"I knew you'd come back"
Chapter 13: Frollo's Plan

"Quasi Quasimodo" he hurried excitedly he recognized that voice "Esmerelda your alright I knew you'd come back and what about Belle" he asked hugging her "She's fine she's on her way here she's been staying with me I found her in ally a few nights पूर्व "I'm glad आप found her why did she disappear? I heard she ran away from my masters palace what happened" it was hard for her to look at him "Quasi it's hard to explain", "Tell me please", "No Quasi I can't I promised Belle I wouldn't tell she doesn't want to hurt आप just like I don't want to your just going to have trust me", "Ok I'm just so happy your ok", "I know you've done so much for me my friend but I must ask for your help one और time", "Yes of course anything" she went over to the door "This is Pheobus he's wounded and a fugitive like me and Belle he can't go on much longer I knew he'd be सुरक्षित here please can आप hide him?", "This way" कहा Quasimodo as Esmerelda and a male gypsy carried Pheobus over to his bedroom just a sheet and one for a दीवार with a candle and a तकिया as they slowly laid him down.
"Esmerelda, Quasimodo is anyone here", "Belle" कहा Quasimodo hugging at the bottom of the steps "I'm so glad your alright", "I've missed आप so much Quasi" she let him hold her until he was ready to let go it felt so good to in his embrace again "Is Esmerelda here? She saiid it was urgent", "Belle up here" she went up the stairs and saw her beloved Pheobus lying helpless on the floor she covered her mouth in shock "Huah ah", "Shh it's alright he's going to be fine", "What happened he saved a family from a burning building then he was shot द्वारा Frollo's guards almost dying in the canal until I saved him he's lucky an ऐरो almost pierced his दिल he's either the single bravest soldier I've seen या the craziest he'll hide here with Quasi till he's strong enough to move" Esmerelda saw the concerned look on her face "You can go him go on it's alright" Belle hugged her with sincere gratitude in her eyes "Thank you".

Belle sat अगला to him as Phebous opened his eyes "Ugh Belle", "Shh you'll hide here till your strong enough to move", "Ahh", "Oh I'm sorry did I hurt आप here"ripping of a piece of her cape handing it to Esmerelda "Put this in some hot water please", "No it's alright I'm fine", "Here" कहा Esmerelda handing Belle the hot cloth "Thank आप the hot water should soothe the wound Oh I never should have left none of this would have happened", "Shh your wrong" कहा Pheobus placing his hand on her cheek wiping her tears with his thumb "Shh it's alright I'm here" he didn't care how much he hurt he pulled her onto his chest wrapping his arms around any pain was worth it as long as he could hold her "Why did आप run away from the palace when I had heard आप had run off I thought I had लॉस्ट you", "It was Frollo he accused me of being a witch कहा that I बीविच्ड men द्वारा my beauty and कहा the only way I could repent was if I and tried to oh huah huah", Pheobus was shocked terrified at the idea "He didn't hurt आप did he?", "No oh Pheobus I'm so sorry he कहा he would harm आप if I didn't choose him its all my fault", "Shh it wasn't your fault it's alright I promise I won't let Frollo hurt आप like that again" चुंबन her on the forehead
Quasimodo's दिल broke as he watched the two of them ripping his दिल of ace's card in half crying in the corner when Jolly suddenly neighed he and Esmerelda went over to the other balcony and saw that Frollo was coming Belle Quickly sat up "Frollo's coming quick", "Belle we have to go" कहा Esmerelda she looked at Pheobus "Go I'll be alright" grabbing her hand "I प्यार you", "I know go" she, Esmerelda and the male gypsy followed Quasimodo down the other steps "Follow me go down the south tower steps" Belle took him buy the hands "Thank Quasimodo promise आप won't let anything happen to him?", "I promise", "Thank you" racing out the door.

"Quick we gotta stash the stiff" कहा Laverne Quasimodo grabbed Pheobus under the arms and dragged his body across the room under the तालिका, टेबल trying to straighten everything up in a panic "Oh master I I I didn't think you'd be coming", "I'm not to busy to share a meal with आप my dear boy" sitting down placing the basket on the तालिका, टेबल taking off his hat "I brought a little treat", Frollo sat there waiting with a smirk of evil on his face "Oh" Quasimodo realized going over to his self with cups and plates in such a panic some broke as he rushed back over with two plates "Is there something troubling आप Quasimodo" he asked taking some purple grapes out of the basket "Oh no", "Oh but there is I know there is" as Frollo ate his grapes one falling on the floor as Quasi picked it up he was getting suspicious "I think your hiding something", "Oh no master" placing the अंगूर on the तालिका, टेबल "Your not eating boy" he quickly stuffed his face "It's very good thank you" he कहा with a mouth full of खाना when Pheobus suddenly moaned "Mmm" he कहा a cover up Pheobus moaned again Quasimodo quickly kicked him pretending like he was chocking "Seeds", "What's different in here" asked Frollo "Nothing" when he picked up the figurines of Belle and Esmerelda "Aren't these two new they're awfully good this one looks a lot like Belle and this one looks very much like the gypsy girl I KNOW आप HELPED HER ESCAPE!" slamming his fist on the तालिका, टेबल tossing the figurines "And now all of Paris is burning because of YOU!", "She was kind to me master", "YOU IDIOT!" destroying the building "That wasn't kindness it was cunning she's a gypsy gypsies aren't capable of real प्यार THINK BOY THINK OF YOUR MOTHER!" Grabbing hold of Quasimodo द्वारा the कमीज, शर्ट pure terror in his eyes "And what about Belle?", "WHAT?!", "What crimes are आप committing her of? she isn't a gypsy", "No but she's the mastermind she's just as dangerous as the gypsies but what chance could a poor misshapen child like आप have agains't thier heathen treachery" he stood up and plugged his dagger through the figurines lighting them with candle tossing them to the floor as they disintegrated "Well never आप mind Quasimodo they'll be out of our lives soon enough I will free आप from their evil spell especially Belle she will torment आप no longer" grabbing his hat and heading down the steps "What do आप mean?", "I know where she's hiding and tomorrow at dawn I attack with a thousand men" he smiling as he left.

Pheobus came out from under the तालिका, टेबल "Ugh we have to find the Court of Miracles before daybreak if Frollo gets there first are आप coming with me" he asked "I can't", "I thought आप were Esmerelda and Belle's friend?", "Frollo's my master I can't disobey him again", "They stood up for especially Esmerelda आप have a funny of दिखा रहा है gratitude well I'm not going to sit here and watch Frollo massicure innocent people आप do what आप think is right" as he headed down the steps leaving Quasimodo with the gargoyles "WHAT WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO GO OUT THERE AND RESCUE BELLE FROM THE THE JAWS OF DEATH AND WHOLE TOWN WILL CHEER LIKE I'M SOME KIND OF A HERO SHE ALREADY HAS HER KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOR AND IT'S NOT ME! Huah ah Frollo was right Frollo was right about everything and I'm tired of trying to be something I'm not" grabbing the woven band from around his neck Laverne tapped him on the shoulder handing him his cape "I must be out of my mind" putting it on climbing down scaring Pheobus at the front entrance "Pheobus shh I'm coming with you", "Glad आप changed your mind", "I'm not doing it for आप I''m doing it for them especially Belle", "You know where they are", "No but Esmerelda कहा this would help us find her if Belle and I ever needed her", "Hey she's going to be alright now let me see that hmm what is it?, "I'm not sure", "Must be some sort of code maybe Arabic no noo maybe its Ancient Greek", "When आप wear this woven band आप hold the city in your hand", "What", "It's the city", "What are आप talking about?", "It's a map see here's the cathedral and the river and this little thing here..,", "I've never seen a map like that" Quasimodo grabbed the band frustrated "Look I've been living in the घंटी, बेल tower for twenty years and I think I know what the city looks like from above", "And this is it!" they कहा at the same time taking a deep breath "Alright if आप say its a map fine its a map! but if we're going to find the girls we have to work together truce", "Well ok" Quasimodo agreed slapping him on the back "Ahh mmm", "Sorry", "No your not" कहा Pheobus as they followed the map.
"This is Phoebus"
"I'm so sorry"
" I didn't think आप were coming"
"Now all of Paris is burning"
" आप IDIOT!"
"I attack with a thousand men"
" They stood up for you"
" I must be out of my mind"
"I'm coming with you"
"Its a map"