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 Elsida: Stars
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Lyrics from "Stars" द्वारा टाटू
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Chapter 16: Back

Ariel couldn't believe it she was actually back she swam as fast as she could although it took longer than she thought swimming with legs was a lot harder than swimming with fins she became so tired that instead of being on the समुद्र तट she ended up near the rocks but close by. She sat there for a few moments to catch her breathe then decided to try to stand but instantly fell back down because she was so clumsy then again walking wasn't as easy as she remembered nor were having legs either but she decided to try again it took a few tries she got the hang of it somewhat she was...
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No screamed passed her lips. Nor did her eyes blink. She kept equal stare with the creature in the shadows. She dared not हटाइए and she dared not breathe. Nor did the creature. For her gaze was so honest and direct he dared not do anything to break its fragile state. He could not understand what it was in her gaze that captivated him. He held still for he felt if he broke this connection he would lose something valuable that he could not name. Something that he had not felt in years.

A clutter and crash came behind the creature. Both he and सिंडरेला flinched but did not हटाइए या look toward...
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{A/N}: I've never seen the movie Atlantis, but I've only seen one part which is where Kida is first introduced as the tiki-like thing. XD It was very...interesting. I'm just going to add a few things because I couldn't watch the whole thing. Stupid Youtube! XD

The beautiful young lass stares at all of the men. "What are आप all doing here?" She says in a native accent. Her कोको brown skin shines off of the विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें light coming out from the clouds blocking its way. The whole pack-load of gentlemen are silent. "Hello? I asked आप a question." Still dumbfounded, the men ignore her statement. "Alright."...
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 "Beware the song of a witch..."
"Beware the song of a witch..."
"There have been children disappearing for months and आप don't seem to care!"

When Belle Rolfe's siblings शामिल होइए the rapidly increasing number of young children that keep on disappearing in their otherwise boring town on the outskirts of a large forest, the happiness of their little family is quickly shattered.

Belle knows that she must do whatever it takes to get them back. After all, they say if a witch lures away your children with her singing, then your children don't have very long left to live.

But the woods are fraught with dangers of all kinds.

Teaming up with a disgraced gong ringer...
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