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posted by hisblueeyes
Yes, my Harry Potter obsession got to me. Here is a सूची of what houses I think the डिज़्नी Princesses would be in if they went to Hogwarts. I used link to help me. Princesslullaby and Swanpride टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on this article, so I edited it and I would like to give them credit for changing my mind and helping me.

1.Snow White
Snow White is sweet, caring, kind and optimistic. She never stops believing that something good is going to happen in the end, like her prince coming to rescue her. I decided that with traits like that, Hufflepuff would be the house for her.

This was a bit hard to do, saying that we see barely anything of Aurora. From her sixteen मिनटों of screen time, I was able to guess that she is quite sweet. She is also a dreamer and is a bit too trusting. I decided that she would also be in Hufflepuff.

Let me get this point across: Cindy works her butt off. Did आप see that girl in the morning? Out of bed, sings a musical number, shower, shoes, pull the curtains, feed the chickens, get the tea...wow. I'd still be in bed. Since Hufflepuff is the house for the most hardworking and patient, that would be the one for her.

Ariel is ब्रेव and determined. She gives up her family for the boy she loves, and has her मछली buddy drag her across the sea to crash the wedding of the man she loves. Now that is some determination. Knowing that, I decided Ariel would be in Gryffindor.

Belle is calm and loyal. When she loves someone, she never gives up on them and stays faithful to the end. She is also smart(the way she got Gaston out of her house). This was definitely a hard one, but I concluded that Belle would go into Ravenclaw.

Oh, yes, this cunning, smart, and witty girl was hard to choose. She fights for what she wants and never lets anything get in her way. She can come up with an answer for Aladdin's foolish attempts to gain her प्यार quick, and thinks fast on her feet. Sure, all the worst wizards go to this house, but I though Ravenclaw was too mediocre for Jasmine. I think she would go to Slytherin.

She fights in a war. Thinks fast. Runs fast. For goodness sake, she defeated a bunch of buff mass- murders single handedly. She is also cunning and sly, so I put her in Slytherin.

Pocahontas is kind, gentle, and calm, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have brains. Making up a beautiful song right on the spot to get your point across? Awesome. She also runs and throws herself right under an axe to save the man she loves. That puts her straight into Gryffindor.

Oh-so-hardworking Miss Tiana is very determined and strong. She fights for what she wants and won't back down. She also has a witty side, that makes her very humorous. I decided she belongs in Hufflepuff, because of that hard work.

Rapunzel is a sharp, smart, on-top-things person. She also tends to fall in प्यार very easily, and is quite naive. Even though she is witty, she also is kind and understanding. But she is also very tough and ब्रेव underneath the sweetness. So I put her in Ravenclaw
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I've been planning on do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. However I'm also going to be including Brave, I'm pretty sure Merida is going to शामिल होइए and I'm alright with it. Anyway please टिप्पणी दे on what आप think but please keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.


As many of आप know I have a lot of problems with this movie, so many that I actually made an लेख all about it's problems. First of all I have to say I absolutely प्यार Merida, she's one of my प्रिय animated heroines. I also प्यार the songs and the animation. I also प्यार the beginning of the movie...
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So on Tuesday there wasn't much, just a meeting on the apartment complexes and the rules. The complexes , द्वारा the way, are REALLY pretty, spacious and have a pool, टेनिस court, fitness center, and depending on the apartment complex आप get, it has its own little resort.

The building on the left is a Chatham building, where I live. Those other 2 don't exist, it must be an old picture. All the buildings in Chatham look like the one on the left.

Today was the big day- Traditions. This is when they really drill into आप the look of the park and how you're supposed to act. It's really long and...
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Something new that Traci Hines has been blessed to do so please check her out she's amazing as a डिज़्नी princess!! Check her out her फैन्पॉप page and become a प्रशंसक link
snow white
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traci hines
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