"Hey Near, have आप ever kissed anyone?"
The albino boy's eyes widened and he looked over at the redheaded boy, whose goggle covered eyes were still glued to the tiny DS screen.
"Excuse me?" Near's soft, serious, voice held a bit of surprise and confusion.
"I asked if you've ever kissed anyone. आप were real लोकप्रिय with the ladies back at Wammy's so I just assumed..."
"You're refuring to Linda," Near stated flatly, "I did not have realations with her."
"You sure?" Matt glanced up to see if Near was being serious, which of course with Near, he was always serious.
"Yes I am. And I have never kissed anyone at Wammy's या even before then."
There was a pause and Matt glanced up again to make sure the younger hadn't malfunctioned with the difficulty of such personal questions. But he was just sitting there, staring at nothing, trying to come up with an answer.
Finally, he spoke, "just never thought about it I guess..."
"Why not? Never found anyone good enough?"
"No that is not why..."
"Was there ever anyone आप wanted to kiss?"
At that Matt saw red flash across the pale boy's cheeks.
"So yes?" He smirked.
"I don't want to talk about this anymore..." Near quickly turned away and resumed his puzzle.
"Oh come on!" Matt shut his DS, now और interested in the current conversation than his game and sqwatted अगला to Near, "who is it? I won't tell a soul!"
"Matt please, leave it be."
"Just tell me! Do I know her?"
"Its...its not a her..."
Matt blinked, "oh...well...do I know him?"
Near nodded, turning his head away even और so Matt couldn't see his face.
"Near!!! Who is he!!!" Matt whined as he tried desprately to peer into the small boy's face, "just tell me who-" Near gently tugged on the stripped कमीज, शर्ट Matt was wearing and pulled him close to where their noses touched.
"Its you."
Frail, soft, lips gently pressed their way against Matt's. The gamer tensed up in shock and confusion and many other awkward emotions. What the hell was this??
Near then gently pulled away and looked up at the older boy, "I have always admired आप and...well..." He turned his head away as a light गुलाबी formed on his cheeks. Matt smiled and pulled him close, "hey..." He turned his head around and pecked his lips, "I've always liked आप too. I could just never do anything about it because of, well, ya know...Mello."
"Yeah..." Near seemed saddened द्वारा that.
"But ya know what? We're not kids anymore and if I wanna तारीख, दिनांक my best friend's enimey then द्वारा golly I will!"
Near smiled a little, "Matt..."
The gamer pulled the fragile boy in for another kiss.
"I प्यार you, Near..."
"I प्यार आप too, Matt..."
Author's Note: yeah yeah its yaoi, don't like, don't read. Its not very good या long but I saw this pic and it gave me the idea. I've gotta work on better titles for my stories tough :P and learn to spell. I used a lot of big words in here that I had a hard time with ^_^' anyway be nice and hope आप liked it! :)