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 Mater, as a young and beautiful Tow Truck. In his younger days.
Mater, as a young and beautiful Tow Truck. In his younger days.
डिज़्नी and Pixar's Cars Tow Mater is a perfect mixture of good ol' boy, clever, naive, mischievous, talented, daredevil - and is possibly the goofiest and most loving character that any production studio has ever created.

You just gotta प्यार 'im.

Tow Mater was brought into this world in the little town of Radiator Springs, along historic Route 66 in the साल of January 12th, 1957. Although it is not known for sure, he is believed to be the son of Stanley and Lizzie Mater from Radiator Springs.

Mater's color as a handsome youngster was light baby blue (see right photo) but became और and more...
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