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I held a countdown if who would Snow White liked the most, and to e honest, the results were not suprising at all. Here are the results and what people had to say. This countdown was held before Merida was official, so she is not on here.

9. चमेली

This was definitely the most obvious choice for Snow White's least favourite princess. They are opposite in almost every single way; Snow is innocent, चमेली is not. Snow is calm and reserved, while चमेली is loud and aggressive. Snow White would not like या understand Jasmine's harsh and flirty behaviour, while चमेली would be annoyed द्वारा and not understand Snow White's optomism, creepily positive behaviour, and her beliefs. Bottom line, they would not understand one another.

- AudreyFreak, आप have a better read of मूलन than many of her प्रशंसकों do.
She wouldn't agree with Jasmine's actions nor would she really understand them (as in why चमेली would act like that.) they are pretty opposite, and not in a good way for friendships. (Rhythmicmagic)
- She wouldn't appreciate the way चमेली dresses and communicates with some of the other characters in her movie. Snow White is humble and quiet, unlike Jasmine. (BelleAnastasia)
- चमेली is the exact opposite of Snow White both in looks and personality. (GreatLance_30)

8. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was eliminated द्वारा a majority of the votes. People did say that thy would get along from their प्यार of जानवर and nature, but that's it. It is not that they would dislike one another, but it is that they do not have much in common with one another. Pocahontas is indecisive, adventurous, and very active, while Snow White easily makes decisions, is not curious about what is unfamiliar, traditional, and very passive. Not much to talk about when it comes to these two.

टिप्पणी दे
- She wouldn't 'hate' her because I could see them communicating with their 'foreign' जानवर and speaking of what they are like back home. But I do agree with everyone above. (LatinoLollipops)
- I don't think any of them would like each other's personalities, if आप know what I mean. (MissAngelPaws)
- Pocahontas, Belle, and मूलन are in a deadlock here. They are all और reserved, which I don't think snow White would really like. Belle and मूलन both didn't fit the feminine role of their societies, and Belle didn't try very hard, and आप could tell Mulan's दिल wasn't in it. Pocahontas just did her own thing, which wasn't really looked down upon या encouraged, but, again, I don't think Snow White would really get much. I picked Pocahontas because I don't think Snow White would really like how, when things got tough, she sort of gave up and was depressed about it, she wouldn't understand why she didn't go with John (at least when मूलन left for home, Shang hadn't made a strong show- I think Snow would understand waiting for a better romantic gesture than that,) and Pocahontas does some things I think Snow White would find irresponsible. (Rhythmicmagic)

7. Ariel

What people कहा about Snow White-Jasmine is generally what was कहा about Snow White-Ariel; Ariel is reckless, active, adventurous, careless, etc. while Snow White is passive, old-fashioned, cares about everything, and is not adventurous at all. But what people did say about these two is that they generally have the same idea about love, and how they are BIG hopeless romantics, and would get along through talking about प्यार and such. Otherwise, nothing in common.

- Agreed with all the Ariel vs. Snow टिप्पणियाँ दिया that I don't see the two ever getting along: Ariel is too ambiguous, dashing, reckless, daring and rebellious whereas Snow is old fashioned, calculative and has an overly idealized perception of the world hence the thought of a rebellion doesn't even occur her mind prior to the Evil क्वीन literally attempting on her life. Their outlooks and attitudes wouldn't click well. (maryksand)
- Snow would like how dreamy Ariel is, but she wouldn't like her additude and actions. Ariel would think Snow is too old-fashioned. (MissAngelPaws)
- She would like Ariel's personality, parts of it, but find most of her actions and attitude horrible. She wouldn't dislike Mulan, just not get her या relate to her much. (AudreyFreak)

6. मूलन

मूलन was always close to getting eliminated in the पूर्व rounds. Like the others, it is not that Snow White would dislike मूलन and vice versa, but that they do not have anything in common. मूलन is not the typical girl in her society and Snow White is. Snow White is passive and मूलन is active. Neither would really understand या like the other's choices, and they would not connect much या at all.

- They just wouldn't connect very well. (AllegeoGiocoso)
- I don't see them as great friends. They don't have much in common. (Popcornfan)
- She wouldn't like her personality and decisions. But this doesn't mean that Mulan's personality sucks, it's just that Snow White may relate to the other princesses than Mulan. (GreatLance_30)

5. Tiana

This round was close between Tiana and Belle, but Tiana got a few extra votes. People कहा that Tiana and Snow White would get along pretty well, but not as well as the other four. Both Snow White and Tiana have a प्यार for the culinary arts, both are respectful, and neither are curious या adventurous. What I assume the reason Tiana got te boot instead of the other 4 is because Tiana is very serious and a bit difficult while Snow White is very easy going. Snow White is very passive, while Tiana is very proactive. Everyone thought Snow White would get along with the other 4 better.

- Either Tiana या Belle. I think Snow White would like the most Aurora and Rapunzel. (BelleAnastasia)
- I think Snow will really like everyone left. I think these two would connect over cooking but I see Snow White getting along with the other four better. My अगला choice would be Belle. (AllegroGiocoso)
- I think she would like the others more, that's all. (Popcornfan)

4. Belle

A good amount of Fanpoppers voted out Belle because like Tiana, Belle is a bit too serious. What Snow White and Belle have in common is that both like being indoors, are prim and proper, have class, and are respectful girls. Why they would not get along as well as the others is because Belle is adventurous and likes to read, while Snow White is not adventurous and old-fashioned. Belle does not agree with the societal देखा गया that her community has and does not care what others think, while Snow White is a people pleaser and wants everybody to like her.

- She's not traditionally feminine like her town wants her to be, and doesn't really care. Snow White wouldn't understand why she doesn't care about what they think because she's people pleaser. She also wouldn't understand why Belle so wants to have adventure and be a part of another life when Snow White is so focused on making the best of the situation. (Rhythmicmagic)
- Like what everyone else is saying about her and Belle and her and Tiana (princecatcher93)
- ^Her town doesnt want her to be feminine, they just टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on how it's strange that she loves पढ़ना so much. she definitely is traditionally feminine though: soft spoken, prim and proper, polite, not outdoorsy at ALL. I'm not saying आप cant think that of course, I just wanted to point that out. I agree about the adventure thing though, obviously, that's why I picked it. Plus Snow might find Belle a bit too serious. (AudreyFreak)

3. सिंडरेला

Everybody knew that these three would make it to the चोटी, शीर्ष three. सिंडरेला and Snow White definitely have a lot in common; neither are adventurous या curious, both are old-fashioned, classy, refined, likes cooking, loves animals, and loves to dance. What people कहा is that Snow White would get along with the other two better because they are upbeat, and सिंडरेला is also a bit too serious. Another thing is that सिंडरेला let's things upset her, while Snow White never let's anything get to her and is always positive. Some say that सिंडरेला has a bit of an aggressive side to her.

- I feel like सिंडरेला has an almost aggressive attitude, while both Aurora and Rapunzel are और happy go lucky. (dclairmont)
- I agree with rhythmicmagic also. Snow White would प्यार Cinderella, but she'd prefer Rapunzel and Aurora's personalities. (Mongoose09)
- सिंडरेला is और mature than Snow White, and I think Snow White could think she was a downer at times. Snow White never lets anything get to her. Cinderella, on the other hand, is undoubtedly resentful about her treatment at the Tremaines. Snow White would prefer the spunkier, और upbeat princesses of Aurora and Rapunzel. (Rhythmicmagic)

2. Rapunzel

It does make sense why Rapunzel made it this high. She is optimistic, respectful, a people pleaser, loves animals, likes to dance, cook, and clean. Rapunzel is romantic as well, but not as romantic as Snow White is. They are both almost constantly happy, and to some people, are both too perfect. I guess why she did not beat out #1 because Rapunzel is और modern, and Snow White is old-fashioned. Also, Rapunzel is vey active and curious, while Snow White is passive and not curious.

- I'm sure she'd प्यार them both so much, I just feel like Snow would प्यार how Aurora is so friendly and how she's always with the जानवर and how she's so dreamy and romantic. (dclairmont)

1. Aurora

Is this really surprising to any of आप readers? Aurora and Snow White have so much (almost everything) in common. Both are old-fashioned, extremely hopeless romantic, graceful, classy, loves wandering in the forest with the animals, loves to dance, believes in their prince carrying them to their happily every after. They would get along about everything. Another thing is that they can both be a bit silly, and knows how to have fun. The only real difference between them is that Aurora is और flirty than Snow White. They would like how the other carries themselves, and shares the same morals and beliefs. They would be the best of friends.

- i think she would like सिंडरेला और then rapunzel but... aurora, she would find और graceful and sophisticated.
i agree w/ some of आप though, she would obviously प्यार both!! (girlygirlspwn)

9. Jasmine
8. Pocahontas
7. Ariel
6. Mulan
5. Tiana
4. Belle
3. सिंडरेला
2. Rapunzel
1. Aurora

Thank everybody who participated in this countdown and read this article. टिप्पणी दे about who आप think Snow White would get along/not get along with, and your opinions on Snow White's देखा गया on other princesses.
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