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 Enjoy this लेख या stare at my eyes forever, mwahhahahaha
Enjoy this article or stare at my eyes forever, mwahhahahaha
It's been almost two months since I joined this club and wrote my first article, based on my सूची of प्रिय डिज़्नी Princesses and boy has my सूची changed. First, this is my opinion's and I know they're not that popular, but try to respect them, and two, I प्यार all the princesses, so even number 11 has a special place in my heart. Anyway let's get started.

11. Merida

Sigh, I honestly don't want to put Merida here, because I प्यार her so much. Sadly, I just can't put her any higher. I actually really like her spunky personality and her प्यार for her family. I find her relationship with her dad BEYOND cute, and her relationship with her mom really touching. Yes, she makes mistakes, but I don't think they should define her. I'm sure after I get और used to her being a part of the line up she'll slowly हटाइए up on this list.

10. Cinderella

GASP! I was actually considering for Cindy to be in last, but then I just looked at the banner and saw her looking so magical and I couldn't dare do it! Now, Cindy actually has a lot of spunk! I was actually surprised when I watched the movie how much aggression she actually had. I find it great that Cindy is so realistic and flawed, yet I think that's what put's her here. When I watch a DP movie, I want to see a princess in La la land where everything goes right, I don't want to see a realistic princess, if that makes sense... I just can't really connect to Cindy for some reason, and it really pains me to put her here!

9. Ariel

This, this is where it starts to get really hard. From here on out I प्यार all the princesses to the moon and back. Ariel, I feel is one of those princesses I just have to defend. Yes, she's not my favorite, but I always feel bad when princesses get bashed, and I feel Ariel gets bashed a lot. I feel her couple of mistakes define her, which isn't the case. I प्यार her personality. I प्यार hows she's always so bubbly and charismatic, and how's she's dreamy and curious. It's so fun watching her, but at the same thing, something doesn't work with her. I don't know, I just feel it doesn't all mesh, I feel she needs a serious side to back it up या something!

8. Snow

BUT SNOW! It pains me to put Snow here, she's such a dear!!!!! She's so sweet and kind, and bossy? Okay, where'd that come from? I find it kind of annoying how, one, she's so positive about EVERYTHING. I mean, I don't like how she hides up her feelings द्वारा गाना a song and अभिनय like everything's okay (remember, my opinions), and two, I don't really like how she comes into the dwarfs house and bosses them around. Then again, I look at her face and listen to her cute voice and I can forgive her, so it's all good.

7. Jasmine

But Jasmine's a brat! She's so ungrateful! I'm soooo sick of hearing that, I don't even think she's a brat. She stands up for herself and speaks her mind, which I can respect because I have a hard time doing that...I प्यार her sass! I mean, if she was the main character, instead of Aladdin, I can see myself loving her even more, because we'd get to see even और of her! I feel she falls in the same नाव as Ariel, they get defined द्वारा there mistakes. It's really sad....

6. Belle

I thought I'd never see the दिन where Belle left my चोटी, शीर्ष 5, but it has happened. I'm slowly starting to lose interest in Belle, I mean her only flaw is that she likes to read, making her seem like she's better then everyone else? I feel if आप have to look that deep to find a flaw, you're too perfect. And lately, Belle has just sort of been not that interesting, I mean trust me I'm still in प्यार with her. Her relationship with the beast (while superficial, but don't get me started on that....) is really sweet and admirable. Also, I प्यार how she takes care of her Papa, it just shows how much of a down to earth person she is. I also like her sarcastic and almost snobby attitude, it's entertaining. All together, Belle's a lovely lady, but not my favorite.

5. Tiana

I was really torn between this and number 4, but I'm crazy about TIANAA!!!! I never thought I'd see the दिन where she'd be in my चोटी, शीर्ष 5, but it's here. Tiana is such a dear!!!!!! I प्यार her determination, her sass, her relationship with Char and her mom and her dad, her sass, her down to earthness?, her sass, her dreaminess, her sass. As आप can tell, I प्यार sass. And I प्यार Tiana! Ugh, I can't even put it into words, the only problem is she just needs to learn to let loose and have some fun!!! If she could do that और often, she'd definitely be चोटी, शीर्ष 3 material!

4. Pocahontas

Poca is a breath of fresh air for me. I प्यार her I don't care attitude, and how she's so wild, but serious also. She has so much wisdom, yet makes mistakes and isn't a know it all. I प्यार her relationship with Nikoma, they really compliment each other. I प्यार her connection to nature and how she's so spirited. I just प्यार her! I hate how people say she looses her personality in the सेकंड half of the movie. She was just going through a lot, and had a lot on her mind, and just because she wasn't jumping off waterfalls, doesn't mean she looses her personality. She's so much deeper than that.

3. Mulan

I used to not like मूलन very much.....as in she was number 9, but woah now she's in the चोटी, शीर्ष 3! I've come to appreciate मूलन so much और and realize how similar we both are to each other. We're both awkward, we both struggle to speak our mind, we both try so hard to please the people around us, we both don't exactly fit in. I feel she's so much और than a "tomboy" या "the ब्रेव one", while she is selfless in brave, I feel that isn't all she is, and she should really be दिया a सेकंड look.

2. Rapunzel

THIS IS WHERE I'M OBSESSED. I प्यार Rapunzel with a burning passion, honestly GAHHHH. I can't even put it into words. She's the princess that does the most character transformation. She went from being a crazy, rambunctious, kind, little girl, to a strong independent woman. I प्यार her attitude, "Did I stutter mother, या should I even call आप that" BEST LINE EVERRRRRRRRR. Honestly, she's so kind, and I प्यार her and yeah. When I प्यार something a lot, it's hard for me to put it into words, but yeah. *Awkwardly moves on to number one*

1. Aurora

Awww Aurora! Not her! Okay, guys, as I've कहा above, I प्यार the underdog, and there's no bigger underdog than Aurora. I प्यार her subdued and layered personality. I प्यार how there's और than meets the eye. I प्यार how she's so kind, yet awkward, and I प्यार how she's so dreamy. I प्यार how she's फ्रेंड्स with all the animals, and is so comfortable around them. I just प्यार her, she's a breath of fresh air for me.

So that's my list. Like it या not, these are my प्रिय princesses and they're here to stay....I think....oh gosh *begins सेकंड guessing everything* I'm just gonna प्रस्तुत करे this! Thanks for पढ़ना my rant guys. *Internet kisses*
 Yeah....random picture......k
Yeah....random picture......k
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Ariel is a fun girl who goes for her dream. She has been my fave from age nine. Though age 3-5 was Cinderella, Ariel just reminds me of, well... me! She has red hair, my hair is almost red, (more of Anastasia's hair from the ऐनस्टेशिया लोमड़ी, फॉक्स film) so me and Ariel are almost the same. I would प्यार प्यार प्यार to be her if they were going to make a remake. She has a great way of getting her man without a voice. When she fell her caught her and offered her to stay. She could even get her father to understand. Her floppy bangs are so ADORABLE. She is known to be the only डिज़्नी princess (in...
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Sleeping Beauty is tied with सिंडरेला for my सेकंड favourite princess movie (Snow White is first). Here is the personality of Aurora as how I see it when I watch Sleeping Beauty; mostly chronological.

1. Playful
2. Tender
3. Wondering
4. Fair
5. Rebellious




Contently doing chores, singing/humming to herself, Aurora smiles as she overhears her aunts:

Yes, but how are we going to get her out of the house?
Oh, I’ll think of something.

Knowing that it’s her birthday, she puts them on the spot द्वारा playfully asking “Well,...
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A small रे of sunlight shown through the peachy drapes as Cinderella's eyes fluttered open. She yawned and stretched, realizing that while living with her stepfamily, she had never seen a और beautiful sunrise.
Beside her, her beloved prince dreamed happily. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" she कहा quietly. "Look at the beautiful sunrise!"
Charming opened his eyes and smiled. "Your eyes are और goregous than any sunrise in the world." He kissed her gently.
Cinderella's head spun as Charming got dressed. "Where are आप going?" she asked.
"I have to go to this business meeting Dad planned. I'll be...
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I made this same सूची nine months ago, and thought it was about time to update it! Anyways, I find all of the princesses beautiful, so just because one of your prettiest is low, I still find her extremely beautiful. Well, let's get started!

13. Merida
Previously: n/a

I really don't want to have to put Merida here, but someone had to go here! I absolutely प्यार her hair; the color is so warm and rich, and I also प्यार her piercing blue eyes, but sadly I just can't put her any higher. If her head was just stretched out a little और I'm sure I'd be able to put her higher, but for now, she's last....
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