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posted by Demyx_Fan
*turns on I gotta feeling द्वारा Black Eyed Peas*
Welcome to Axel Time :)
Uhhh hold on. *Calls Zexion*
Say hi Zexion. She कहा hi lol, Anyways.
*sighs* Wish she was really here :P she will be अगला दिखाना though!She कहा ... ... she didn't say anything... Ok anyway... This is the first out of 13 लेखाए (I would say episode but ur not watching lol) We might do और but for now we are doing 13. She had to get off the phone o.o but she will call back soon so the दिखाना must go on!!... Yeah uhh. *music turns off* Gosh this is boring how stupid lol. I can fix this though. *turns संगीत back on* Ok so like...
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