Sinbad & चमेली
"It was a pleasure meeting आप Sinbad. But, I must be going now. My father...he's very strict about me getting घर on time." चमेली says. She starts to get up to leave. Sinbad smiles at the beautiful tan-skinned woman. The color of Jasmine's long hair really compliments her coffee brown eyes. "I loved meeting आप Jasmine. We should meet up again someday." Just when चमेली was about to flee, the sound of Sinbad's voice makes her stop. "Uhhhh..." She says as she turns around slowly. "Yes. YES! We...should. Meet up...again!" The tone in Jasmine's voice starts to worry Sinbad. "Is everything okay?" He asks her. "Huh? Yes. I am!" चमेली quickly leaves the marketplace. "Well that was weird..." Sinbad mumbles.

Sinbad arrives at the किनारा, शोर where his dear ship was held. "Alright men! I couldn't get any fruits या vegetables but...I did get some rope!" He holds out the rope with a proud smile on his face. Sinbad's crew take the twisted rope out of his hands so they can tie और of the ship onto the nearest pole so it will stay longer. Their ship needed to be fixed द्वारा someone...but they just don't know who. All of the men look at Sinbad with pleading eyes. "Oh no. No no! I am not going back to that marketplace! No way!" Sinbad exclaims. Why does he want to defend himself from his crew? Sinbad always gives in and does whatever his men want. One of his shipmates, Marina, holds her fist near Sinbad's face as if she was threatening to slug the captain. "We need someone to fix this dang ship! And if आप won't do it, we'll have to get a new captain." The young female, brunette pirate says seriously. "Is that...a threat? या a promise?" Oh Sinbad just loves to tease मरीना because she's the new girl on the ship. "I will use this." मरीना points to her hard-as-a-rock hand in a fist. "Alright, alright. Sheesh." "Good. That'll teach आप to be nicer to a woman." मरीना teases back as she smiles at Sinbad. Way to be a man, Sinbad.