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Hi everybody! My past लेखाए are only lists and informations about the princesses, now आप will know my opinions about them.

10. Snow White
I really find her so boring. For me, she is not as pretty as the others and her voice sucks. But, the good thing that I like about her is her simplicity and kindness.

9. Aurora
Aurora is a very beautiful princess. But, her personality is really poor. In terms of voice, she is one of my favorites. The only reason that she is higher than Snow White is because of her relationship to Philip.

8. Ariel
Now here is the big deal, in my former सूची she is my number one, now she is in my bottom three. I realized that she is really selfish (no offense)! She thinks that she is always right. But, inspite of that, I think that she has the दिल and the face of a डिज़्नी Princess.

7. Cinderella
I think सिंडरेला is just balanced in the way that her beauty, personality, characteristics, etc. are just equal. That is just my opinion for her.

6. Tiana
Tiana is really pretty, but she is no fun! I do not consider her dream as an exception. She is number six because I really like her determination and her dimples!

5. Belle
Belle is really beautiful but she is boring. She is my number five because even if she is a little boring, she is really a woman of good traits. That is all I can say for her.

4. Pocahontas
She is a native beauty! Her voice really is beautiful. I do find her so mature and so kindhearted. Pocahontas is over-all an excellent princess.

3. Jasmine
चमेली is also really pretty! She is so fun and kind. Her humbleness for me is her best characteristic! That is all!

2. Mulan
The bravest of them all! She sacrificed her life to honor her family! She is also very pretty! मूलन is a very good डिज़्नी Princess!

1. Rapunzel
Her पूर्व rank is so low, now she is my चोटी, शीर्ष 1! For me she is the prettiest of them all, her eyes for me are very tantalizing! Like Jasmine, I find her so fun and kindhearted! She is the BEST डिज़्नी Princess!
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Source: http://frozenfanatics.deviantart.com/gallery/51290159/Elsa?set=51290159
This is the song "Forget About Love" from the सेकंड movie of "Aladdin". Enjoy! :)
Source: http://storybrooke.tumblr.com/
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 Diazdiaz95's wonderful icon, made द्वारा Euny. ^^
Diazdiaz95's wonderful icon, made by Euny. ^^
Diazdiaz95 won प्रशंसक of the महीना for October: 2014, and I got the pleasure to interview him. So, Let's start the interview then.

1. Were आप expecting to win FOTM for October?

Not really. I mean, I came in सेकंड place in September so I guess I was expecting to do well in this month's मतदान but I was still surprised that I won and that I got so many वोट्स and comments, I really appreciated them. I am happy that I won although I don't believe that I've done enough to deserve this शीर्षक and it is a little awkward for me to win since I am running FotM. I'm happy that I won in one of my प्रिय months,...
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I usually try not to do songs that already have a lot of वीडियो for them, but I had this stuck in my head for weeks. Sweet but sad too - enjoy!
Clip from "The Little Mermaid" (1989)
द लिट्ल मर्मेड
princess ariel
फ़्लॉन्डर, अशुद्धि
king triton
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 I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
1.    Penny
She is adorable and overrated! This poor orphaned little girl did not give up, even though she was kidnapped and forced to go down a scary black hole! She was kind to the mice, and had faith that they would help her! She was kind to Rufus, and instead of keeping the diamond for herself, she gave it to a museum! I would adopt her!
2.    Wendy
Another adorable girl, who was brave! She was sweet to Tinkerbelle and the लॉस्ट boys, even though they tried to kill her!
3.    Little Elsa
Sweet and playful, and she was smart to know to call her parents when Ana was hurt!
4.    Little Tiana
Good daughter and good friend!
5.    Alice
Smart and imaginative! Sweet too!
Oh and I'm not new... this was just my first list... I was at Hiatuslandia!

So I dedcided to not rush this time and get straight to the point since the whole entire town got rouge on me... I remember it like it was yesterday.

"Put और words! आप have horrible reasons!" says बिना सोचे समझे female फैन्पॉप member.

"Never!" says the beautiful me... I sweep kick which drops the female popper on the ground.

"We'll kill the frog..."

So I was forced to make it और descriptive.

13. Belle

Belle is just too average and plain for me, I know tons of girls who like to read कल्पना पुस्तकें like Harry Potter and such. She's...
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I've noticed I haven't made an लेख in a while so I decided to do an लेख on my updated princess सूची cause my सूची has changed after re-watching the movies! oyee and this सूची includes Anna and Elsa

13.Merida:I honestly feel guilty putting her last, its not like I don't admire her I do in fact I <3 her movie but then again I don't relate to her character as much and Merida's not my type but I have to admit she's drop dead gorgeous!!!! link

12.Snow White: Snow White is the princess who started it all, I absolutely प्यार her and I'm having a hard time choosing my placements. I just feel...
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