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हे guys! For this लेख I'm going to go through all the DPs in order and say which of their hairstyles is my favorite. Anna and Elsa will be in this list, but unless आप think of the length of a braid as a spoiler there probably won't be spoilers. And this is all original movie, no sequels! With all that said, let's start with the list:

Snow White's Red Bow Hairstyle
Snow White only has two hairstyles, this one and the same hair with a blue bow, but I think the bright red color is a good contrast to her hair, and it brings out the red in her lips.

 Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...
Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...

Cinderella's White Bow Hairstyle
I've never been much of a प्रशंसक of Cindy's fringe, in my opinion it's even worse than Aurora's. But this bow makes the bangs look bearable, and a like the white color with her hair. But really I प्यार all of her hairstyles, with the exception of the ball hairstyle.


Aurora's Black Hairband Hairstyle
I've always thought that if she lived in the modern day, Aurora would be the type of girl who had dozens of headbands and wore a different one everyday. And her headband in the film is my प्रिय of her hairstyles, it looks most comfortable and does a good job drawing attention away from her unfortunate bangs.

 I'm just FABULOUS, aren't I?
I'm just FABULOUS, aren't I?

Ariel's Loose Hair
I'm not really a big प्रशंसक of Ariel's hair in general, but I like it loose a lot better than I like it with decorations. Some shots (like the one below) her hair looks great, and other shots it looks kind of meh.

 No one can say no to a redhead in sailcloth!
No one can say no to a redhead in sailcloth!

Belle's Loose Hair
Belle's hair isn't all that interesting either, but I think it looks nice down, and I don't see the greasiness people always talk about. I also like her blue bow and ballgown hairstyles.

 Someone doesn't think my hair was dipped in grease? REALLY?
Someone doesn't think my hair was dipped in grease? REALLY?

Jasmine's Slave Girl Ponytail
चमेली kind of rocks all her outfits and hair accessories, but I like this ponytail held up द्वारा सोना the best. My सेकंड प्रिय is probably her turquoise braid hairstyle.

 OMG, I'm the only Renaissance girl whose hair आप don't like loose!
OMG, I'm the only Renaissance girl whose hair आप don't like loose!

Pocahontas' Loose Flowing Effing Magnificent Glorious Amazeballs Okay I'll Stop Now Hair
Since I'm not counting sequels, I only have this and a braid to choose from for Poca. But although I do find the braid pretty, it certainly can't beat Pocahontas' hair down and flowing in the wind. The only thing I don't like about her hair is that her hairline is all kinds of messed up, like seriously.

 Can आप paint with all the रंग of my hair? Easily, there's only one color!
Can आप paint with all the रंग of my hair? Easily, there's only one color!

Mulan's Long, Loose Hair
I'm one of the few who don't think that Mulan's hair लॉस्ट it's 'magic' after she cut it off, but I do think her hair looks the prettiest when it's long like this. It looks almost like black ink dribbling from her scalp which, although it brings forth an utterly disturbing mental image, totally works for her. Also, I think her hair is a bit better than Poca's, if only because the latter's hairline looks like a stop sign.

 My ink-dribbling-from-scalp hair is MELTING!
My ink-dribbling-from-scalp hair is MELTING!

Tiana's Unadorned Bun
I honestly think that Tiana has one of the best sets of, if not THE best sets of, outfits of the DPs, so this was a hard one to pick. And although I think it would be nice if we could see her with her hair down, I still प्यार all her hairstyles, this one in particular. I think Tiana looks really good with her hair up in a bun, and this unadorned bun is definitely my प्रिय hairstyle for her, and I especially like the little curls that pop out from her hair.

 Yeah, yeah, Tiana's great and all but damn does Naveen look FINE!
Yeah, yeah, Tiana's great and all but damn does Naveen look FINE!

Rapunzel's Long, Blonde Hair
Rapunzel has only two hairstyles in Tangled, but I like them both. However, this one obviously wins. It's 100 feet long, very nicely animated, makes good rope, AND IT FREAKIN' GLOWS! Need I say more?


Merida's Obvious Choice Hair
If आप prefer the wimple, लुप्त हो जाना over this awesomeness, then आप might want to take an eye test to make sure आप can see amazingness properly! Merida's hair is super awesome, at least in my opinion, from the realistic red color to the nice curly texture, and I hate seeing it cooped up in the wimple.

 Merida: 90% hair, 10% human flesh
Merida: 90% hair, 10% human flesh

Anna's Coronation Bun
I प्यार all of Anna's hairstyles, I even like her bed-head hairstyle! But this one is sooo pretty, with the braid and her cute little fringe. If I had to choose a different one of her hairstyles I'd probably pick the braids with the गुलाबी hat.


Elsa's Side Braid
Elsa only has like two hairstyles, but I प्यार them both! It was kind of hard for me to pick between the two, but in the end I think her braid looks a bit prettier.


Anyway, I hope आप liked my article, I had a pretty good time लेखन it.
 Don't let the frostbite bite!
Don't let the frostbite bite!
In light of the actual “fairy tale trend” in TV and movie, I recently realized how much the डिज़्नी फिल्में have “taken over” the fairy tales they are based on, and how few people actually know the story they are based on. Because of this, I’ll compare the Disney-Version with the स्रोत text, and I’ll recommend a few other adaptations I really like. I’ll only take a look at the fairy tales – meaning I’ll skip Pocahontas and Mulan, since they are not part of my culture. Perhaps someone who grew up with those stories is ready to do a small piece about them?

Considering that...
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posted by hisblueeyes
All the princesses are pretty. No doubt about that. This just a सूची of who I think is REALLY the fairest of them all.

 Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?
Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?

10.Snow White
Honestly, I don't see how the beautiful क्वीन is jealous of her. I don't even see how she's prettier than the queen. Sure, she's cute, but not beautiful या anything. Her nose is much too pudgy and her eyes sometimes look a bit odd, like too squinty. She's got nice hair, but I think it's a bit too short. Also, unlike other princesses, she's barely hit puberty yet. That doesn't help her image.


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This लेख was written collectively by: Cromulanfav, DreamyGal, & Princesslullaby

To explain: This one is the toughest to write, द्वारा far. First of all, Pocahontas wouldn't care about the princesses, certainly not enough to make a list, and she wouldn’t be judgmental of any of them; she'd like them all and would probably be against making a list. Pocahontas really would be neutral to all of them. So it's not in her nature to make a list. But, it's just who we think she'd प्यार the most, if she would. We believe at least to Pocahontas, the most important things are a princess following...
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हे फैन्पॉप fans!
This is my third article, and it is about who is प्रिय डिज़्नी Prince in the डिज़्नी Princess club. I am sorry if I have errors in grammar. English was my सेकंड language, so I don't very good. I hope that आप enjoy it and thank आप for the people who help me with the picks!

10. Prince Charming
 Prince Charming
Prince Charming

Prince Charming, the सेकंड prince who married सिंडरेला is in the last place.Fans say that he is so boring, that we don't know him a lot. People see him as lazy, because he didn't look for Cinderella, so he send servants. In my opinion, I प्यार him, so kind, handsome....
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Here's the third लेख for the Best डिज़्नी Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 21 to 30. Enjoy!

Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess outfit countdown: places 41-55 लेख link
Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess outfit countdown: places 31-40 लेख link

30. सिंडरेला - first childhood dress

This dress is somewhat cute, but is definitely not Cinderella's best outfit. The color is nice, but the स्कर्ट is too puffy and big. Also the sleeves are a bit weird.

It's so...I dunno. I don't really like it. I know it is for a little girl, but still. - ppgbelle4

It's really childish and the skirt...
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posted by pollydbookworm
Aside from the pre-existing princess songs from the films, there have been original songs produced for the डिज़्नी Princess franchise. All of the songs are sung द्वारा the princesses, with the exception of "Where Dreams Begin", which is sung from the perspective of the eight princesses, (before Tiana came) but not द्वारा the princesses themselves, and is merely credited as being sung द्वारा "Disney Princess".

"Where Dreams Begin"
"The Way To Bake (A Delicious Cake)" (sung द्वारा Snow White)
"Someday My Prince Will Come" (sung द्वारा Snow White)
"A होल्ली, होली Jolly क्रिस्मस Snow" (sung द्वारा Snow White, Grumpy, Bashful and...
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Snow White, originally voiced द्वारा Adriana Caselotti, is the first डिज़्नी Princess and made her debut in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).
Cinderella, originally voiced द्वारा Ilene Woods, is the सेकंड डिज़्नी Princess and made her first appearance in सिंडरेला (1950).
Aurora, originally voiced द्वारा Mary Costa, is the third डिज़्नी Princess, and first appeared in Sleeping Beauty (1959).
Ariel, voiced द्वारा Jodi Benson, is the fourth डिज़्नी Princess and first appeared in The Little Mermaid (1989).
Belle, voiced द्वारा Paige O'Hara, is the fifth डिज़्नी Princess and first appeared in Beauty...
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posted by Swanpride
Well, what were our ब्रेव heroines and हीरोस without their friends? They would be forced to provide the comic relief themselves. Not that some of them wouldn’t be able to step up to the challenge (*cough* Flynn* cough*), but as a general rule, it’s the sidekicks who provide the laughter.
Pocahontas is not listed in this category. I considered adding “Percy’s bath”, but since the score is very short, it wouldn’t have been fair.

9. Princess and the Frog: I have my problems with most of the songs of this movie, but “Gonna take आप there” might be the worst of all of them....
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There has been some confusion on what it takes to be a princess. Many people are saying that मूलन shouldn't be an official princess, because she's just ordinary and even though Shang has some nice abbs, he is not a prince.
So I decided to write this लेख to tell आप the exact requirements for a Disney heroine to become a Princess. I'm not that लोकप्रिय on here and it's not really my place to tell people whats what, but I'm going to do it anyway. If आप disagree, disagree nicely.

Requirement #1:You must be human
This one is pretty obvious. Take Nala for example;she is a princess. She married...
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Well, without further ado, directly into the article. If आप don't know what this is about, please read my पूर्व Soundcheck article.

10. Sleeping Beauty: No long explanation needed, “I wonder” is simply too short to leave much of an impact. It’s a wonderful tune, but with a very basic text on it. Nevertheless, I seriously considered putting it slightly higher, because it fits Aurora's dreamy personality perfectly.

Fanpop says: Basically, boring. Also “It would have been better if it lasted a little bit longer, but it goes द्वारा really fast.” (founten). The voting for this category...
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This सूची was collectively made by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Princesslullaby, & PpgBelle4

Pocahontas isn't gentle, classy, girly, या romantic. सिंडरेला prefers a sophisticated, calm princess, and Pocahontas leaps off of cliffs and climbs trees. She's not refined या subtle in her personality. सिंडरेला would appreciate her strength but other than that view her as too wild. She wouldn't understand Pocahontas at all.

There's no reason why she would प्यार Ariel; she would probably feel neutral about her. Again like Pocahontas, she would find her too reckless and...
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Twenty years later the Walt डिज़्नी एनीमेशन studios were in a crisis. डिज़्नी had already died and now the “nine old man” had stepped aside for a new generation of animators. The first years proofed a little bit wonky. "The Black Cauldron" bombed, both at the box office and द्वारा the critiques. The modest success of "The Great माउस Detective" thankfully convinced the executives to green-light new projects. "Oliver and Company" was again a moderate success at the box-office, but is considered as one of the weaker फिल्में of Disney. To add insult to injury, Don Bluth, a former डिज़्नी animator,...
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HELOOOO. I am at it again, but with our very own Aurora! sorry I could not do this sooner, but my computer is a total wreck. doing this out of boredom. As usual. I hope आप enjoy this article. =)

The Brothers Grimm: Starring Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, and Monica Bellucci! See, the story is sort of a mix of different fairytales आप found on your shelf when आप were six... But a few Characters in PARTICULAR sort of fit our little Beauty. Actually, there are twelve of them. Thats right, TWELVE.
an evil क्वीन experimented with black magic to keep...
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One day, the Prince gave Snow White a beautiful diary. “If I write all my special memories inside,” Snow White said, “I shall never ever forget them.” When Snow White began her first entry in the diary, she wasn’t sure what to write, “Snow White deserve an extra special दिन to write about” the Prince decided. So,the Prince invited Snow White on a romantic नाव trip across palace lake. When the नाव ride was over, Snow White could not wait to write about it in her new diary. “I spent a wonderful दिन on the lake with my prince,” she wrote. The अगला morning the dwarfs arrived...
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10.Princess Tiana
Rank Last Round: 9
Not too big of a drop since last round, and honestly not too much of a shock. Tiana's rankings seem to stay on an even plane whenever I do these countdowns, I don't think she's even made is past rank #8. The fact is, दिया the younger demographic on the site, Tiana is hard to relate her and I find her a bit one-note and dry.

High Ranking (1-3):
random_camo (2)
boolander25 (3)

Middle Ranking (4-7):
pretty_angel92 (5)
PrincessSnow (5)
tiffany88 (6)
mergirl13 (6)
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Hello my dear fanpoppers here is my Getting to know Article!

Country of Origin: Greece!!!

Favorite डिज़्नी Movie: actually i have a lot faves but if i have to choose it would be "The Little Mermaid"

Hobbies: Drawing for sure i draw for as long i remember myself लोल also watch movies, fanpoping and hang out with my friends!

Education: High School

Music I like: Hmmm I use to really like Miley Cyrus also i like डिज़्नी Songs, Celine Dion and some greek singers that आप probably don't know they even exist!

Movies (besides डिज़्नी movies) that I like: Titanic, Don Bluth animated movies...
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 Which One will be my Prettiest?
Which One will be my Prettiest?
Ok so as आप can see i also try to make a सूची about my Prettiest डिज़्नी Princesses and it was so hard, why डिज़्नी have to make all of their Princesses so gorgeous? Anyway i warned आप that if आप go to read it आप will find a lot grammatic errors because english is not my native language so feel free to correct me!

10 Rapunzel

Ok don't get me wrong I think that she is pretty but she has some really akward features like Huge bug eyes, big head and wierd teeth! I also really like her hair Oh her hair it's so pretty, her best feature imo too bad Flynn cut all of her hair and turned them into...
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posted by faya27
Melody shut her eyes tight as she held her ball in her face, preparing for the car to crash into her. But the car's aim never came. Melody felt herself being swept off her feet द्वारा a pair of slender and soft arms. Somebody saved her! When she was gently dropped onto the sidewalk on her feet, her eyes opened. Melody found herself face to face with a young woman who bended her knees to meet Melody's level. She is a petite woman with long red hair and baby blue eyes. The young woman was also, wearing a purple tank चोटी, शीर्ष and a green स्कर्ट with matching shoes.

"Are आप okay, honey?" the young woman...
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posted by Candy77019
 "It is time to strike back!"
"It is time to strike back!"
"Evy, I have a bad feeling about this..."
"Don't be such a baby, Jason!"
I pushed a पेड़ branch out of my way, and I could finally see it.
"This is it!" I said, pulling Jason beside me. "This is the meeting place of the last of English monarchs!"
Standing before us, was a ramshackle cottage with shattered windows covered in mold, with weeds surrounding every inch of it.
"This is where English monarchs hold their secret meetings?" Jason asked.
"Well, back then, their meetings weren't very confidential, so they had to hold them in a discreet place." I took a step over a mossy log and walked toward...
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Here's part two of link.

As of August 22, 2011, these are the results:

1. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Daniel Henney and Zhang Zi Yi

2. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Naya Rivera and Alexander Skarsgard

3. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Zachary Levi and AnnaSophia Robb

4. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Chris Pine and Amanda Seyfried

5. link and link
The प्रशंसकों picked: Leighton Meester and Logan Lerman

So these are the actors and अभिनेत्रियों chosen द्वारा the majority of the फैन्पॉप users as to portray each डिज़्नी character. What are your comments/reactions on these results?

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