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posted by sweetie-94
My first लेख of 2014 (not really since not every part of the world is in 2014 yet, in some parts of the world it's still 2013, but for me it is)

Chapter 3: The Lazy Girl
It was morning in Jamestown, Virginia and Pocahontas woke up द्वारा that her friend Nakoma called her
"Come on, get up", she called
"Give me some और minutes, I hate mornings", Pocahontas replied

Pocahontas had never liked mornings, it meant running around in the forest या canoeing down the river and Pocahontas had never enjoyed either, she just wanted to relax the entire दिन and basically not doing anything, but Nakoma always forced her to get out and see the world outside of her tent and at last Pocahontas followed her

Today they where going to start canoeing down the river, Nakoma wanted to see Pocahontas try canoeing a little bit so she tried to make her do it
"You got me into the canoe, but आप can't make me डोंगी down the river, it's too risky", Pocahontas told her friend
"No, it's fun, come on, what's the worst thing that can happen, आप fall into the river and get wet", Nacoma convinced Pocahontas
"The worst thing that might happen is that आप fall into the river and hit yourself on stones", Pocahontas replied
"That's impossible to happen, now try to डोंगी us down that waterfall over there", Nakoma कहा pointing towards a big waterfall

It of course didn't went well, Pocahontas didn't knew how to stir the डोंगी and so they fell into the water and became wet
"Wasn't that fun, sure आप where doing it all wrong, but at least आप tried to डोंगी down the river", Nakoma asked Pocahontas
"Not really, but if आप thought it was fun I guess I also thought it was a little bit fun", Pocahontas answered

When they reached घर Pocahontas's parents wanted to talk to her:
"Pocahontas, we प्यार आप very much, but there's something we have to tell you, your name is not Pocahontas, it's Irene and you're from a world far away from here", her mother said
"That's of course the reason to why आप think I'm so lazy for not doing anything during the days than just sit inside my tent and do nothing", Pocahontas replied

The अगला morning Pocahontas left her घर to find her real घर where she belonged

End Of Part 3
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