दी सी कॉमिक्स New DC Movie

night-vamphog posted on May 23, 2012 at 12:04AM
So apparently DC is going to making a new movie, they aren't going to tell who the character is. Note: this is NOT a new character! They are making one of the Heroes 'come out of the closet' aka saying that they are gay. So this means they are changing a hero to being gay. From what I am aware of there are not any gay heroes so they are changing one of them to be gay which to me makes no sense. Besides I really don't think any gay people are really asking for this. If i was I know I wouldn't be for all the people how hate gays[not in anyway am I trying to be mean]. But i just see why they are doing this to a already made character, I could understand if they were to make a new character, but no. It may actually be a good movie, it just depends on what hero they decide to use. I can't begin to think who they are choosing, but it probably won't be anyone that they have already made a movie about(Batman, Superman, Greenlantern etc.). But it will be a guy. I just to see who it is to see if it would work or not.

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