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Drax left us hangin pretty quick.Him and Mandark left with manical glints in their eyes. Buttercup sobbed.Turns out, Mandark been fooling her to, only pretending to like her to gain और trust. After Drax and him disappeared, we all worried what might happen now. We kept silent for a few moments, trying to let the feeling of being truly betrayed sink in. It was DoDe that finally broke the silence. pretty much everyone followed in after that.

"He lied to us, I just.....don't believe it.."

"Well we know he was evil before, we should have expected him to be tricking us"

"I knew my brother was...
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 It's like Grim Tales With nine extra doses of strange, and twenty extra doses of action. Oh and I thin it's better then salami(my friend Austin कहा that when he read the first book, I typed it out for my फ्रेंड्स to read)
It's like Grim Tales With nine extra doses of strange, and twenty extra doses of action. Oh and I thin it's better then salami(my friend Austin said that when he read the first book, I typed it out for my friends to read)
A blood ridden town of tear an ruin...of lies and cheats...with little chance of ever coming back......I live in this world, I was meant to restore it back to what it once was.....till the infinites came, the took over, and renamed this town... and now it's called purgatory...might as well call it what it means...Hell.Plain and simple... Who am I आप may ask...I'm Lucinda, Lucinda Cain, I'm twelve and me and my brother Chuck were supposed to save this town....but instead we helped destroy it.... they call us spawn's of Devil...or, as we're now called....the little satin's...If only they knew...
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(the new chapter's are taking a little bit of a different route now, we shall now be seeing it from the character's point's of view, anytime आप see a character's name before या imbetween the paragraphs that the person narrarating the story. also I've made it less script form and और book like.)


Dexter is a stoopid imbecile. A wretched, stoopid, moronic, im becile. Yet....I still barely understand why he did what he did. He could've stopped Our universe from endangerment, yet he wanted to save me more. But that's not what's creeping me out right now. What is creeping me out is that....he...
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Copyrights to Selena Gomez. I strangely think of this as a Dexi and Mandark प्यार song, या a घंटी, बेल and Mandark प्यार song, your choice.
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Copyright's to taylor swift. I consider this another Dexi and डेक्स्टर प्यार song. This is actually the only song on Dexi's आइपॉड that she listen's to daily. डेक्स्टर still has no clue why. Typical.
I don't make वीडियो so I just put the orignal संगीत video, Copyrights to Justin Bieber! I consider this Otto and Dexi's प्यार song. Would'nt it be weird if that ever actually happend?Otto and Dexi as a couple? weird mental pic.
I got bored so I've decided to tell the truth behind the creation of Dexi: girl genius, there is alot people hasve never known about her so, I've decided to tell the orign of her creation.

Dexi was created about 4-6 month's पूर्व under a much different circumstance then आप may think. Dexterina's orignal name was Naomi, a scientist girl in The मांगा webcomic I never created, Helix. In the beginning, she was actually supposed to be Helix's girlfriend, and never had any connection to डेक्स्टर या the Dexter's laboratory series, until about three months after her creation, when I threw the Helix series...
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Where we last left off in the epilouge....

Dexi: डेक्स्टर i'm so-

Dexter: don't! ok! just shut up!

Dexi: but-

Dexter:NO! ok! just SHUT UP!

Dexi sobbed harder, डेक्स्टर just stood their in the doorway with his back turned on Dexi.

"Well then..... why be so upset? आप still have each other"

A voice rang through डेक्स्टर and Dexi's ears, it was eery and Chilling, yet strangely familiar.

"Come on Dex old boy, think about it... who's the one chick who's always been their for ya nowadays? even though your dating Blossom?"

Dexter: ...Dexi

"Thats right, now Dexi. Who's been their for आप when Brick and आप get into...
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Ok the good news is, when डेक्स्टर met Dexi 1 is finally over! bad news is, WDMD 2: Doujinshi edition will not be getting made. The happy news is... there will be a when Dex met Dexi 2. It shall be called: when डेक्स्टर met Dexi2: डेक्स्टर vs. the universe. The sad news is......sombody betrays them. Though, और happy news is, I've decided their shall be two और when डेक्स्टर met Dexi series after this.They shall be known as:

When डेक्स्टर met Dexi 3: return of the villans. Dexi goes bad again in this one, and of course, it's all Dexter's fault.Or at least thats what he thinks. But at the same time Mandark...
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i recently viewed the when डेक्स्टर met dexi series and I have to say I was very impressed it was cute funny and most of all romantic suspence I do wish I could meet the लेखक in person we seem to have a lot in common there was only one thing I didn't like and that was the divorce but I प्यार that they got back to it if I could change somthing besides that I would add one of there daughters Baley but when "Dexi" wrote the story Baley wasn't around yet so आप really can't blame her this review is just a friendly opinion and sorry to the लेखक if I कहा anything affensive if so please forgive me (but if u could add Baley I would like that lol)

-Baley या Suzyisbrute
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Well.... for those who rember the old cartoontopia site, it's getting a makeover! and so are the the character's and the storyline! it'll be awesome! but i'm gonna need the help of everybody here to get this दिखाना on the road!

and to get everybody pepped up.....I have the first page of the new comic for everybody!!! I did it today! and it took me like forever! I redid Helix, now he has Brown hair and freckles.And now instead of wearing a tie, he hates ties. I also gave him green eyes instead of blue, it just seemed he looked to much like Dexter. Merlinia of course will have shorter hair.No changes in रंग though. But she will be wearing denim pants instead of a गुलाबी skirt. As for shauna....... I don't know how i'll change her yet.

Cartoonman even got changed up a bit! now, he has blue eyes, and while everything else is lighted, he's still just a giant grey shadow! But enough about that, I have work to do! Seees yous later!
 Page 1 of Cartoontopia revise
Page 1 of Cartoontopia revise
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