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 Biggest Family Ever
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This family has way too many kids ;)
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 The Knight family
The Knight family
The Knight family – Sir Lionel, Lady Juliana and their children, Anya, Dimitri, Belle and Jim – live in the midst of Medieval Britain. Lionel is a knight under the good King Arthur although the family live on a quiet farm in the countryside, near to the sea. Dimitri, the eldest, is desperate to be a knight like his father. Anya dreams of marrying a prince someday. Jim wants to have an adventure. Belle just want the family to stay together. As they grow up, their lives seem to take very different turns; with Dimitri becoming a रसोई, रसोईघर boy, Anya getting into a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज with a guard and his other woman, Jim getting into trouble when a younger girl blackmails him into a relationship and their father becoming seriously ill. And when an evil knight attacks their home, Belle must venture into the Forbidden Forest to find help...
 Flynn pretended to still be asleep..
Flynn pretended to still be asleep..
Dec. 4th ….. 3 weeks ‘till Christmas...

“Flynn, wake up!”

Flynn’s younger sister, Kayley’s demanding voice broke into his sleep, but Flynn pretended to still be asleep; hoping she would go away. She didn’t. Kayley shook him violently.

“Wake up!”

Flynn groaned and opened one eye to look up at her. “What?”

“You have to pick Hiccup up from school.”

Flynn rolled over and pulled his blanket over his head. “No.”

Kayley sighed in frustration and pulled his blanket off. “Come on, Flynn! I don’t have time for this. I have to get to work.”

“Dad is supposed to pick him up.”...
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 “Can we keep him, please?”
“Can we keep him, please?”
Carl started muttering again to himself as they waited for Russell to return. Rapunzel sat on a rock, with her arms wrapped around her knees, humming to herself. She could see now why her mother had longed to come here; it was a very peaceful, exotic place.

“I found the snipe,” came Russell’s voice, suddenly.

“Oh, did you?” mused Carl, humouring him.

Rapunzel adjusted her harness. “Good for you, Russell.”

“Are they tall?” asked Russell.

“Oh, yes, they’re very tall,” कहा Carl.

“Do they have a lot of colours?”

“They do indeed.”

“Do they like chocolate?”

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 “Oh my God! A real vampire! Here in New Orleans!"
“Oh my God! A real vampire! Here in New Orleans!"
“What is it?” asked Belle, worried. She gripped Tiana’s hand.

“That “is” Lestat in the picture!” Tiana choked out. “But that’s impossible!”

“He could be a relation,” Meg said, uneasily glancing at the photograph.

“No!” Tiana dropped the cutting to the floor. “It’s Lestat! I just know it! But how? How?”

Belle and Meg glanced at one another. “I don’t know,” कहा Meg, slowly, “I mean, it’s like something out of a horror film या something...”

“Horror film,” Belle mused, and then she remembered all those गॉथिक novels she had read, stories of ghosts...
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posted by disneyland2013
Chapter One : A New Start

The bus had arrived at the Triton Orphanage of Classical Arts. The building was engraved with beautiful मत्स्य कन्याओं on it. At the चोटी, शीर्ष there was a large statue of King Triton, clearly mistaken for Neptune, though. The collums were made of marble and had streamers going around it. Hanging from the entrance was a gigantic banner with aqua and yellow लेखन on it that read, Welcome, New Students!

The children had become worried at the moment, they had never been pampered liked this.

" Lottie, what are those people doing out in front right there?"
" Where, Thumbelina,...
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 "Have आप ever been horse riding?"
"Have you ever been horse riding?"
Aurora and Ariel ran down the hall peeping in every classroom door trying to find Meg. They looked in their room and in Adams, but nothing. They couldn’t find her anywhere. Later that दिन Aurora and Ariel headed to Fairy Godmother’s to return their dresses when the most peculiar thing happened. They found Meg. She was talking to Belle and Milo.
“Meg! Where have आप been?” asked Ariel. Meg turned around and Ariel noticed she was wearing the sandals Adam gave her again. “Why are आप wearing the sandals Adam got you? आप कहा आप never wanted to see them again”
“Well, it turns out...
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posted by jezquest
 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Every tribute was standing outside the cornucopia. Anxiously waiting as the countdown began.

District 12 tribute, Kayley, ran as far out as she could. Into the forest. District 1 tributes, Hercules and Aurora, ran straight for cornucopia and got their weapons first. Followed द्वारा Esmeralda and Jim from District 2 and then Merida from District 8. District 4 tribute, Belle, District 9 tribute, Phoebus and District 11 tributes Tiana and Sweet all ran out to the forest followed sneakily द्वारा अलादीन from District 12.

Over near the cornucopia, District 6 tribute Charming and District 5 tribute...
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 "Now hold on a minute!"
"Now hold on a minute!"
Word quickly got out that Adam had recovered from his attack. That was good news to Flynn in particular – Rapunzel and the other boys had been worrying that he might give himself a seizure with all the stress that had built up within him in the अंतरिक्ष of twenty four hours.

“If anything happens to Adam, I’m gonna kill Gaston,” he had kept muttering.

To which Rapunzel had soothingly replied “Adam’ll be just fine, Flynn. He’s tougher than people think. You’re worrying about him too much.”

Thus when they received the news that he was alright, Flynn had almost collapsed in relief....
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 "My name is Hercules"
"My name is Hercules"
Hercules stared at the clock, anxiously waiting for ऐनस्टेशिया to come out. All he could think about was locking lips with her. He had been dreaming of dating her for weeks and today was the दिन he would ask her out. A group of girls walked passed giggling and waving at Hercules. He stopped and waved back, shocked. The girls came over and sat with him.

“Hi there.” कहा the blonde one twirling her hair as she leant in to him.
“What’s your name hot stuff?” asked a tall girl with raven hair. Hercules smiled dreamily as she pushed away the blonde and sat upon his knee.
“Uh, Hercules. My...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Don't. आप won't win."
"Don't. You won't win."
“Wow!” grinned Snow White as they left the classroom. “Finally an R.E teacher who seems to know what she’s doing!”

“Yeah, she was pretty cool,” agreed Aladdin, hitching his rucksack onto his shoulder.

“Compared to Mr Frollo, anyone’s cool!” Hercules pointed out.

Belle कहा nothing; she just pressed closer to Adam as he gave her a squeeze and looked over at Flynn over the चोटी, शीर्ष of his head. “What’s next; English?”

“Yep!” Flynn sighed. “Romeo and Juliet! Great!”

“Oh, yes!” Belle sighed. “I प्यार Shakespeare!”

“But it doesn’t make sense!” Flynn insisted....
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 It was during a party at their house
It was during a party at their house
Belle was seven years old when she first noticed it. How much difference there was between her and her older sister Anya. For a start, they were treated completely differently द्वारा their parents. Anastasia, called Anya for short, was only two years older than Belle but she was clearly the favourite in the family. It was common knowledge that her parents had been longing for a daughter for eight years before Anya came along and that even then they’d been terrified that she might not survive. But she had done and they were ecstatic.

Two years later, Belle was born but she had never noticed any...
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Chapter 18: A Special Evening

Ariel was starting to get तितलियों या rather knots in her stomach she never had felt something like this before was this something that only happens to humans "Are आप ready" Nakoma asked she nodded "Ok follow me" Ariel took a deep breathe it helped a little bit but the nervousness was still there she slowly walked behind her as she opened the front door "Excuse me John she's ready" she looked to see if Ariel was behind her but she wasn't when she went back into the house she found her back up agains't the दीवार completely फ्रोज़न "Oh come on sweetie don't be it...
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Chapter 17: Something Special

When John arrived back at the camp sight the men all looked at him strangely with curiosity who was that strange red headed girl he was carrying to his केबिन he was अभिनय strange already getting back to there so late last week and now he hadn't talked to anyone in the past few days something was definitely going on and they were all thinking the same thing could that be the mystery girl he had talked about before could she be really be real.

With Ariel secure in one arm John opened the door to his केबिन and set her on a chair "You should get cleaned up I'll go get...
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Meg nudged open the door with toe of her high heel. The curtains were pulled closed, only letting in a crack of light from the सड़क, स्ट्रीट light outside. The light shone on the bed, revealing a leg sticking out from under the blanket; a fishnet जुराब, मोजा was rolled halfway down the calf. Meg shifted the clean sheets she was carrying into one hand and then reached over and gently shook the leg. There was a groan and the leg slipped back under the blanket.

"Vanessa!" Meg hissed. "Wake up!"

Another groan. Meg shook her head and walked over to the window. She quickly ripped open the curtain casting a light...
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