It was very raining spring that साल and people try to save crop in the kingdom.
There was a lot of work and sometimes even children help their parents.
This kingdom always was rich and every 5 years on the spring there was Grand Ball. Kings and queens from whole world come to this ball, because there was very funny and they could meet all those friends. Royal's families can forget them origins. Royal’s families come for two weeks.
King of Dortney as always with his wife and two daughters was here too. But this साल was special because now his first son comes too. His name was Prince Harold. It was his first ball and he wanted to dance with princess. Prince was very pretty appearance. He has brown hair and beautiful deep eyes. He was only a children but very talented in art. Although, he always पढ़ना a lot. On his father गढ़, महल was the biggest library. A lot of scientists whom help him with study.
King of Georthenia and King of Dortney was on the verge of war. But still no one from them didn't want to start a war.
आप could think that story which happened is not true but it was.
Carriage with Royal family of Georthenia stopped near गढ़, महल where ball should beginning. It was very important ball because his единственная daughter Aurora is on here first ball.
गढ़, महल hall was full of beautiful flowers. There were white, red, गुलाबी and yellow roses. In the center of the hall was huge flower. Some princess argue which exactly फूल is it, some thinks that it is rose, another thinks that it is gladiolus, but even person who did it desn’t know what he did, after receive the first payment for the work he was very thirsty, and because of that he did not remember what he did. Walls were painted in dark pink.
All children were in special place on the hall. But one girl wasn't here she was on the garden, today was really big and beautiful moon. तारा, स्टार was like thousands lights in the village where was too big celebration. Here name was Princess Aurora, she has beautiful blond hair. She was alone. Suddenly near bushes stirred and someone meowed. Aurora understands that it was small kitten. It was नारंगी, ऑरेंज with white stomach. She tore off part of her dress and took the kitten bow, and now it becomes her. She was happy because Aurora founded her new friend.
At the ball all starting to dance. Prince suddenly understand that he really don't want to do it. He thinks that he should to calm down himself and there was one simple way, go to park. When he comes to the park he suddenly found human shape near small bushes. He comes to this shape and founded girl.
Harold and Aurora. First meeting

- Good night, princess! - Harold says.
- Good night, prince! - Aurora answered to him!
Prince Harold kisses here hand.
- What are आप doing here?
- Actually, I don't like balls at all.
- I thought that I'll like them but here isn't very interesting.
At the hall waltz beginning.
- Princess, would आप like to dance with me?
- I would be happy to dance with you.
There was only two small children but them dance was such beautiful, even not all professional dancer could dance like those two.
-What is your name? - Harold asked.
- My name is Princess Aurora.
- Nice to meet आप Princess Aurora. And my name is Prince Harold.
- Nice to meet आप Prince.
Waltz ended.
- Thank आप for dancing, Princess Aurora.
-Thank आप for dancing, Prince Harold.
- Would आप like to walk with me?
In the park

- Yes, but I'm not a lone I have friend.
Prince thinks that Princess has another boy who much pretties then him. And suddenly princess took her kitty and shows it to Prince.
- This is my friend. Now I'm ready.
There walking all night they both wanted to sleep but them talk was very interesting. Both like to read. When sun rise they promised each other to meet again here. And they meet each other every दिन during this week. And then Saturday is coming, it was last day.
- Promise me to never forget me! - Harold says.
- I promise. Now you!
- I promise never forget about you. This दिल for you. I bought it on the village.- it was beautiful सोना heart.- Open it, Aurora.
- First I wanted to present आप this small brooch.
- Thank you.
Aurora opened it and here was लेखन "Harold and Aurora फ्रेंड्स forever".
- Forever and ever. - Aurora says.
-Forever and ever. - Harold says.
After five years in kingdom was terrible drought and ball should be canceled because there wasn't money.
Ten years after Aurora and Harold meeting kingdom become again rich and there was the most bombastic score to make up for last time. All guests were on the hall, but there wasn't one Royal family.
And the trumps sounded. Royal Gorthenia family. King Dominick with his daughter Princess Aurora. Harold this time speaking with his friend, Prince Harry. And when he heard " Aurora" he suddenly forget about all another's people around. Beautiful blue dress, magnificent golden ringlets down her back, charming simile, it was like God put a smile upon her face, and small golden दिल was on her neck. No one could take them eyes off her.
Prince Harold recognize on this beautiful हंस girls whom he meet 10 years ago. Now he is 21 and she 20. He understands that he fell in प्यार to her.
He comes to her, bowed.
Princess, would आप like to dance with me?

- Princess, would आप like to dance with me?
- I will happy to dance with you, prince.
Maestro starting waltz. It was that waltz that Aurora and Harold danced 10 years ago. They dance together 1 घंटा and they didn't say to each other even one word.
- Sorry, Prince. I must go. I have meeting.
- I can't force to make your stay.
She went. And then Harold understand to what meeting she gone. He suddenly runs to park. He must be on the place faster than Aurora, because she didn't recognize him.
Aurora gone not the shortest way. And then here father stopped her.
- Young lady! Where are आप going?
- Daddy, I must.
- Don't forget that on this ball I'll found to आप future husband and future king for my kingdom.
Aurora gone.
Harold siting near bushes when they meet each other first, he plucked one white rose. Harold waiting for lady of his heart. Suddenly he is hearing that someone coming.
It is you?

- Harold? - Aurora voice asked him.
He turned.
-You? Why आप following me? Go away! I have meeting here.
- Aurora! It is me Harold!
- I don't believe you!
Prince Harold has one prove. He pushed part of his cloak, and there flashed a small Silver brooch.
- Harold?!
- Yes, Aurora it is me! I never did not remove it. It reminded me of you.We didn't meet for 10 years. I never violated our oath.
- Me too. This दिल was always on my neck. Forever and ever.- there hands touched.
They walking again all night. And when son starting rises. Prince Harold stood on the right knee.
- Dear Aurora! I always loved you. From first meeting. I wanted to ask you. And sun would be our witness. Will आप marry me?
- Prince! I...I ...
- Before आप say आप answer, understand that we would stay anfriends even if आप say no.
- I even didn't want to say no. Of course I'll marry you.
On tomorrow ball they come to center of hall. Prince Harold asked to stop संगीत and asked Aurora's father her hand. He doesn't like Harold because he was from Dortney. But then he asked Aurora. - Do आप प्यार him?
-Yes.- she answered.
- And you, do आप प्यार her?
- और than life.
- Then आप could marry here.

Happy ever ever after

They married on अगला spring. There was huge ball. All kings and queens come. Aurora and Harold were happy. Now him kingdom and Aurora's father kingdom become one. Now it is the most rich and influencer kingdom on whole world. They never forget them oath "Harold and Aurora forever, forever and ever". And they live happy ever ever after.

The End!
Aurora and Harold dancing