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We used to have मतदानो with डिज़्नी heroines??

I started to go through old मतदानो just for fun and I noticed that a lot of the old users, including users who are still here, used to include a lot of heroines in मतदानो with nobody saying anything about it. Like there's मतदानो with Kida, मतदानो with Meg, मतदानो with Esmeralda, and मतदानो with Eilonwy.

Granted, these were मतदानो from like 9 years पूर्व but compared to now I just have to ask, does anybody know what happened? I'm genuinly curious about this because it's so weird!

I mean if somebody today were to put u[ a मतदान that included Esmeralda there would be at least two या three people saying something against it
 BB2010 posted ·11महीने पहले
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disnerdtobe said:
I think, over time, the मतदानो got cleaner. Before the मतदानो were messy, with a thousand people adding their own option to each मतदान (e.g. "I like both Eilonwy and Giselle, but I प्यार the others too") and different heroines being added. But over time, people started wanting to have the मतदानो look cleaner and care about presentation, which mean that only including the official princesses and not having other people adding too many options of their own.
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posted ·11महीने पहले 
that does sound like a good explaination! I did notice a lot of people did add a bunch of बिना सोचे समझे selections back then too. I don't think I've seen anyone using the add a choice in मतदानो since I've come back to फैन्पॉप a few months पूर्व
BB2010 posted ·11महीने पहले
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