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Hello guys! This is my first लेख in this club :) As आप can notice from the शीर्षक it's about my prettiest डिज़्नी परियों list. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll tell me with which of my placement आप agree the most.


Favorite Trait: Body.
Least प्रिय Trait: Hair.

She's the only fairy who is ugly to me, I just can't find her pretty. There's nothing I really like about her look.

Position on lists
Hair: #8 || प्रिय Hairstyle: Bun with flower.
Eyes: #8
Lips/Smile: #7
Body: #6



Favorite Trait: Body.
Least प्रिय Trait: Lips.

Periwinkle is very cute with her original...
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Life is rising up
Surging forth in all directions
Every little buttercup
Is reaching out to find connections
Every blade of घास will touch the sunlight
The rain will touch the ground
Growing greener than it was before

The bees are droning by
The spider's silk is softly spinning
Not a बादल in the sky
आप know it's only the beginning

Every little blossom, every flower
Flings its petals wide
As the season comes round once more

The breeze is blowing light and sweet
The घास is carpet at your feet
Catch the colours, feel the heat of the sun
All the sparrows in the dell
Swirling round like a carousel
गाना loud enough to tell everyone
Summer's just begun
Summer's just begun

All the winters, all the springs
Lead us here on fairy wings
A season of a thousand things to be done
Summer's just begun
Summer's just begun
Summer's just begun
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tinker घंटी, बेल
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