Sav had no time to some way contact Anya before Asha came to dinner.He heard the door घंटी, बेल ring Asha walked in. She had the Indian skin tone and long black hair and was pretty, but in Sav's mind no where near as beautiful as Anya. They sat down and Sav was not happy with the situation which was slightly noticeable. Since Alli was not there and his parents stepped out off the room she suddenly कहा to Sav with a small Indian accent "are आप happy arranged marriage?" and he कहा not trying to hurt her "um...well not really, I bet your nice and all it's just that I'm in love.... with another girl" and she कहा in relief "oh thank god, because honesty I am not happy at all why do we not get a chance to pick our love, and if were both on the same terms..." then he got where she was going at and she continued "first step is to get of off this dance" then Save got an idea and heard his parents coming back in and कहा "slap me" she did so the सेकंड that his parents walked in and his father कहा "what on earth! a girl should never slap a man she has no right!" and his mother looked at his father and कहा "excuse me" then the fight continued with yelling and screaming in Indian. About 15 मिनटों in the fight Sav कहा "does this mean the marriage is off" and his mother कहा "yes" while his father कहा "no" the his mother कहा "any girl that can create this much havoc in 30 मिनटों is not right" his father agreed and कहा "Asha, I am sorry but leave now" that was rude but Sav was left with a discrete smile on his face. In the morning at school Sav ran up to Anya at her locker and hugged and picked her up, Anya कहा in joy "SAV, SAV" he put her down and she continued "why so happy" he कहा "you know about the arranged marriage?" the smile left her face and he कहा still in joy "last night she came over and we took the marriage down, like its gone" she should have been happy but she कहा "you didn't tell me?" and he कहा "Anya, i just told आप now" and she कहा "but before, nothing" and he कहा increasing the volume on his voice "what exactly did आप want me to do" and she कहा "nothing आप know what nothing, ok, never mind" she walked off to class (fade out).(fade in) Fiona grabbed Declan and कहा "I read it" and he कहा "did आप enjoy it" and she was confused and कहा "what?" and he कहा "decoy my sister, decoy" (fade out). (fade in) Sav catches Anya and says "I'm sorry, I don't know why I am but it seems that your upset and I can't stand to see आप unhappy" she smiled to see how much he care about her. Since they were now outside she grabbed his कमीज, शर्ट and pulled him closer to her and she kissed hime very passionately and they moved into a wall.Sav stated to unbutton her कमीज, शर्ट and she stopped him and कहा "Sav, calm down..... not now, not here, but soon" then she कहा in a sexy tone "very soon" she touched his lips and kissed him again and their make out got heavy, but not far.