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There has been some confusion on what it takes to be a princess. Many people are saying that मूलन shouldn't be an official princess, because she's just ordinary and even though Shang has some nice abbs, he is not a prince.
So I decided to write this लेख to tell आप the exact requirements for a Disney heroine to become a Princess. I'm not that लोकप्रिय on here and it's not really my place to tell people whats what, but I'm going to do it anyway. If आप disagree, disagree nicely.

Requirement #1:You must be human
This one is pretty obvious. Take Nala for example;she is a princess. She married Simba, a king. But she's a lion. & how stupid would a lion look, standing अगला to a smiling Snow White? Yeah. That's what I thought. This also explains why टिंकर बेल isn't flapping her wings on the banner.
 Sorry Tink. Thanks for taking it well, Nala.
Sorry Tink. Thanks for taking it well, Nala.

Requirement #2:Your film must be a musical
No, आप don't have to sing every five seconds, but you've got to have some songs! This is why Kida is not a Princess, and why मूलन was put in the lineup. Every Princess film has at least one song.
 I know, shocking, isn't it?
I know, shocking, isn't it?

Requirement #3:You have to sing in your film
Woah there Jane. Did आप think just because आप have some amazing songs in Tarzan आप would be added up? Don't think so. आप also have to sing. Not a complete solo, remember, Belle and चमेली don't have one(unless आप can count Belle reprise as a solo). आप just have to sing. So this explains Jane, and probably other heroines and I can't remember right now.
 Just because I don't sing? Yes, just because Jane.
Just because I don't sing? Yes, just because Jane.

Requirement #4:You have to be good all through the movie
No princess ever started out "bad" then turned "good". This is why Meg from Hercules wasn't added. She was helping Hades in the beginning, so technically, she could be considered a villain. This isn't, obviously, a good role model and Princesses are supposed to be, so she wasn't put अगला to the princesses. I still प्यार her though. I'd like to give credit to Swanpride for giving me this idea.
 Wow, okay, I guess Meg doesn't give a ____. आप go Meg.
Wow, okay, I guess Meg doesn't give a ____. आप go Meg.

Requirement #5:You're old enough to किस someone
I didn't know how exactly to word this. I think Pocahontas is in like her twenty's, and Snow White is thirteen, so I couldn't say आप have to be a teenager. आप just have to be old enough for your प्यार to be believable. This is why Wendy from Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland are not added to the lineup.
 Wendy, I know right? Crazy. No need to be so mad, Alice.
Wendy, I know right? Crazy. No need to be so mad, Alice.

Do आप think these are pretty good requirements? If आप have another आप think is really important, please comment, I will add it if I feel like I missed it and it's a good one. Thanks for reading!
posted by THEDisneyFreak
आप are beautiful because......
आप make the sun shine brighten

आप are beautiful because
आप make people jealous and tighten (Their fists)

आप are beautiful because......
I'm doing this for आप with really bad rhymes

Your beauty pays off ten dimes....?

आप are beautiful because....
Alrighty, let's skip over this part, आप get it already. This is sooo cheesy.

आप are beautiful because......
I कहा SO

Thank आप beautiful people! *Get's booed*
No, seriously, प्यार आप guys ;)
posted by PrincessVT
The princesses were painting one nail which was Rapunzel's idea. She कहा it would be a good bonding idea.

Elsa was painting Merida's nail orange. "Meh... me ladies in waitin'n done better," Merida said

"Hi Cleo!" Everybody smiled and ran up to her. "Cleo meet, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocohantas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and last but not least Elsa," Sofia कहा pretty proud of her knowledge of their names.

"Hi!" Cleo said. "Is that a fish?" Ariel कहा looking at Bubble who was in Sofia's hand. "Yes and आप are..." Bubble कहा but due to the water they couldn't...
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This is chapter one of my new प्रशंसक fiction, The Neverending Sadness inside. It's a duel perspective story, so when आप see * * *, it means the perspective has changed from one character to another. Thank आप so much for checking this out, and I hope आप all enjoy!! (Warning, this will be prettyyyy depressing..) :)

It's been thirty days since I got the news. An entire महीना since I got the news that would change my life, well it should've at least. Nothing has changed though. I'm still stuck in this rut that I've been in all my life.

I slowly put on my gloves and sigh. Anna's right outside the...
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Hey, so i FINALLY finished this article, i was gonna put in the डिज़्नी Prince spot, then i though .. what the hell .. they are part of the DP movies, anyways, here's the ranking of the best डिज़्नी Princes' outfits as voted द्वारा you.

P.S : i'm just gonna put your comments, because there are DO MANY OUTFITS O_O

P.S : फैन्पॉप wont let me अपलोड और than 20 photos, so there's a सेकंड part

25- Eric's Blue suit

Maria7Potter : Blue & red...

princesslullaby : Eric's blue suit is winning?? nooo, why?! Eric makes every outfit attractice <33
this is a cape. ITS A CAPE!!!

CuteDiana : Eric's suit...
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There is a saying that every one of us has his प्रिय डिज़्नी movie, प्रिय डिज़्नी moment, and प्रिय डिज़्नी character. For a long time that was true for me too. And then, one day, I realized that the whole thing suddenly became complicated. Disney’s सूची of masterpieces has grown over the last years to a point, where it would impossible for me to make a चोटी, शीर्ष ten सूची of my favorites, never mind being able to pick one of them to be one which stands above them all. After all, can आप really compare Dumbo, Fantasia, The Little Mermaid and The Emperor’s New Groove? Some of those movies...
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