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posted by lucaslove96
Demi Lovato went back to Texas to attend prom with childhood friend Nolan Nard. She wore a beautiful red dress and let her hair down for the event, sporting her new BCBG Herve Leger clutch. Demi and her friend Nolan took a few pictures before the Grapevine High School Prom. Demi’s wish of attending prom, just like every other 17 साल old girl, finally came true! She tweeted this weekend:

@ddlovato – A promise made in kindergarten finally coming true.. Prom with @nolannard!!

Sounds like the two had a wonderful time at Prom because after the event, Nolan tweeted:

@nolannard – Prom was incredible. Everything about last night was amazing.
 Demi Lovato with Nolan Nard at the Prom
Demi Lovato with Nolan Nard at the Prom
posted by nmdis
"On The Line"

(feat. Jonas Brothers)

[Verse 1:]
I didn't wanna say 'I'm sorry'
For breaking us apart
I didn't wanna say 'It was my fault'
Even though I knew it was
I didn't wanna call आप back
Cause I knew that I was wrong
[Demi and Joe]
Yeah I knew I was wrong

One in the same
Never to change
Our प्यार was beautiful
[Demi and Joe]
We got it all
Destined to fall
Our प्यार was tragical
Wanted to call
No need to fight
You know I wouldn't lie
[Demi and Joe]
But tonight, we'll leave it on the line

[Verse 2:]
Listen baby
Never would have कहा 'Forever'
If I knew it'd...
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posted by nmdis
"Don't Forget"

Did आप forget
That I was even alive?
Did आप forget
Everything we ever had?
Did आप forget?
Did आप forget
About me?

Did आप regret (did आप regret)
Ever standing द्वारा my side
Did आप forget (did आप forget)
What we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget
About us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our प्यार is like a song
You can't forget it

So now I guess
This is where we have to stand
Did आप regret
Ever holding my hand?
Never again
Please don't forget
Don't forget

We had it all
We were just about to fall
Even और in love
Than we were before
I won't forget
I won't forget
About us

But somewhere...
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posted by nmdis
"Get Back"

Don't walk away like आप always do, this time.
Baby, you're the only thing that's been on my mind.
Ever since आप left, I've been a mess
(You won't answer your phone)

I'll say it once, then I'll leave आप alone
But I gotta let आप know

I wanna get back
To the old days
when the phone would ring
and I knew it was you.
I wanna talk back
And get yelled at
Fight for nothing
Like we used to
Oh hold me [radio version],
Oh किस me [album version],
like आप mean it
Like आप miss me,
'cause I know that आप do.
I wanna get back
Get back with you

don't look at me that way, I see it in your eyes.
Don't worry...
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posted by nmdis
"Our Time Is Here"
(feat. Meaghan Jette Martin, Aaryn Doyle)

We're done, but it's not over. We'll start it again
After the end of the day, it keeps getting better
Don't be afraid, we'll do it together.

Come on, come on, आप know
It's your time to हटाइए it's my time to move
Come on, come on, let go
Leave it all behind, your past and mine

Gone are the days of summer
We couldn't change it if we tried
Why would we want to, let's go where we got to
Out paths will पार करना, क्रॉस again in time
It's never the same tomorrow,
And tomorrow is never clear

So come on, come on, आप know
Our time, our time is...
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posted by nmdis
"Who's That Boy"
(feat. Dev)

[Intro: Dev]
I wanna get आप द्वारा yourself
Yeah, have आप to myself
I don't need nobody else
Don't want nobody else
He's special, I know
His smile, it glows
He's perfect, it shows
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Demi Lovato]
I've been starin' at ya
And I could do it all night
You're looking like an angel
With that kind of body needs a spotlight

Ain't nobody know your name
But looking like आप do could be famous
I could see us making ways
From the back of the club
To a बिस्तर in the shade

[Chorus: Demi Lovato]
Now I don't know who आप are
But आप look like a star
And everybody here...
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posted by nmdis
"Falling Over Me"

I'm standing in the center of the room
I watch the boys follow girl's perfume
All is as it should be I assume
Except for the distance between me and आप

You're standing as a फूल on the दीवार
The room is still but we're about to fall
And all the names that brought us here
Simply fade away.....

Who आप are is falling over me
(Who आप are is falling over me)
Who आप are is everything I need
(Who आप are is everything I need)

I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying आप are the one
I'm hoping
I'm waiting
I'm praying आप are the one

I can't believe that night turned into...
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posted by kittendrawings
I throw all of your stuff away
And then I clear आप out of my head
I tear आप out of my heart
And ignore all your messages
I tell everyone that we are through
Cause I'm so much better without you
But it's just another pretty lie
Cause I break down
Every time आप come around
O Oh O Oh

So how did आप get here
Under my skin?
I swore that I'll never let आप back in
Should have known better
In trying to let आप go
Cause here we go go go again
Part of that joy I know I can't quit
Something about you
Is so addictive
We're falling together
You think to find now I know
Cause here we go go go again

You never know what you...
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 I chose to make this album और R&B because it’s something that I haven’t done before and I just really wanted to experience what it would be like.
I chose to make this album more R&B because it’s something that I haven’t done before and I just really wanted to experience what it would be like.
Demi also talked about the sound of Unbroken, her goals, and her प्रिय singers.

About the R&B inspiration on her new album:

I chose to make this album और R&B because it’s something that I haven’t done before and I just really wanted to experience what it would be like. I don’t know if it necessarily best represents who I am so I don’t know if I’d do it again on the अगला album, but आप never know. Sometimes I go into an album prepared to record say a pop album and it comes out pop-rock, so आप just never know what can happen!

About going back to acting:

I definitely want...
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posted by nmdis

This is a story that I have never told
I gotta get this off my chest to let it go
I need to take back the light inside आप stole
You're a criminal
And आप steal like you're a pro

All the pain and the truth
I wear like a battle wound
So ashamed, so confused
I was broken and bruised

Now I'm a warrior
Now I've got thicker skin
I'm a warrior
I'm stronger than I've ever been
And my armor, is made of steel, आप can't get in
I'm a warrior
And आप can never hurt me again

Out of the ashes, I'm burning like a fire
आप can save your apologies, you're nothing but a liar
I've got shame, I've got...
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posted by MsPropHouse
Don't try to cover up your your new flame that's seathing through your eyes I can see it from ten feet away and I know just who is burning with every किस आप deny so what makes आप think that I still care या still want आप anymore so how long has this been going on and one और thing tell me was she the reason आप stomped on my दिल and moved on so quickly हे yeah आप can call it pure torture watching your every हटाइए with her I should've noticed I should've noticed when she came in the picture आप where always with her and she's not leaving ohh ohh So how long has this been going on and...
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Demi shares some of her प्रिय tunes, songs that help her get through the hard times.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life and has helped me some tough times. Certain songs always give me confidence, put me in a good mood, and inspire me. Here's a सूची of some of my favorites—the संगीत that helps keep me feeling positive and reminds me to stay strong."says Demi:

“We All Need Saving” द्वारा Jon McLaughlin 
I listen to this song when I need reassurance that I'm not the only one on the planet who struggles या has issues. It's really true. We...
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"I have come to realize that just making yourself happy is most important. Never be ashamed of what आप feel. आप have the right to feel any emotion that आप want, and to do what makes आप happy. That's my life motto."

"If आप ever feel alone, put on my music. I'll be there for you."

"People say sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you, but that's not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were कहा to me that I still haven't forgotten."

"Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever आप are, आप are beautiful."

"He's not your prince charming if he doesn't make sure आप know...
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posted by nmdis

I hear what you're not saying
It's driving me crazy
It's like we stopped breathing in this room
We're both last to be leaving
I know what you're thinking
I wish you'd make your हटाइए

It's much too quiet in here
I want to disappear
I'm hearing myself thinking too clear
It's too quiet in here
Make it all go away
Why can't we break this silence

It's like आप know where I'm going
आप follow me घर but
I never invite आप inside
I see what you're not दिखा रहा है
I've got आप alone but
The air is so still it's weird

It's much too quiet in here
I want to disappear
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posted by nmdis
"How To Love"
(originally द्वारा Lil Wayne)

Cut the संगीत up, little louder, yeah

See I had a lot of crooks try to steal my दिल
Never really had luck, couldn't ever figure out
How to love
How to प्यार

See I had a lot of moments that didn't last forever
Now I'm in this corner tryna put it together
How to प्यार
How to प्यार

For a सेकंड आप were here
Now आप over there
It's hard not to stare, the way आप moving your body
Like आप never had my प्यार
How to प्यार

When I was just a young and my looks were so precious
But now I'm grown up
So fly it's like a blessing but I can't have a man look...
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posted by nmdis
"Catch Me"

Before I fall too fast
किस me quick but make it last
So I can see how badly this will hurt me when आप say goodbye

Keep it sweet, keep it slow
Let the future pass and don't let go
But tonight I could fall too soon into this beautiful moonlight

But you're so hypnotizing
You've got me laughing while I sing
You've got me smiling in my sleep
And I can see this unraveling
Your प्यार is where I'm falling
But please don't catch me...

See this दिल won't settle down
Like a child running scared from a clown
I'm terrified of what आप do
My stomach screams just when I look at you

Run far away...
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Hey, hey, hey
La, la, la, la, la
Hey, hey, hey
La, la, la, la, la

You come from here
I come from there
You rock out in your room
I rock a world premiere
We’re और alike
Than anybody could ever tell
(Ever tell)

Friday we’re cool
Monday we’re freaks
Sometimes we rule
Sometimes we can’t even speak
But we kick it up
And let loose and LOL

It may seem cliché
For me to wanna say
That you’re not alone
(That you’re not alone)
And आप can call me uncool
But it’s a simple fact
I got your back
Yeah, yeah, yeah

‘Cause we’re one and...
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 So pretty!
So pretty!
Good Demi Lovato news for her fans! Word on twitter is that the young तारा, स्टार received a standing ovation for her performance at the 2011 Do Something Awards tonight. The दिखाना won't be aired until Thursday, but lucky audience members have been tweeting about the awards throughout the night.

Demi performed her hit "Skyscraper" for the first time at the Do Something Awards. This was a big deal for the singer as it's her single off of her upcoming album, and this performance will be the first time प्रशंसकों see her गाना it on stage. The Demi Lovato twitter account retweeted this message, "Demi Lovato...
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posted by nmdis
"Yes I Am"

Sexy lady knows what she wants out of life
See she got her own means
Doing whatever she likes

Feels good to have you
She don't need you
She can't depend on a man
After all that she's been through
She ain't running behind you
Trust me I know 'cause I am her

And I got (I got)
What I need (what I need)
Right here (right here)
It's in me (in me)
I am (I am)
Everything (everything)
All that I need and I won't be defeated
I won't stop now
Got it all (got it all) figured out (figured out)
And I got (I got)
What I need (what I need)
Right here (right here)
I'm everything

I am
Yes I am yes...
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1.Her full name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.
2.Demi has two sisters, Madison and Dallas.
3.She was Angela on Barney and फ्रेंड्स with Selena gomez.
4.Demi was चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट on As The घंटी, बेल Rings, which was her first time on डिज़्नी Channel.
5.Demi has a purity ring, but puts it on a chain as a necklace. (U have 2 say, that is a pretty good idea. U can't loose it!)
6.She is of Hispanic, Irish, and Italian decent. (Like me, I am Hispanic and Italian!)
7.She and Selena Gomez have matching necklaces.
8.She chooses the computer over TV.
9. Demi is learning French.
10.Demi can play the drums, guitar, and piano.
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