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 ~I will stay the same, nobody can change me~
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~I will stay the same, nobody can change me~
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This डेमी लोवाटो चित्र contains गाउन, रात के खाने के कपड़े, रात के खाने के गाउन, औपचारिक, शाम गाउन, डिनर ड्रेस, डिनर गाउन, रात का खाना पोशाक, रात के खाने का गाउन, balldress, and बाल्डडार्ड. There might also be चाय का गाउन, strapless, नंगे कंधों, नंगे कंधे, बॉल गाउन, and गेंद गाउन.

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That’s right folks, ZackTaylor.ca can now कन्फर्म that डिज़्नी star, Demi Lovato (age 16), is 100% dating Alex Deleon (age 19) of the band The Cab.

“The two have not been seeing each other for long since Demi is so busy, but like they are together as a couple. They were introduced द्वारा a mutual friend not too long पूर्व and have been chatting and seeing each other ever since. Demi is in L.A. right now and Alex isn’t - It makes the relationship hard, but the two are dealing with it and trying to make it work without the press - It’ll come out sooner या later since he’s been seen at a lot of Demi’s shows and they are not really trying to hide anything.”

EDIT: “It was too hard for them to spend time together with being on the road and stuff. Just wasn’t working, but they remain good friends.” They split! What do आप guys think?
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