I'll also include some टिप्पणियाँ from users since this countdown wouldn't have been possible if people didn't vote. Thank आप to all who participated!

(I didn't include the Baker so I hope he doesn't try to kill me in my sleep with a baguette या something)

18. Monsieur D'Arque
 "Oh that is despicable... I प्यार it!"
"Oh that is despicable......
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Times change and डिज़्नी couples too. From couples of 1937 and 1959 we go to couples of 2010 (in Tagled). The couples change, and the perceptions too. From couples, who are most like traditional and perfect-for-families couples to teen and modern couples. Lets analyze the couples to see.

First Snow White and prince Florian: a couple that met for the first time at the begining of the film, they both fell in love, but Snow was shy as all girls in those ages, the prince goes away with the promest of going back one दिन ( he doesn't says it, but we feel it). They both continue their lifes. As in those...
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