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प्रशंसक कला
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Poor हलके पीले रंग का, फॉन, हलके पीले रंग missed the last of her प्रिय मधुकोश का, मधुकोश, छत्ते cake after alerting everyone about it.
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Here is chapter one of my new हलके पीले रंग का, फॉन, हलके पीले रंग FanFiction:

Fawn checked the chipmunk's pulse. He was breathing, but he had a big gash on his shoulder.
Fawn took out bandages from her first aid kit and wrapped them around his shoulder, as well as his side.
"I'll never get him back to Pixie Hollow!" हलके पीले रंग का, फॉन, हलके पीले रंग said.
The चीपमक, चिपमंक let out a low groan.
"There, there." Answered Fawn.
"You'll be fine."
She could feel his pain. She knew she had to save him.
Lukily, हलके पीले रंग का, फॉन, हलके पीले रंग had her walkie-talkie with her.
She signaled Beck, another animal-talent.
"Beck! Beck! Come quick. Bring three other animal-talents with you. Listen...
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टिंकर बेल
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One दिन a new fairy came to Pixie Hollow.
She wore a long purple T-shirt and long purple boots made out of फूल petals. Her hair was brown, short and wavy.
Her talent? Animal: specializing in Birds
Room: has cloud/bird paintings
प्रिय possession: संगीत boxes that plays bird songs

She was named मेपल द्वारा a fairy named Namee, whose talent was to name things.
She made फ्रेंड्स with: Harmony and Horten(music talent twins), Mirrah (a vain water fairy), Booker (a story-telling sparrowman who loves reading),Spring (garden talent), कैन्डी (baking talent), Flint (fire talent), Vortex (fast- flying), and Clash (weapon maker).

She loved every मिनट of her new life in such a tiny, beautiful world!
Rosetta gives a lesson on planting fairy सोना seeds...but the गिलहरी has another idea in this fun डिज़्नी परियों short.
Frustrated Tink can't get the right shade of red...except on her face!
Cheese the माउस has a hard time getting his point across when Tinker घंटी, बेल is missing.
हलके पीले रंग का, फॉन, हलके पीले रंग isn't the fastest flier, but she can't be beat at tag.
Tinker घंटी, बेल and Blaze pull over to ask a few forest फ्रेंड्स for directions.
Will Tink's new invention, the wing-washer, work? Iridessa finds out soon enough.
Can Vidia be the nicest and most flitterific fairy around...or is it just a dream?
Forest creatures do aerial ballet as they accidentally get sprinkled with pixie dust.