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posted by DS_64
In the black depths of अंतरिक्ष a ship is flying flying towards a small blue planet. But not just one ship, two, no three, no five thousand!! They're not merchant ships, या ships with हीरोस in them. No, this is an invasion fleet!

Aboard the command bridge, Charcarias Von Charcarodon, former hero, sits in his large command chair, three other people sitting अगला to him

"This'll be a cinch, sir!" The one on his left said.

"Do not underestimate the Matorans, Drakkenus, they can and will put up a fight." Charcarias said, his heavy russian accent putting an edge to his tone.

"That's what we have the invasion...
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The salty ocean water drizzled against Robyn's face, as she sailed in her little नाव towards an island. She had been here before. It belonged to her much older cousin, and he was always happy to have his thirteen-year-old cousin visit. However, this time, Robyn hadn't even planned it. She knew that Raven, her evil clone, made द्वारा Shadow Skywalker, never knew of this island. It seemed the only place Robyn felt secure, and safe.

When her नाव reached the shore, she ran across the beach, and through the jungle to a wooden house in a small clearing. Joseph Ronald was out front, working in his small...
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