Another week went by, and एंजल has been doing better and hasn't had any bad dreams. We're at the park again. Hopefully this won't cause anything bad. The kids were playing like normal human children. Suddenly, Scamp heard some kind of noise. It turns out it was a brown भालू that came out of the woods. It chased after him and he ran as fast as he could. He ran into the woods until he was sure he लॉस्ट the bear, but now he couldn't find his way back. He walked through the woods until he saw two incredibly beautiful young twin women. They had long black hair in a ponytail, tan skin, red lips, extremely sexy and revealing clothes, and creepy बादाम blue eyes. They seemed strange, but he really wanted to find a way back, so he decided to go talk to them and see if they knew a way out.

"Excuse me! Could one of आप tell me how to get out of the woods and back to the park?" asked Scamp.

"I'm afraid not." कहा one of the women.

"Oh, well thanks anyway." कहा Scamp as he walked off.

All of a sudden they grabbed a hold of him. The other woman said, "However, आप could come with us. I'm sure आप would be of some good use to us."

Scamp knew that they were bad news so he broke free and ran as fast as he could until he saw a handsome man. He was tall, tan, had black hair and brown eyes, and dressed in black. He was almost afraid to go talk to him because he thought he might be just like those women. However, he knew he had no choice, so he went right up to him.

"Excuse me, sir! Can आप help me find my way home?" asked Scamp.

"Maybe..." then he grabbed Scamp द्वारा the arm very tightly "...Or maybe not!"

"Let me go!" demanded Scamp.

"Why should I, sport?" asked the man.

"What have I ever done to you?!" asked Scamp still struggling to break free.

"You'll soon find out!" कहा the man with an evil grin.

"Let me go, आप creep!" कहा Scamp as he kicked the man in the leg. That managed to let him break free and he ran away.
He ran until he came across a strange looking woman. She was of middle-aged, had horrible pale skin, creepy green eyes, was very ugly, wore a फर coat, and her hair was half black and half white. He didn't dare to ask her for help because he was afraid she would be like the others he ran into. However, the strange women came up to him, he started to back away slowly. "Don't be afraid, little boy. What's wrong? Are आप लॉस्ट and alone?" asked the woman.

"Yes! Can आप help me?" asked Scamp in a timid voice.

"I don't know. Maybe if I had some help from my friends..." कहा the woman.

All of a sudden, the man and the two women came out of nowhere. Scamp ran for his life and didn't look, that is until he heard some growling, and it was the brown भालू he was running from in the first place. He ran until he came to a waterfall. He had only two choices: jump off या become the bear's अगला meal. Thankfully, he jumped. However, he was unconscious for an hour. When he woke up, his arm hurt and he struggled to get himself up; he laid अगला to a पेड़ to rest. He was सुरक्षित from all those things chasing him.

"This place is creepy! This is even worse than when I went to the pound! This is all my fault! I shouldn't have had that potion या went to Chris's house! I couldn't go back घर all because of this stupid mistake! Now I can never go back घर again, mostly because I'm lost!" कहा Scamp who started breaking down into tears. He tried to stop crying, but trying to hold back the tears was like trying to hold back a giant boulder. However, he stopped crying when he heard barking. It wasn't just any normal bark; it sounded very familiar. He knew it was his father's. "I know that bark anywhere! That's Dad's bark! I just know it!" He followed the barking until he found us; Angel, Patch, and I were all out looking for him. "Angel! Patch! Chris! Over here!" shouted Scamp running straight to us.

एंजल gave him a great big hug and said, "Thank goodness you're all right! I was so worried!"

“OUCH!” cried out Scamp in pain from Angel’s hug.

एंजल then backed away from Scamp a little bit. "Sorry! Are आप alright?" asked एंजल in concern.

"No, I think my arm is broken!" कहा Scamp.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I jumped off a waterfall to get away from the bear! There were also these strange people after me! The leader of them was a woman with black and white hair wearing a फर coat." कहा Scamp.

"That's Cruella!" कहा Patch.

"The devil woman आप told us about?" asked Angel.

"Yep, that’s her. But what could she be doing here?" wondered Patch.

"There were others, they were so familiar, even the भालू was, somehow. They were all after me for some reason. I don't know why they were after me; they just were and I ran as fast as I could!" कहा Scamp with his hands covering his face.

I held him in my arms, stroked his head, and then said, "Calm down! It’s all over! Now let's get आप to the doctor to take a look at your arm." I said.

We went on my magic carpet and I told it to get us to the doctors as fast as it could. He told us that his injury wasn't too serious, it wasn’t broken it was just a sprain. However he would have to wear a splint and a गोफन for at least a week. When we got hope I thought to make him feel better that I’d make him his प्रिय food, chicken. But as I was going to help Scamp into his room Patch got my attention.

“Chris, could I talk to आप for a minute?” asked Patch.

“Of course buddy. Angel, could आप help make Scamp comfortable in his room? I’ll be right up there in a few minutes” I said.

“Alright, come on tenderfoot” कहा एंजल who went up the stairs with Scamp.

Patch and I then went into the रसोई, रसोईघर to talk. “Alright Patch, what is it आप need to talk to me about? I’m all ears” I said.

“Well it’s about Cruella, I’m worried. What if she comes after me? What if she comes after my brothers and sisters again? What if...” nervously कहा Patch.

“With how you’re carrying on about this you’d think आप were the one who was attacked in the woods” I joked.

“I’m serious! Don’t joke about this!” कहा Patch slightly irritated.

“Sorry buddy I just thought a little humor would calm आप down. आप know me, I’m all about the humor, and being hotheaded and full of magic, but at the moment humor is what helps me in this situation” I said.

“Why is it Cruella always finds her way into my life? I wish I could just be free of her, and then maybe I’d be able to be free. I don’t understand how she even got here, she was in some crazy house last time I heard” कहा Patch.

“Patch calm down, did आप defeat her last time?” I asked.

“Yeah but that was just luck and…” started Patch.

“There’s no such thing as luck. Who would know better about what’s real and what’s not than a wizard? Listen to me if she comes back आप can take her down just like last time. If आप did it once आप can do it again” I said

“That’s what I’ve always told myself but now that it’s really possible I’m not sure” कहा Patch with worry in his voice.

“That’s just तितलियों in the stomach. When and if it actually happens your strength from deep inside आप will come out. आप can do it; आप just have to be ब्रेव enough to let it out. You’re stronger than आप realize” I said.

“Really?” questioned Patch with a smile.

“Yes, now go help एंजल keep Scamp company, I’ll get to work on dinner” I said.

    “Thank Chris” कहा Patch as he went out the door.